Planoly – Check Out the Best App to Simplify Social Marketing

Have you got no time to post ın real-time on your social media? Concerned about maintaining your Instagram feed? No need to worry, the Planoly application is there to help you. It is a platform where you can simplify your social marketing efforts across social platforms. 

Planoly allows you to freely plan, schedule, post, and measure your social media content across the following platforms: Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and Twitter. It boasts its official partnership with Instagram and Pinterest to boost the social marketing of its users. Learn more about this app as you read on.

Planoly - Check Out the Best App to Simplify Social Marketing
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Get to Know Planoly

The application caters to the personal and professional use of its customers. Planoly features can be used for general interests, hobbies, and even business ventures. 

Planoly - Check Out the Best App to Simplify Social Marketing
Image Source: Planoly

Over five million users trust Planoly in managing their social media accounts because of its powerful planning tools, auto-posting capabilities, and the ability to manage more than one account simultaneously. These users find it particularly useful when planning out Instagram marketing campaigns.

These features highlight the commitment of the application, ever since its launch in 2017, to helping brands and advertisers have a larger and further reach by amplifying their digital strategies. This was acknowledged by the partnership with the social media powerhouse, Instagram.  


Planoly Packages

Planoly offers four packages for its customers which differ on the number of social accounts to be managed, number of its users, and number of uploads per month. These deals can be billed monthly or annually (lower cost compared to the previous one) depending on the customer’s preference.

These four package deals come wıth the followıng features and costs.

  • Free ($0) – two social profiles (1 for Instagram, 1 for Pinterest), maximum of 30 uploads per month per profile, 1 user.
  • Solo ($9) – two social profiles (1 for Instagram, 1 for Pinterest), maximum of 30 uploads per month for 1 profile and unlimited upload for the other profile, 1 user.
  • Duo ($19) – two social profiles (1 for Instagram, 1 for Pinterest), unlimited uploads for the 2 profiles, 2 users.
  • Custom (starts at $29) – customizable number of social profiles and number of users, unlimited uploads for all the profiles.

All the plans also include free Instagram and Pinterest analytics to monitor engagements, reach, and comments on social media posts. Comments are also available to be seen but the number depends on the plan you use. Lastly, linkit is free to all the plans.


Planning with Planoly

Simplified social marketing is achieved by Planoly through its easy steps in managing several social profiles. With just a few finger taps or few mouse clicks, you can do whatever you wish to do with your photos for posting. 

Planoly - Check Out the Best App to Simplify Social Marketing
Image Source: Planoly

Planoly allows users to create draft folders to give time for you to plan your content ahead of time. This storage can also hold all the rejected and/or soon-to-be posted photos. This helps the user keep organized and have a central location for planning for easy access.

The Placeholder feature helps you to plan your Instagram grid with a visual aid to help you visualize what it will look like. It also allows you to add a temporary customizable placeholder that you can later replace with your actual image. You may also utilize the Swapping feature easily.

Creating hashtag collections will not be a problem for Planoly because of its Hashtag Manager. You can simply add hashtags to your captions or first comment. Lastly, you can discover and repost user-generated content by the users when searching or using hashtags. 

Edit Features

Arranging the Instagram grid is quite easy with Planoly. With its Drag and Drop feature, users can easily rearrange the photos to suit the look and feel of the feed. This greatly benefits personal users create the perfect aesthetic they are going for.  

Also, Instagram Stories can be planned and arranged through the Stories Planner. If you will be creating mini-campaigns for your Instagram grid, it is possible to use the Splitter feature. This splices the images to fit within the three-column look of Instagram. 

You can also easily upload photos, videos, and gifs to the application straight from your mobile devices, computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive. 

Posting with Planoly

Posting your photos on Instagram or Pinterest is made easy through the Planoly application because you can pre-schedule. Also, it allows you to post on multiple platforms simultaneously.

Planoly - Check Out the Best App to Simplify Social Marketing
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You can schedule your posts days, weeks, or months in advance. Planoly allows you to secure the post date after finishing a visual project which gives you time to work with the succeeding or other posts. It also gives you a calendar wherein the scheduled posts are included to help you avoid overposting.

You may opt to post it automatically or get a push notification on the scheduled date and time to manually post the photos. The latter gives assurance to the users that the post will be successfully made. However, users praise the application for automatically posting the scheduled post when they chose that option as they have not experienced delays.

Carousel posting is also available for Planoly, which enables the users to post several photos in one grid. You can also freely choose the thumbnail to suit the general look of the entire Instagram feed. But take note that auto-posting Carousels and Stories posts are features not currently available, as it is one of the limitations set by Instagram itself. 

Posts Across Platforms

Planoly allows the Instagram Business accounts to set the auto-post on across different platforms. The certain content will be simultaneously posted on Facebook pages, Instagram, or Twitter account.

The automatic posting and scheduled posting is applicable for Pinterest’s pinboards. You can effortlessly share the selected pins to your feed or boards. 

You can also set automatic replies to Instagram comments. Aside from that, you can filter and manage the replies made on a specific or several posts. This helps your engagement rise on Instagram. 

Measuring with Planoly

Planoly provides the users the necessary key metrics to monitor the progress of the social profiles. This is given freely to all the plans to help you work on to improve the current status of the accounts you manage.

Planoly - Check Out the Best App to Simplify Social Marketing
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The key metrics on Instagram and Pinterest are analyzed by Planoly to identify the best practices of the specific user to achieve organic growth and engagement of the profile.

Planoly Analyze aims to help you look closer at the connection with the audience by having an idea or knowledge of your content performance. You will know exactly what works best for your current audience and think of new ways to attract new audiences.

It is because Planoly understands the struggle of social media managers in juggling multiple tasks at once – brainstorming for new ideas, executing the posts, monitoring the engagements, and thinking of promotional ways to expand the reach. 

Available Analytics

For Social Media Managers, you can easily track the content performance totals from the previous months and the present month because it allows you to see growth metrics and compare them over time. These content performance totals can be downloaded easily in CSV format. 

For Small Businesses, the location and profiles of the people who order or visit your page will be available. This will help you analyze the demographic of your audience and customers. The average engagement is also given so you can keep on top of your online presence. You also find out about your top posts.

For Influencer or Creator, since there is a report in 2020 that people focus more on stories than the grid, Planoly offers the story engagement overview to see how you do with the Instagram Stories. You can also get a report on the comments, likes, and suggestions of your audience so you can create suitable content.  

How to Download

Installing the application is simple, and it can be done in one sitting. Search for “Planoly ” on the Google Play Store or the App Store. It is free to download on both application stores, so all you need to do is just click on that “Install” button. 

Planoly - Check Out the Best App to Simplify Social Marketing
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Upon downloading, the application will be asking you to register via email to become a user and member. You will also be asked to fill out a referral code. 

After you register, you will next choose among the plans available for offer. You can start with the free one or check out your pricing and billing options. 

Later on, you can easily change your subscription plan by going to the “Billing” tab and then select a new plan.

Why Choose Planoly

Planoly has been an established application for almost four years, catering to the needs of users who need to manage their social media – both personal and business.  

Designed with its user-friendly features, the application helps novice social media managers and content creators to grasp the industry of social marketing. Even experienced social marketers use Planoly to implement their digital social strategies. 

Additionally, Planoly has officially partnered with apps like Instagram, which gives it that all-important legitimacy.


Planoly provides social media managers, influencers, and owners of small businesses a platform wherein they can boost their social media presence through easy-to-use features. 

Aside from being simple, it has quite a few pricing options, so even the novice can get on board, as well as the social media manager with a company budget.