Here’s How You Can Make DIY Sanitizer At Home

Running out of sanitizer?  Not only could this help you deter the spread of the virus, but it also helps alleviate anxiety triggered by the swelling number of coronavirus patients. Along with having emergency supplies and medications, securing enough hand sanitizers is a necessity with the ongoing health crisis.

However, with the imposed home quarantine in nearly every region of the world, getting out to shop might seem impossible. Plus, with the heightened demand for sanitizer all over the world, you might find yourself struggling to find even a single bottle while browsing through the supermarket.

Fortunately, there are many methods that will let you create your very own sanitizer and maintain proper hand hygiene! Curious to learn more? Here, we have prepared a brief guide on how you can make DIY sanitizer at home.

How You Can Make DIY Sanitizer

What You Need

Ingredients –

  • 2/3 cup of 99% isopropyl alcohol

  • 1/3 cup of aloe vera gel

  • 8 – 10 drops of essential oils

Materials –

  • One bowl

  •  A spoon

  • Funnel

  • Bottle with a pump dispenser

Believe it or not, creating your own DIY sanitizer requires only three ingredients: a) isopropyl alcohol; b) aloe vera gel; and c) essential oils.

Specifically, these three ingredients come with their own purposes. The alcohol, in particular, will serve as the main sanitizing element in your disinfectant that will kill germs and help prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

Getting alcohol with 99 percent alcohol volume is the best you can get. However, if you are stuck in a situation where getting such volume is impossible, resorting to at least 91 percent alcohol will still work.

Meanwhile, the aloe vera is the one responsible for protecting your skin. Without it, simply applying rubbing alcohol straight into your hands can burn your skin. Since aloe vera is a known moisturizing ingredient, adding it to the formula will help make your sanitizer safe and moisturizing for the skin.

Lastly, essential oils are added primarily to provide your sanitizer with a pleasing fragrance. Often, the best options are lavender oil, tea tree oil, or even lemon juice.

What You Need To Do

Step 1: To create your very own hand sanitizer, the first thing you must do is to pour the rubbing alcohol and the aloe vera gel into the bowl together.

Take note that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that a hand sanitizer should contain at least 60% of alcohol in order to be effective in killing germs and viruses. With this in mind, the best ratio is a 2:1 ratio of isopropyl alcohol to aloe vera.

Step 2: After mixing the alcohol and aloe vera together, the next step is to add the essential oils into the mix. Ideally, this could range from 8 to 10 drops of essential oils to achieve a pleasant scent without negatively affecting the needed alcohol volume.

Step 3: Once you’ve put the three ingredients together, stir and mix them using a spoon until it achieves a consistent, gel-like appearance.

Step 4: Using a funnel, pour the mixture into a bottle with pump dispenser.

You can now use your home-made sanitizer!

Some Notes to Remember

  • When making the sanitizer, make sure that you are doing it in a clean location within your home.

  • Wash your hands before making the sanitizer. For extra protection, use nitrile gloves during the whole process.

  • As much as possible, don’t use your homemade hand sanitizers on children’s skin.

  • Generally, alcohol-based sanitizers don’t have the power to kill all germs. The best way to prevent spreading germs is to always wash your hands. Use it only when you don’t have immediate access to soap and water.

Hand Sanitizer

The Bottom Line

Ready to start the process and make your very own sanitizer at home? As the world faces a pandemic, the best thing you can do is to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene. Deter the spread of germs and illness-causing bacteria. Fight the risk of the coronavirus today!