How to Navigate the HBO Now App

How to Navigate the HBO Now App

Streaming apps are popular these days because they let you watch programs anywhere and anytime, the HBO Now app is gaining in popularity. With a vast amount of content that can be downloaded and watched offline, and you can enjoy ads-free streaming even when you’re not online. HBO is a popular premium cable that recently … Read More

How To Activate Google Voice Recognition On Your Android Device

Activate Google Voice Recognition on Your Android Device

Whether you want to admit it or not, typing on mobile keyboards can sometimes be a drag. Not only can the act make you susceptible to jumbled words when typing in rush, but it also requires more time and effort as you input each letter to complete a word or a sentence. With the presence … Read More

How To Use Apple AirPlay On iPhone For Viewing Photos

Apple AirPlay

Everything’s a whole lot better when shared. Although there’s convenience in being able to enjoy music and photos right at the palm of your hand, there are times when you’ll want to see the content in full-picture. Fortunately, with Apple’s Airplay, you can now wirelessly broadcast any of your iPhone’s content and enjoy it on … Read More

Use The Encode Android App To Learn To Code

Encode Android App to Learn to Code

Programming is just about everywhere. From building computer systems to websites to software apps that you use on your device, coding is ever-present in the advent of technology. Despite coding being a hot commodity these days, not everyone is still in the know about the perks of learning this trade. Thank ts to programming apps, … Read More

How To Download The Spotify Apple Watch App To Listen On The Go

Download the Spotify Apple Watch App

The new range of Apple Watches lets users listen to music on Spotify while on the go. The offline playback is still not supported but you can sync your music library up to 2GB to enjoy music on repeat. Doing this allows you to enjoy songs without the need to carry an iPhone. The Spotify … Read More

How To Track Your Family Members’ Mobile Phones

How To Track Your Family Members' Mobile Phones

Are you a parent who wants to ensure that your kids are out of harm’s way? Do you often find yourself worried whenever your spouse travels for work? Surely, there comes a ton of instances where you’ll want to track your family members and know their whereabouts. Fortunately, with tracking apps, you can now easily … Read More

How To Use Apple Mail On Your Mac Computer

pple Mail on Your Mac Computer

As a leading tech giant, Apple has now cemented itself as a household name not just across America, but also everywhere else in the world. Though Apple computers tend to command a higher price tag than other personal computers, Macs certainly prove their worth with the value they provide users. More than the aesthetic value … Read More

How To Video Call With An Android Phone

How To Video Call With An Android Phone

Video calling is one of the most convenient ways to connect to people, especially your loved ones. Unlike a regular call, using video helps enhance communication between people in different areas. With cutting-edge smartphones, it’s easy to use the video call feature with social apps like Viber, Skype, Facebook Messenger, and others. Google also introduced … Read More

How To Download Movies And Series From Netflix During A Pandemic

Download Movies and Series from Netflix

Now that the pandemic has momentarily disrupted the lives of thousands, if not millions, around the globe, many individuals find themselves at home and practicing social distancing. Apart from allowing people and their respective governments to flatten the curve, people now have more time on their hands. One of the best ways to utilize this … Read More