How To Activate Google Voice Recognition On Your Android Device

Activate Google Voice Recognition on Your Android Device

Whether you want to admit it or not, typing on mobile keyboards can sometimes be a drag. Not only can the act make you susceptible to jumbled words when typing in rush, but it also requires more time and effort as you input each letter to complete a word or a sentence. With the presence … Read More

How to Transfer Photos from Your DSLR to Your iPhone or Android Device

Transfer Photos to Mobile Devices

Ever wished you could transfer your photos from your DSLR straight into your mobile device? Surely, while taking photos using your dedicated camera is one thing, transferring them is another. Since you’ve got all your social media apps on your phone, it’s not crazy to wish you could shuttle your best shot into your device … Read More

AppLock: How To Protect Your Apps From Intruders

AppLock: How To Protect Your Apps From Intruders

No matter how much you protect and secure your smartphone against intruders, there will always be individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to gain access to your confidential files. From infiltrating your mobile applications to mining your data, hackers are now more adept at reaching your apps without your knowledge. Due to … Read More