Use The Encode Android App To Learn To Code

Encode Android App to Learn to Code

Programming is just about everywhere. From building computer systems to websites to software apps that you use on your device, coding is ever-present in the advent of technology. Despite coding being a hot commodity these days, not everyone is still in the know about the perks of learning this trade. Thank ts to programming apps, … Read More

5 Best Photo Editors For Smartphones In 2019

5 Best Photo Editors For Smartphones In 2019

Now that everyone can take high-quality pictures using a mobile device, collecting memories becomes easier. With the digital capability of smartphones, anyone can shoot pictures, make enhancements, and share their images on social media platforms. More people can practice their photography skills and use mobile applications to fix lighting and add filters to pictures. Instagram … Read More

Truecaller App: Caller ID and Spam Blocking App

Truecaller App

Stressing over a series of unwanted calls? No doubt, getting too many calls from spammers or telemarketers can be quite frustrating. Given the advancement of today’s technology, anyone can now reach your mobile number and ring your phone nonstop. Fortunately, with caller ID and spam blocking apps, such as Truecaller, you can now ditch the … Read More