How to Download Photomath for on your Computer

photomath for pc

Photomath is a super handy application that makes calculations from equations in camera photos. The application has gained worldwide popularity for the simple ease of solving equations by scanning a photo. Photomath is technically only available for Android and iOS devices. However, we created this guide to walk you through the steps of using an … Read More

How to Download vChannel on Your Computer: Two Simple Methods

How to Download vChannel on Your Computer: Two Simple Methods

vChannel is an RSS video playing application for Android users. With vChannel, you can stream your favorite TV shows like sports, news, movies, dramas or other content. Many Android users have become huge fans of this application because it allows them to watch their shows from their mobile devices. However, for those of you who spend … Read More

Phonto for Computer Use: Two Methods for an Easy Download

phonto for pc

Phonto is a great application for photography. This application allows you to add text to pictures. In addition, Phonto allows users to customize a variety of features within the app. Users can add frames, change the rotation and change the background, text type, text color, and text size. There is a free and premium version of … Read More

PicsArt on a Computer: A Step-by-Step Download Guide

Picsart for PC

PicsArt is one of the best photo editing applications in app stores. This app is a top-rated application for photo editing on smartphones. In fact, there are 100 million people who have already installed PicsArt on their devices.  With PicsArt you can customize any type of photo. The application has many built-in graphics and symbols. In addition, … Read More

how to bypass surveys

how to bypass surveys

Are you tired from surveys popup and want to know how to bypass surveys. You may notice surveys when you visit some sites for downloading some video, software and download some long file. The online poll like a headache. Most of the games crack version also come for under the online reviews. Many people have a … Read More