Discover the Top 3 Digital Wallet Apps

Cash belongs to the last century some say and if we look inside most people's wallets, that saying would be true. You find all sorts of cards in our wallets like credit, debit, and gift cards but cash is rare.

Often, we use our cards for quick and easy purchases when we shop in-store, but there will always be something easier: when we use the best digital wallet apps. It eventually seems that individuals have prepped for the concept of digital wallets.


The digital wallet industry is predicted to surge, and it is because customers are aware of how protected, efficient, and easy they are. For leading the way forward, we can thank these top digital wallet apps.

Discover the Top 3 Digital Wallet Apps
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Google Pay (Free)

On this list, Google Pay is by far the most extensive app (available to download from the Google Play Store or iOS App Store).

There's more to it than a digital wallet. It is also a payment system, making it a must for transactions that are both personal and business.



In several ways, ordinary users, customers, and merchants will find this app beneficial. With this application, even without using your physical cards, you can shop online and in-store using your phone only.

Use it almost everywhere as it's now accessible in 28 countries, backed by major banks, accepted by millions of NFC payment stores, and compatible with many Android devices.

While it’s still being developed, you can shop with just your phone online, in-app, or in-store.


Numerous major banks in the US and other countries support this app and it is integrated with several mobile banking apps. Due to its multi-layers of advanced security intended to protect your account from malicious attempts and fraudulent activities, use it without worry.

Discover the Top 3 Digital Wallet Apps
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PayPal Mobile (Free)

Perhaps PayPal is popular with everyone—we know it as a payment system, but it's also a digital wallet.

It is one of the oldest and most commonly used digital wallets, and both Android and iOS users can use it by downloading from Google Play or the App Store, respectively.


Between other parties, it is used to make online payments and transfer funds with minimal fuss. It can keep your credit cards, send and receive money and, on your behalf, open a credit line.

You can pay for products or services, send money to family and friends, and send money to PayPal accounts. The PayPal Mobile app is made to transfer your money to your bank from your PayPal account easily.

It can discover local deals, make transactions in shops that use PayPal, pay at a restaurant for your bill, and even order ahead.

This app keeps your financial data safe. To protect your account from fraud and other malicious attempts, it utilizes secure encryption technology.

Image Source: TechCrunch

Venmo (Free)

Speaking of PayPal, the company that also owns Venmo (downloadable from the Google Play Store or the iOS App Store).

Venmo is probably the most powerful peer-to-peer payment app available. With a fun twist, if you want a digital wallet app, then Venmo is for you.

When you want to break the bill and transfer money in a fun way, it is a good app to have.

You can use this app when you eat out with your family or friends and you're sharing the bill. When you pay the monthly rent, it is also a perfect way to transfer money to your roommates.


You can use this app for a lot of stuff, such as setting up your balance or paying for a concert ticket.

To secure your financial details, Venmo uses data encryption and you can even share your transactions on Facebook, Twitter, or Foursquare with a message.

Bank and debit card transactions are free, but card fees are 2.9%.

This is maybe the most simple, relative to the other digital wallets in the list. It is a great app just for a group of friends or family to pay small amounts or send money.


Yes, you're not supposed to leave your wallet and go cashless, but isn't it cool to just use your phone to make transactions. It's a futuristic way to send money and receive money, except that future is now.

With just a few taps on your phone, you can get money in your account or help out family and friends by sending some cash. These digital wallets are powerful tools that can make life and money management a little easier.

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