Spendee: Take Control of Spending With This App

Managing money is important but it does not have to be a stressful and strenuous experience. You can learn how to create a budget, and how to spend wisely while being able to save money for the future. Fortunately, there is an app that will help you do so.

Spendee is a finance management app where you can create your budget based on your income and help you control your spending. The app lets you track all of your expenses including the ones that you might not notice and allows you to correct and even optimize your spending habits.


If you want to learn more about Spendee, check out the guide below on how the app works, how to download it, how it will help you take control of spending, and more.

  • Manage All of Your Finances with Spendee
  • Organize Your Expenses with Spendee
  • Learn How to Budget Effectively So You Can Save More Money
  • Track Your Expenses in Multiple Currencies
  • What Is the Pricing for Spendee?
Spendee: Take Control of Spending With This App
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Manage All of Your Finances with Spendee

We all want to manage our finances well but there are certain times that we go overboard due to emergencies and other factors. Spendee is the perfect app to help you manage your budget, income, and expenses.

Spendee: Take Control of Spending With This App
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Spendee lets you see all of your financial habits which will help you keep track of your expenses and correct them.


We may want to have a good budget for our income but don't necessarily know how to properly manage it.

Fortunately, Spendee has a feature that lets you budget and organizes all of your expenses within the app. Take responsibility today and know where your money goes.

Securing Your Money and Data

To start your journey, you need to go back to the beginning of the source of your income. Spendee allows you to connect all of your online banking and e-wallets on the app. This way, you get to see all of your transactions in one place.


This feature makes Spendee so much more convenient than having to check every app and compile all the info into one place so you can calculate all of your transactions to see if you have properly managed them.

Every transaction made on your mobile banking apps and e-wallets is recorded within Spendee, making it easier for you to manage your money. You might be wondering if the app might be intrusive but don't worry, the app helps you secure all of your money and data.

Organize Your Expenses with Spendee

So, how does Spendee work, and how does it help you spend less and save more money? Spendee is a comprehensive financial tool that will help organize all of your expenses and spending information into colorful graphs.

Spendee: Take Control of Spending With This App
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The app automatically gathers all of your expenses and presents them in a simple, concise, and yet very comprehensive presentation. This way, you can understand where your money went and how you spent it.

You can track your cash flow when you link all of your accounts to your Spendee app. All of your incoming income is immediately recorded and when you spend them, it will also create another comprehensive report.

Information is key to successfully managing your finances and Spendee provides that in a digestible manner.

Personal Insights for You to Optimize Your Spending

As mentioned above, when you understand your cash flow, you're able to control and manage your finances with much more clarity.

Spendee has personal insights on all of your transactions meaning you get reports every time money comes in and goes out of your accounts. This lets you become aware of your expenditure.

If you're looking to save money or even build an emergency fund, these personal insights will let you know which spending you can cut off so you can divert it and which ones can be sustained. The app also provides useful tips and information on how you can save more money from your within your daily spending.

Learn How to Budget Effectively So You Can Save More Money

When it comes down to expenses, we also need to learn how to budget effectively so we can learn how to save more money. Budgeting will effectively make your life much better by allotting money to spend on important things.

Spendee: Take Control of Spending With This App
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Spendee allows you to have a proper budget for every expense that you have by categorizing different expenses such as shopping, food, clothing, and entertainment.

You can customize each category depending on your income and you can set alerts and notifications when you are over your intended budget or when you're about to go over your limit.

The app also lets you view in real-time how much you are currently spending so you can stop yourself from going overboard.

Control and Track Daily Expenses

If that is not enough, Spendee also has a feature that allows you to control and manage your daily budget. Much like your monthly budget where you categorize all of your expenses, the app also narrows it down to your daily budget.

You get to control your daily expenses especially when you're about to go over the limit you have imposed on the app. You'll be able to track down how much money you have spent for the entire day and pinpoint which part of the day you're spending a lot of your money.

Spendee can help you stick to your daily allowance so you will never go over your limit from your monthly allowance.

Track Your Expenses in Multiple Currencies

Users who have multiple bank accounts with multiple currencies are supported by the app as well. If you have a bank account with a foreign currency, you can still take charge of your finances since Spendee supports multiple currencies.

Spendee: Take Control of Spending With This App
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The app lets you view all of your accounts even if they have foreign currencies. It even allows you to check the updated currency exchange rate every day so you get the latest information on the exchange rates for each currency.

Spendee supports hundreds of currencies and you can immediately switch from one currency to another. This is quite helpful if you spend a lot of time traveling and you are on a tight budget or you want to save money for your upcoming travels.

How to Download and Where to Sign Up for Spendee

Now that you have learned how to use Spendee efficiently, it is time that you learn how to download the app. Spendee is now available to download at the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store for all mobile devices.

Search for the name and tap “Install” to begin downloading the app. Wait until it is fully installed before tapping “Open” to launch it. Signing up is very easy and it will only take you a few minutes to link all of your accounts on the app.

Sign up using your full name and email address. You will then link all of your accounts on the app and make sure that you have a very strong password to protect your account.

What Is the Pricing for Spendee?

Spendee offers three different price tiers that will help provide a myriad of financial management features. There are multiple subscription options for you to choose from depending on your needs.

Spendee: Take Control of Spending With This App
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First, you have the free version or the Spendee Basic which does not cost you anything. You will have the basic features mentioned above. Spendee Plus offers unlimited cash wallets and budget and is far less restrictive than the Basic package. Spendee Plus can be unlocked at $14.99.

Spendee Premium, which starts at $22.99, unlocks all the features including automatic categorization of all of your expenses and unlimited cash wallet and budget.

This tier also allows you to backup and sync your data as well as import and export all of your transactions. You will have a very detailed overview of all of your expenses in this tier.

What Are Some of the Best Things about Using Spendee?

There are a lot of benefits you get from using the Spendee app. It is one of the most convenient financial management apps that you can find since you can manage everything within a single application. The user-friendly interface makes navigating the app much easier.

All the colored infographics are easily discernible and it properly represents all the necessary details that you need to know. You can also customize different categories depending on your needs.

The different tiers are very affordable so you can always stay on top of your finances. Lastly, it also has the option to connect multiple bank accounts.


Spendee is a great option that will help you keep track of all of your finances including your income and expenses. If you need help with managing your money, let Spendee do that for you. It helps to be informed and stay updated especially when it comes to where you're money is going.

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