Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App

It is challenging to increase a child’s focus and attention. Let alone get them to do a task they are not used to. One tool parents have to improve their child's concentration and mindfulness is yoga.

There is a popular mobile app with a vast library of yoga exercises for children called Cosmic Kids Yoga. It also has mindfulness activities for children to enjoy.


Learn more about the Cosmic Kids app and its features. Also, learn how to download the app to your mobile phone.

  • About the Cosmic Kids Yoga Team
  • Signing Up on the Cosmic Kids Yoga App
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga Content and Activities
  • Cosmic Kids Yoga Features
  • Personalizing the Cosmic Kids Yoga App
Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App
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About the Cosmic Kids Yoga Team

Cosmic Kids is an exciting development. It all started in 2011 with husband and wife team Martin and Jaime Amor. They had the idea of launching the app after successfully running their YouTube channel with content focusing on teaching children different yoga exercises.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App
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Jaime started as an actor and also had experience entertaining kids during parties. She used these skills to begin teaching yoga to children. She inserted yoga exercises with a sprinkle of creativity by crafting a story that will prompt the kids to follow and actively participate.


Martin and Jaime used this idea to start their YouTube channel by creating interactive content targeting children to learn yoga. They used their knowledge of what makes kids want to participate in these activities like relatable stories or fairy tales, colorful visuals, repetition, and encouraging words.

With the success of the YouTube channel, the Amors decided to launch a website for Cosmic Kids and eventually a mobile app. This move was to widen the reach of their channel and make it more sustainable financially so that they can produce more content.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Mobile App

The mobile app follows the original content’s premise found on their YouTube channel. Initially, it looks like they just transferred their videos onto the web-based app and the mobile app. But, through constant effort to develop the app, there are now other exciting and beneficial features.


The Cosmic Kids Yoga mobile app is free to download on both the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store.

Although the app is generally free, in-app purchases are available for additional perks and a better experience on the Cosmic Kids Yoga app. There is also a premium subscription.

Signing Up on the Cosmic Kids Yoga App

After installing the app, Cosmic Kids Yoga allows the new users to start exploring their catalog of videos for free, after which they can opt to subscribe. There are three options upon installing: Start Free Trial, Login, and Explore.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App
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New users can make an informed decision about whether they want to subscribe to the premium version of the app by exploring for free. Once done exploring, they can choose to start the free trial. The free trial entitles the new users to have 14 days of premium subscription on the app.

The Cosmic Kids Yoga ensures no commitment charges during and after the free trial period. Parents can subscribe or not subscribe as they deem necessary after experiencing and accessing the premium content.

For those who already have an account on Cosmic Kids Yoga, simply log in using your registered email. If you have a subscription, all your data and saved contents will sync across all devices.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Premium Subscription

As mentioned, the app is subscription-based, so users must pay for a subscription plan to enjoy all the perks and features of the Cosmic Kids Yoga app. A subscription entails complete access to all the content on the app, especially the Cosmic Kids Yoga exclusive videos solely for premium plan users.

Moreover, the experience of the parents and children on the app will not be interrupted by intrusive advertisements. Once you subscribed, you can enjoy an ad-free experience on Cosmic Kids Yoga Premium.

There are two options on the subscription plan. Parents may opt to pay for the monthly subscription that costs $10 or the annual subscription that costs $65. The app recommends parents choose the yearly subscription because they can save money compared to the monthly billing of the subscription plan.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Content and Activities

Martin and Jaime are committed to providing quality content to children in teaching yoga exercises and other mindfulness activities. These exercises are meant to help children to improve their attention, focus, and self-awareness. All the videos on the app are facilitated or taught by Jaime herself.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App
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Parents trust Cosmic Kids Yoga videos because they are well-informed on the benefits of yoga to children through the web app. Moreover, the contents are designed for the preferences of the kids, like colorful visuals and easy-to-follow instructions.

As stated earlier, the idea of Cosmic Kids started with the premise of using stories from movies or fairy tales to do the yoga exercises. Cosmic Kids Yoga calls them Yoga Adventures, which features stories like Moana, Frozen, Star Wars, Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, Beauty and the Beast, and more.

Jaime used this to make sure that the kids are totally engaged with the exercises. For example, she will be narrating a story about a witch who is about to destroy a city. She will then tell the kids to follow her and use different yoga poses to help stop the witch from carrying out her evil plans.

Age Appropriate Content on Cosmic Kids Yoga

Kids love to feel involved in the stories; that is why Jaime’s storytelling effectively makes these children follow her yoga exercises. Also, parents can relax a little because the content that the Cosmic Kids Yoga app is appropriate to the age of their children.

As proof, it is possible to sort the video contents of the app according to the age of your children. There are recommended lists of videos for yoga exercises and mindfulness activities for each age from three to nine years old, letting parents find recommended videos appropriate to their kid’s age.

Cosmic Kids Yoga makes sure that all their content is meant for an audience of children, and worry not because millions of parents already trust the app and the YouTube channel.

Cosmic Kids Yoga Features

First and foremost, the Cosmic Kids Yoga app is true to its goal to help and teach children yoga exercises. So, the user interface of the app is also child-friendly. It is so easy to navigate and explore that even small children can find their favorite video on the app.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App
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The app makes it easy for children to navigate because the videos are listed according to several categories. These categories have a list of videos that they can swipe left to explore or scroll through the categories. It is possible to directly search the specific video they want through the Search tab.

The categories show how rich the app’s content is for teaching various yoga exercises to children using interactive storytelling.

The categories include App Exclusives, Mindfulness Introduction, Jaime’s Originals, Yoga Club, Yoga Adventures, Monthly Playlist, Yoga Quest, Guided Relaxation, Yoga Pose Universe, New Videos, and many more.

Push Notifications for New Uploads

Parents and children can keep themselves posted on the new video uploads on the app by turning on the push notification button.

The videos also include a short text description so that children and parents will have an initial idea of the content of the video, including the exercises and stories within.

Personalizing the Cosmic Kids Yoga App

The app allows children and parents to personalize their experience on the Cosmic Kids Yoga app.

Cosmic Kids Yoga and Mindfulness App
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They can create a list of bookmarked content that they want to watch later on or are a list of the child's favorite videos. All of this content will be included in the Library tab.

Also, it is possible to save the videos offline to access the content anytime and anywhere, even without an internet connection.

In order to use the offline option, it is necessary to subscribe to the premium plan to enjoy this feature of saving videos offline.

Plan and Track Using Sync

Since the app allows the users to sync data across devices, the parents can easily plan the videos that their children watch on the app.

Sometimes, parents can also use this feature to check what videos their children watched on the Cosmic Kids Yoga app.


The Cosmic Kids Yoga app aims to help kids learn yoga and mindfulness activities by having video content teaching them. The app has a wide variety of content that creatively integrates storytelling to engage the kids in yoga exercises.

It is guaranteed that all of Cosmic Kids Yoga's content is appropriate for the children. Parents can further personalize the watching and learning experiences of their children on the app.

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