Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home

Since I decided to take on a career change, I also had to move to a different city, where I found my new job. I did not know anyone from the city, but I needed to find a new place to live, like an apartment unit.

Fortunately, there is the Realtor app wherein I can find the perfect place to stay at the tips of my fingers. Its primary feature is home searching, with which I can easily explore available homes or apartment units for buying or renting.


Learn more about the Realtor app and its features below. Discover how I found my new apartment through the Realtor app.

  • Introducing the Realtor App
  • Granting Permissions to the App
  • Exploring the Realtor App
  • Searching for a New Property on Realtor
  • Checking the Search Results on Realtor
  • Utilizing the Financial Tools of Realtor
Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home
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Introducing the Realtor App

Finding a new apartment or home to stay in can be so time-consuming because there might be a lot of time spent talking with real estate agents, searching through websites, and visiting places. Since I did not have much time because of my previous work, I looked for a way to find a place from the comfort of my home.

Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home
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The Realtor app provides this convenience as I can look for a home that’s perfect for me with its easy-to-use features and services. The app is meant for people looking for homes to buy, units to rent, or simply home estimation values.


Moreover, the Realtor app offers a comprehensive list of for-sale properties alongside the necessary information and tools to make informed real estate decisions. It also has interesting tools for managing our homes.

Interestingly, I can find ways to track my home’s value over time, research and manage home improvements, and scout similar properties in different areas or neighborhoods on the Realtor app.

Installing the Realtor App

I discovered the Realtor app through an online advertisement, and I instantly checked how it could help me with my problem of finding a new place to stay. After learning all its services and features, I installed the Realtor app immediately.


The Realtor app is free to download from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. The app is entirely free as there are no in-app purchase items available or premium subscriptions. The Realtor app is compatible with devices running on Android 5.0 and up and iOS 14.0 or later.

Granting Permissions to the App

When I installed the app, Realtor sought permission to access various features of my mobile device. It wants to get the phone identity to find accounts on the mobile device. It also needs access to the camera to take pictures and videos.

Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home
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The app asks for the precise location (GPS and network-based) and approximate location (network-based) of my mobile device as it will be needed when finding available units nearby for sale or rent.

In addition, the Realtor app wants to access my local file storage, including my photos and media files. It also needs to check my contacts saved on my phone. Lastly, the app seeks to access my Wi-Fi connection information.

The Realtor app also intends to receive data from the internet, have full network access, prevent the mobile device from sleeping, view network connections, run at startup, and read Google service configuration.

Creating an Account on the Realtor App

Once I granted my permission to the app, it asked me to sign up or log in. The app mentioned that creating an account on Realtor will help me keep track of my favorite homes across all my devices. Realtor supports the “One Account. All devices” feature.

To create an account on the app, I had to choose whether I wanted to continue using my Google account, Facebook account, or email address. The Realtor app will access my name, profile picture, and other personal information.

I did not have to verify my identity on the app, as I can proceed immediately after confirming the account I would like to link. Then, the Realtor app asks me if I want to receive regular updates on the latest available units or houses nearby through my email.

Exploring the Realtor App

One striking thinking about the Realtor app is its user interface. I find it visually appealing because of the background picture, color, and arrangement of tabs. At the same time, the organization of its tabs and features makes it user-friendly because it is easier to navigate.

Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home
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The app’s Home page focuses on the “Start your search” feature because Realtor is primarily a home-searching app. I can immediately set my search filter by choosing either “For Sale” or “For Rent,” as the app automatically displays the corresponding results according to these categories.

There is a search bar at the center of the screen, which I use to put the city, address, or ZIP code of the new place where I will be living.

Aside from the search bar where I can manually type the address, there are two more options to search for available homes on the app: Search by Commute and Search Nearby.

Understanding the Additional Tabs on the Realtor App

When I started searching for a unit to stay in the other city, the Realtor app displayed another category of properties—Just Sold. Here, I can check the most recent properties sold with the help of the Realtor app.

Moreover, the Realtor app also shows four new tabs: Search, Saved, Notifications, and Account. The Search tab lets me explore the available properties for rent or sale. Meanwhile, I can find all my bookmarked units on the Saved tab for future reference.

The Notifications tab records all the alerts about my saved search or units on the Realtor app. Lastly, I can find all pertinent information about my profile on the Account tab. It also contains some financial tools and home management tools.

Searching for a New Property on Realtor

As mentioned, the main feature of the Realtor app is property searching. There are several ways to search for an available unit on the app alongside the filters or requirements I prefer for my property.

Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home
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Aside from manually indicating the city's address where I will move, it also allows me to choose my ideal form of search results. The Realtor app can display the available properties or units on a map or list format.

I use the map view to easily check how far the available properties are from my new workplace. With this feature, I can visualize my future environment and neighborhood. I liked that I could imagine my commute routine through the app’s feature.

The second option is the List view, wherein the app displays the results in a list format. Each entry contains the basic information and details on the listed available properties.

Setting Filters When Searching for a New Property

Interestingly, the app wants me to find the perfect unit that matches my preferences. It provided several filters to easily search for the property I am looking for as my new place. Since I was planning to rent, I can set the minimum and maximum price of the monthly rental.

The price filter can also set the ideal price/budget when users intend to buy property. There is also an option for the property type, whether it is an apartment, single-family, condo, or other residences. I chose an apartment or condo since I will just be living alone.

Lastly, the app lets me choose how many bedrooms and bathrooms I want for my unit.

Checking the Search Results on Realtor

After I set the filters on what I want for my unit, I can now check the available units to rent or buy on the Realtor app. I find the list view option a little more convenient because I want to know the specific details of the available properties.

Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home
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The Realtor app displays the unit's price alongside the number of beds and bathrooms. It also provides the size of the available unit in terms of square feet. Lastly, the app shows the complete address of the available unit for rent or sale.

I can also check some of the photos of the unit, including all its amenities. Some entries also provide my view from the unit’s window.

Checking the Availability of a Unit

I found several units interesting, so I wanted to know if the units are still available. The Realtor app has the “Check Availability” button that I can use to directly contact the local agents who can answer my queries about the unit.

The app asks me to provide my full name and phone number so that the agents can easily contact me. I also indicated my target date of moving into the new unit.

Utilizing the Financial Tools of Realtor

The Realtor app is meant for those looking for a place to rent and those interested in buying properties. It provides financial tools that can be used to make informed decisions when buying properties.

Realtor - Find the Perfect Home Without Leaving Home
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The app has the Mortgage Calculator to compute the monthly cost when buying a house through a loan. It asked for the necessary information like the principal and interest, property tax, home insurance, loan type, interest rate, and downpayment.

Realtor users can also check their capability of buying a new house through the “How Much I Can Afford” feature. The app computes the capability of the users based on their incomes.

Using the Home Tool on Realtor

Aside from financial tools, the app also offers a “Home” tool. With this tool, I can estimate how much my current house is worth in the market. If I decide to sell my current house, I will know its market value immediately.


The Realtor app offers a convenient platform where people can easily find available properties for sale or rent. It also provides housing loan calculator to gauge one’s capability in buying a new house.

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