Save Money with the Groupon App: Coupons and Discounts Everywhere

Are you working on a tight budget? If you are looking to save money on goods and services the Groupon coupon app is a great option for you. The application will help you find the best deals and discounts on the goods you wish to purchase.


Groupon offers a variety of deep discounts and coupons from your favorite local businesses and even big companies. Find options and deals on food, oils, travel packages, other retail, and a lot more.

Let's learn more about what Groupon is, the features of their mobile app, and how it can help you save money through coupons and discounts.

Save Money with the Groupon App: Coupons and Discounts Everywhere
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Group Coupon

Derived from the two words ‘group’ and ‘coupon,’ Groupon is a web-based and mobile app that aims to provide coupon deals with consumers. It houses a wide pool of discount vouchers across small to medium enterprises and some huge companies and brand names.

Save Money with the Groupon App: Coupons and Discounts Everywhere
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The company was established in 2008 as a startup business providing coupon codes to consumers that can be used at various businesses. The team searches the web to look for brands offering discounts.


In just a few years, Groupon grew to a company that pens agreements directly with several national and local businesses. These companies gain visibility through the placement of content on the Groupon site and app for promotion and advertising purposes. 

Groupon is now one of the largest coupon apps in the industry. 

Adapting to the Market 

With e-commerce through smartphone applications on the rise, Groupon was challenged to adapt and developed an app that brings the marketplace to the customer's pocket. 

Groupon launched the mobile app to cater to a wider range of users. The website has also gone through a major revamp by making it fully searchable on the web and lifting all restrictions in accessing the site. 

Groupon ensures its users that the website’s content and data sync with the app. Real-time updates for the coupons and discounts are simultaneously uploaded on both platforms, allowing them to navigate whatever device is convenient to use. 

Commissions on Businesses

Groupon attracts not only consumers but also companies. Groupon signs partnerships with mostly local businesses but also some large-scale businesses like department stores. 

Save Money with the Groupon App: Coupons and Discounts Everywhere
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Groupon earns commissions on every coupon purchase from the featured businesses in the app. In the early years, it started with a 50/50 scheme. The total amount of goods or services purchased by the uses is split in half - one for the business and the other for Groupon.

However, it has changed in the present times. Groupon now receives a relatively smaller commission since there is a huge increase in the number of businesses on the site.

The application also creates deals with department stores for vouchers and discount coupons. The other big companies that offer lower prices for their goods and services are travel package services, electronics, hotel and restaurant services, and a lot more.

Groupon vs. Other Apps

One of the big advantages of the Groupon app is that it caters to all types of goods and services. Unlike other applications that specialize or focus on a specific service type, like travel packages only or restaurant menus only, Groupon has a wide variety for users. 

Having agreements with various companies helps the discounts to be larger and provides better opportunities for the users to save more money. 

For example, a day spa offers a regular discount every Tuesdays and Thursdays. If partnered with Groupon, this day spa can give you a discount on any day of the week and sometimes even deeper discounts.

Choosing Groupon

Groupon uploads new discount deals to its platforms every day for the users to explore. This way users will always have something to look forward to daily as there is fresh content.

Save Money with the Groupon App: Coupons and Discounts Everywhere
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If you cannot access the retailer or business site where you wish to buy something, check out Groupon where there might be a discount. The usual discount ranges from 30%-50% from the original prices, and sometimes there are big discount blowouts which can rise to 70%-90%.

The Groupon application ensures a safe and secured experience for its users. For any reports raised by the users regarding any fraudulent-related concerns, the team confirms it with the concerned businesses for a quick resolution. The signed agreement between Groupon and businesses also gives the app power to remove those fraudulent offers. 

The application also protects your personal information and payment details by using the latest industry-standard encryption technology. Since Groupon introduced credit card-linked transactions in 2018, it gives assurance to the users that their personal data is safe.

Shop Local

One of the biggest ways that Groupon helps local businesses is advertising. The commission that the businesses give to the application is just a low price for an advertisement. Given that Groupon has a wide reach, these small businesses can be known by the users alongside the big brands.

If the users chose to shop on those local businesses, it helps the local economy and supports the community. This helps local brands establish their names and businesses steadily in the market, and for some, achieve more long-term sustainability.

Groupon provides the direct contact information of the local businesses. The users may opt to contact the shops directly to book or pay for the services or goods.

Fine Print and Expiration

Before you purchase any coupons on the app, make it a habit to check the fine print on the coupons. These contain necessary details on how and when you can redeem the product or service you plan to purchase.

Save Money with the Groupon App: Coupons and Discounts Everywhere
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Check the labels on the specific days or times when you can go to the shops and redeem the coupon. Some companies offer discounts on specific days of the week only. For example, this oil refilling station gives a discount during weekends only. This coupon will be deemed invalid if you try to redeem it on a weekday. 

The users’ usual concerns and complaints are the coupons’ legitimacy because they experienced having invalid coupons during redemption. Groupon has made it clear that users must read the terms and conditions of the coupon by reading the indicated fine print. 

It is also advisable that consumers read the reviews before redeeming any coupon from a local shop. This ensures the best experience they can get, especially if it is their first time trying the brand.

Goods and Services Offered

If you are on a tight budget but want to get out of a town on a getaway, the deals on Groupon make it possible. One of the most purchased types of coupons is the travel packages

You will find many of them in the app with great deals. For example, some hotels and vacation spots record a low number of tourists on a specific day of the week. They will offer discount coupons to attract tourists, a great tip for all small-budget travelers out there.

The restaurant and food coupons will never fail to increase in numbers on the Groupon app. With the rising count of cafes, restaurants, small food establishments, and others, competition is growing tighter. To get to be known more by the consumers, they attract them by offering huge discounts.

Using the Groupon Mobile App

The Groupon team aims to provide a seamless app experience for users to enjoy shopping convenience when searching for or discovering local deals. To this end, Groupon provides a user-friendly interface for its mobile app.

Save Money with the Groupon App: Coupons and Discounts Everywhere
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It's easy to find a specific coupon for the goods or services you're looking for. The Groupon app has a drop-down button function, which categorizes the services and goods accordingly. For example, by clicking the “electronics” tab, all related coupons will be shown only.

Using the app, you can proceed to in-store purchase immediately and let them scan the coupon you have pre-chosen. All the pre-chosen coupons will be stored in a tab for better organization and efficient retrieval. 

Downloading and Installing

The Groupon app is free to download on both the Google Play Store for Android devices and the Apple App Store for iOS devices. You just have to search for “Groupon” and select the result called ‘Groupon - Shop Deals, Discounts & Coupons’, then click the install button.

Upon installing, you will be prompted to sign in using your email or create an account. Specifying your location will help you filter all the nearby discounts and deals.


If you are looking for a way to save money, Groupon has your back. It provides you a comprehensive library of discount coupons for numerous services and goods. Check out the Groupon app for fun things to do in your area, deals at great restaurants, and products and services at incredible bargains.

Get the best deals for the purchases you want to make while helping those local and small businesses to grow. And remember to always check the fine print!

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