A Guide To Downloading Apps On Your Apple Watch Device

Since the next-generation of smartwatches were introduced to the market, a lot of brands developed their own product that promotes health and wellness. From smartwatches that track heart rate and sleep quality to smartwatches that allow users to answer phone calls and use apps, there are a lot of services out there.

Apple also entered the competition, introducing smartwatches that allow users to download apps on their devices. The new Apple Watch Series 5 not only has a retina display and aluminum, stainless steel material but also supports the direct downloading of mobile applications.

Users can get apps in a snap and enjoy them without the use of smartphones. Do you want to know how you can take advantage of these capabilities? Continue reading to learn how to download apps on your Apple Watch. 

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How To Download Apps On Your Apple Watch

One of the major advantages of the Apple Watch from the range of smartwatches in the market is the app ecosystem. There was already a myriad of existing apps ready to download for the Apple Watch. So, when the watch was launched, there were already thousands of apps available, as seen in the video below.

Before the new update on watchOS, Apple Watch apps had to be downloaded from the iPhone. There was an Apple Watch companion app that you could use to install and manage apps on the smartwatch.

However, Apple has changed the game and now moved the Apple Store directly to the watch for a convenient download process.


The Steps

Follow these steps to install apps on Apple Watch.

  1. Press the digital crown on the right side of the watch. This move will display the home screen.
  2. Tap on 'Apple Store'.
  3. Search to find apps using Scribble or Dictation. There are also featured apps that are displayed.
  4. Tap on the app to see the detailed description, ratings, and app reviews.
  5. Tap 'Get' to download or see the price if the app is not free.
  6. Double-click the side button to download and install the app.

Note: New apps downloaded on the Apple Watch will appear on your smartphone. To disable this feature, go to Settings on the iPhone and tap 'iTunes & Apple Store.' Then, under the Automatic Downloads option, turn 'Apps' off.

Manage Apps On Your Apple Watch

In case you want to remove apps from your Apple Watch, you can do so easily. Here is how.

  1. Press the digital crown button to go to the home screen.
  2. Touch and hold the app until the icons jiggle. Tap the delete button on the app’s icon to delete or remove the app. A pop-up message will appear. Tap 'Delete App.'
  3. Press the digital crown to finish.

Note: If you want to restore the deleted app, you will need to reinstall it.

Updating Apple Watch Apps

Some apps are updated to fix bugs and improve the overall user experience. In case automatic app updates are not turned on, you can manually update the app on your watch.

  1. Press the digital crown button to display the home screen.
  2. Tap 'Settings.'
  3. Turn on automatic downloads to install new app purchases on other devices. You can also allow automatic updates to automatically download new versions of the apps.

To turn on automatic app updates from your iPhone, tap on the 'My Watch' tab then choose 'General'. Turn on Automatic App Install.

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Apple Watch Features

Aside from the ability to download apps directly to the watch, users can also do a number of things with this device. Some of the notable features include activating the personal assistant, Siri, to dictate commands. One can ask Siri to do things like dictate messages to friends, find directions, and more.

You can also activate Apple Pay to make purchases using your Apple Watch. Debit and credit card information can be stored on the watch to buy items with a click of a button or wave the watch in front of special in-store readers. According to Apple, the Apple Pay option in the smartwatch works in Macy’s McDonalds, and other stores with readers installed.

Bottom Line

New-generation smartwatches are able to do a lot of things, helping the wearer make his or her life easier. If you are running and you need to make calls or track your heart rate, these are possible with the Apple Watch.

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