Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App

Staying on top of the current affairs around the world is essential. After all, it allows individuals to be attuned with what’s happening all over the globe. Thankfully, news apps and outlets make consolidating information much easier and accessible than ever before. 

One of the news apps to check on the market today is no other than Flipboard. A social and news app in one allows a customized and unique reading experience based on the preferences of users. To know more about what this program has to offer, check this out. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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What Is Flipboard? 

Flipboard is considered a news and social app all in one. It also acts as a news aggregator that allows users to stay on top of news and other important events happening worldwide by giving them the freedom to choose and follow topics and publications that a person is interested in. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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As a news aggregator, it gathers and displays stories, articles, news, and even videos from various websites and digital news outlets such as The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, and many others and displaying this in magazine format. 

A digital magazine tool of sorts, this application makes finding and gathering news and topics online simpler. To give users a more concentrated approach towards their desired reading experience, they can pick topics, publications, and areas of interest to follow. This also curates feeds based on articles read. 


Key Features Of The App

Curation is one of the main features of Flipboard. It lets users curate magazines, articles, and many more based on their preferences, passion, and respect for news outlets selected. Based on these preferences, the app will provide a unique array of offerings. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Another curation-based feature is allowing users to be curators themselves. They can use the app to create digital magazines on their favorite topics and the like, making browsing and reading similar to reading a printed version. 

In the event new content or articles come out, these smart magazines will automatically update to display the new content. Moreover, users can easily share articles and news with other individuals on Flipboard and other social media platforms. 


How Does The News App Work?

Its name alone already implies how the app works. Quite simply, Flipboard works by allowing users to go through or “flip” through the content, similar to that of a real printed magazine. This is made possible with the app's gesture-based function that flips through with just a swipe on the screen. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Once logged onto the app, content and news affairs will appear on the home feed. This appears in the order it was published alongside its accompanying image, headline, and source name. Users can tap the content in order to read or view a story of their choosing, and it will expand in full view. 

To find stories that fall under the user’s interests, individuals can show their appreciation for the content on their feed by pressing on “like” or even showing discontent by tapping on the “less like this" suggsetion. Users can also explore the app to see other features, such as sharing what they have created. 

How Is It Different From Other News Apps?

The user experience is what takes center stage when it comes to distinguishing Flipboard from the rest. In particular, the ease of use and the individual’s ability to flip and read through their desired content, similar to reading an actual magazine, is what takes the cake. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Besides this, Flipboard actually boasts of an extensive range of articles and news outlets out there depending on the user’s area of interest. From politics, culture, fashion, and even food, there is a great mix of information to add interest to feeds, including The New York Times, Vogues, and many others. 

More importantly, Flipboard is a great resource for the wealth of information that individuals are interested in having in their lives. Even better, these articles are tailor-made to enhance the reading experiences of people. 

What Makes Flipboard A Social App?

Flipboard makes community-building more accessible with its social networking site. With its ability to share articles on different platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter, and the like, on the Internet and also on the app itself, users can reach more like-minded people even though they are miles away. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Similar to other social networking apps, users of this program can let their thoughts and ideas be known by commenting directly on the articles via the app. Not only does this enrich the whole experience, but this also keeps engagement with the community to a maximum. 

Apart from those mentioned, Flipboard also makes it easier for users to stay tuned with breaking news and other content. Various alerts and notifications are given to users for different types of activity, including comments, follows, and new uploads and topics available. 

Getting Started With The News Aggregator App

Flipboard is available on a variety of platforms and can be used on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets. It is available to download for free via the Google Play Store for Android users, as well as the App Store for Apple users. To do this, interested users can simply tap on ‘Install’ to proceed. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Upon successfully installing the mobile application or even signing up, users will be prompted by Flipboard to select their areas of interest. This gives the app an idea of what type of content or topics the user in question is interested in following. 

After picking the type of stories a person wants to see on his or her feed, the mobile application will instantly curate and bring on content that fit under the categories chosen by the user. Since Flipboard primarily caters to personalization, this app allows unfollowing on unwanted apps and content later on. 

Learn How To Use Flipboard

Despite its somewhat straightforward interface, learning how to use another mobile app such as this news aggregator program can be quite challenging at first. This article takes the guesswork out of that. To start, bear in mind that the home feed or the home icon includes all the stories that are present. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Meanwhile, the grid icon located to the right side of the home icon is where people can see the accounts and topics they follow. Although this can be viewed on the screen as a whole, these can also be filed under profiles, accounts or be searched by keying in the topic or story that needs to be found. 

The app also comes with a notifications button or icon where follows, likes, and comments on stories will appear. As with other social networking apps, Flipboard is equipped with a profile section where users can introduce themselves and let their followers know about the magazines they have made. 

Read Even Without The Internet

For people who are always on the go, mobile data or even Internet access may not always be available. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Thankfully, Flipboard makes saved articles on the app accessible even without data or signals in the area. 

With this specific feature, users can now read even while they are offline, giving them access to the content they need. 

Keep Breaking News A Priority

The beauty of using a dedicated news aggregator app that is also a social networking tool is that it can focus solely on what’s important. This means that social updates from friends or events concerning their lives would not appear through the home or newsfeed.

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
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Flipboard ensures users that only news and other relevant content can be accessed on the site, all of which come from equally reputable sources. This means that stories and topics are essential and credible and pertain only to the interests and preferences curated by and for the user itself. 

Sleek And User-Friendly Interface

Lastly, individuals using Flipboard can access a mobile app that perfectly mirrors the look and feel of reading a printed magazine or newspaper. 

Flipboard – Find Out About the Best News Aggregator App
Image source: Flipboard

The layouts alone are reflective and based on these printed media, making for a nostalgic yet modern approach to reading. 

Besides the unique, the gesture-based flipping function also makes the mobile application simple to use. No longer will individuals have to fumble. Instead, they can just breeze through articles and other stories just by flipping through the pages. 

The Bottom Line

Flipboard is a great mobile news app that serves as an ideal alternative to traditional and standalone RSS feed readers on the Internet. With this approach, individuals can finally get the news they want right into their notifications or just read through their articles with ease with its digital magazine format.

In just a touch of a button, breaking news can be presented in a slick and beautiful style that will entice readers to consume more of what is happening around the globe. With its intuitive approach, Flipboard constantly proves time and again why it is one of the best news aggregator apps out there.

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