inDriver - Discover The App With The Lowest Rates On The Market

Ride-hailing is usually costly, but with inDriver, the service is made affordable allowing passengers to save money. 

inDriver boasts of its unique way of giving the best fare rates because there is no pre-defined price for the distance traveled or location traveled to.


The driver and passenger must agree on the price of the ride that the passenger requested. Read below how you can enjoy this service and learn more about saving and earning money through inDriver.

  • The Beginning Of inDriver
  • The inDriver Mobile App
  • The Real-Time Fare Deal
  • The Other Options Available For The Rides
  • The Application Process For An inDriver Driver
inDriver - Discover The App With The Lowest Rates On The Market
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The Beginning Of inDriver

With the rise in popularity of ride-hailing and ride-sharing mobile applications, inDriver stands out for its unique take on rates and costs. The passengers post their destination or route together with how much they are willing to pay. The inDriver drivers will contact those passengers.

inDriver - Discover The App With The Lowest Rates On The Market
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This feature originated in Yakutsk City, Russia, which is the coldest city in the world. During the New Year holidays in 2012, when the temperature recorded -45 degrees, taxi drivers in the city saw this opportunity to raise their fare. 


The students were not happy with the sudden increase of rates, so they created a social media group in VK which they call “Independent Drivers.” This is where the members posted their required routes and how much they were willing to pay for the ride. 

A driver, who found the posted rate justifiable, then contacted the member and picked them up for the ride. After a year, the number of group members increased drastically to thousands. And so, the Independent Drivers social media group was the starting point of the inDriver app.

Developing The inDriver App

Due to the steady increase of new members in the Independent Drivers group, the Sinet Company decided to develop a mobile application based on the model of transactions done in the group. The app adapted the real-time deals (RTD).


The high-tech peer-to-peer transportation service mobile application was only available in Yakutsk City upon its launch. After some time, the coverage of the service of the app expanded to other cities within or even outside the regions such as Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and Vladivostok.

A year later, they brought the inDriver App to a nearby country in Astana, Kazakhstan. The international launch further expanded as the app continuously gain popularity among passengers.

The inDriver Mobile App

Since its international release in 2014, the inDriver mobile app gained the attention of everyday commuters because they see that they can save money from the rates or costs of a ride. As proof, it is one of the top ride-sharing apps worldwide in terms of phone downloads. 

inDriver - Discover The App With The Lowest Rates On The Market
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After being available in different countries for only three years, the company recorded over a hundred million booked rides. Currently, the inDriver app is available in 450 cities in 32 countries across South America, Asia, Europe, and Africa.

You can check out the application if you are from Russia, Kazakhstan, Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Tanzania, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, India, Indonesia, Thailand, etc.

The inDriver app is free to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You have to search for “inDriver - Better than a Taxi” and then click install. You can now enjoy and use the app to save money by cutting costs on your ride fares. 

Setting Up Your Profile On The inDriver Mobile App

Upon installing, the mobile app will give you quick tips, reminders, and instructions regarding the use of the inDriver app and its features. To set up your profile, you will be asked to enter your phone number to sign in, which will help verify your identity. The application needs to determine that you are not a robot.

After entering your phone number, a confirmation code will be sent to your number. Once you verified your phone number, the app will then ask you to grant access to your current location by clicking the “Allow” button. 

You also have the option to manually enter your location if the app fails to recognize or pinpoint your exact location. The last step in setting up your profile in the app is to provide your first name and last name. 

The Real-Time Fare Deal

Many are wondering about how the real-time fare deal happens. Imagine that the transaction is just like a bidding process. The first step is that the passenger will select the intended destination.

inDriver - Discover The App With The Lowest Rates On The Market
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The transaction or negotiation about the fare deal will only involve the passenger and the driver. The inDriver team is excluded from the negotiation process. Because of this exclusion, the passenger can save money. 

The passenger will provide details on how much they are willing to pay for the ride. The drivers near your current location will then be able to place a counter-bid. They will also provide their expected fare for the ride you are requesting. As soon as the driver places his bid, you will be able to choose the bid option. 

If the price given by the driver is in your price range, you may accept the offer. You can also decline the offer if you are not happy with the price. There are drivers around the area that may see your request and bid an even better price than you asked for. The key is to wait patiently.

Paying The Fare

Unlike other ride-hailing or ride-sharing applications, inDriver transactions do not accept any card payment. You can only pay cash to the driver, which can help you save further because you are free from your card's possible additional interest fees. 

Remember, you must pay the price you have accepted on the app. inDriver collects all the information about successful transactions made by their drivers on the application. The company profits through these transactions via commissions.

inDriver collects 5%-8% of the total amount of ride fare their drivers made in a given period. This commission rate is one of the lowest among the competitors in ride-hailing applications that usually ranges from 20%-25%. You can save money as a passenger and help the drivers gain more money through the app.

The Other Options Available For The Rides

Aside from the fare amount that the passenger and driver must agree on, passengers can also make other choices in the app. These options include the freedom in choosing their drivers and the option to add extra travel requirements. 

inDriver - Discover The App With The Lowest Rates On The Market
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Once the passenger makes a bid, all the nearby drivers can see the post to offer a counter bid. In some cases there will be several drivers who will accept your offer, you can freely choose from them.

The basis of your choice can be the best deal, arrival time, driver’s rating, car model, and the number of completed rides. For example, if you are more comfortable with a driver with a higher rating but has a slightly higher deal, you can choose that driver. 

Since you can have prior access to the driver’s information, you can share it with your family or friends to feel safe through the “Share the Ride” button. You can also share your real-time geo-location to your social media accounts, e-mail, or SMS text.

Requesting Additional Travel Options

The inDriver app values its customers by providing alternative options to them if they have other travel concerns or issues. One such option is the ability to filter the drivers who meet the requirements set by the passenger.

For example, if the passenger requests an SUV, the app will only show SUV drivers as the potential driver for the requested ride. Additional costs are given to extra stops, traveling pets, and others. 

Remember, the passengers must include all the requests before giving their initial bid, so the drivers can assess whether it will be a fair deal. inDriver drivers will only follow whatever request and deal you agreed on, so ensure everything before requesting the ride for less hassle.  

The Application Process For An inDriver Driver

If you want to earn extra money, you can opt to apply as a driver for the company or the app. The primary requirement is having a car. You can earn a fair amount of money because the company only collects a minimal commission fee. 

inDriver - Discover The App With The Lowest Rates On The Market
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You can be an inDriver driver instantly by just signing up for the online registration wherein you need to provide your photo, photo of your vehicle, certification of vehicle registration, and driver’s license.

The first step of the online registration is to provide information about your vehicle by selecting your vehicle model, vehicle color, and entering the license plate. You will then need to input your personal information: your clear portrait photo, complete name, sex, date of birth, and email address.

The last step is to provide a photo of your vehicle, vehicle registration, and driver’s license. After submitting the registration, you have to wait for confirmation that you are a verified inDriver driver.

Earning While Driving For inDriver

In the mobile application, you need to click the “Switch to Driver” button to see the requests and bids of the passengers around the city. All the requests will be listed under the Ride Request tab. 

You can keep track of your monthly earnings through the My Earnings tab. The last tab on the Home screen is the Rating tab, which will show your current rating given by your previous passengers. 

Also, you can check the number of rides you have given so far and the passengers' reviews.


The inDriver app makes the ride-hailing experience of the passenger seem like an auction. The app helps the passengers bid the fare that they are willing to pay for a ride towards their intended destination. The driver and passenger must agree on the rate or fare for the ride.

The app also offers great travel options to the passengers by giving them a chance to request specific requirements for the driver, car, or ride. Lastly, if you have a car, you can try being a driver for the company and earn more money. 

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