Truecaller App: Caller ID and Spam Blocking App

Truecaller App

Stressing over a series of unwanted calls? No doubt, getting too many calls from spammers or telemarketers can be quite frustrating. Given the advancement of today’s technology, anyone can now reach your mobile number and ring your phone nonstop. Fortunately, with caller ID and spam blocking apps, such as Truecaller, you can now ditch the … Read More

SHAREit App – Transfer Files Without Cables or Internet

SHAREit App - Transfer Files Without Cables or Internet

Google Photos, Google Drive, and Dropbox may have been the primary applications and tools for sharing and transferring files. However, in today’s fast-paced world, these often require a stable Internet connection, or worse, use cables that you can easily get tangled up in. Doing away with these troublesome requirements eliminates inconvenient photo-sharing means. Thankfully, there … Read More

Clean Master – Antivirus and Cell Phone Cleaner

Use Clean Master App

Android devices such as smartphones and tablets are often vulnerable to malicious spyware and adware. With the contents that you download online, you may not be aware that these are causing internal lags to your phone’s system. In addition to spyware, bulky apps and other files also slow down your device(s). Clean Master is a … Read More

Google Pay – How to Receive and Send Payments

Google Pay System

In an age where cashless transactions are becoming more and more mainstream, tech companies are developing solutions to innovate payments sending and receiving. Google is one such company. Combining its Android Pay and Google Wallet, the company now offers Google Pay, a digital wallet and an online payment system. With this service, users can transfer … Read More

Hypstar – Funny Short Video Maker Guide

Hypstar App Guide

Whether you just want to have a good laugh, meet new people with similar interests, or immortalize a fleeting moment, turning to social media could give you instant relief. From Facebook to Twitter, Instagram, and too many more, there comes a broad variety of social media applications that are sure to make your days a … Read More

How to Download and Listen to Music on Your Smartphone

Download and Listen Music on Smartphone

Individuals who love music or those who simply want to tune out the droning of the outside world can definitely make the most out of different music apps. These applications give users access to a large library of songs by various artists. This allows them to listen to music they already like and discover new … Read More

20 Best WhatsApp Status Ideas – Quotes And One-Liners

WhatsApp Account

WhatsApp boasts of more than 1.5 billion users around the globe, making it the most popular and widely used instant messaging mobile application across the world. Owned by Facebook, WhatsApp provides users access to instant messaging features alongside voice calls and other necessary forms of communication. What cemented its rise to fame is that it … Read More

How to Create the Best Viral Videos for Tiktok

How to Create the Best Viral Videos for Tiktok

TikTok is dubbed as the hottest video-sharing mobile application in the United States today. In a world filled with social media platforms, this mobile app stands out from the rest primarily because it offers instant video-sharing opportunities that provide entertainment and comedic relief all in one. What’s more, this app serves as a community that … Read More

How to Watch TV on Your Smartphone

How to Watch TV on Your Smartphone

If you’re an avid fan of sports, series, or talk shows, missing an episode is just not on. The good thing is you can stream the shows you love anytime, anywhere using your smartphone. Television remains a significant entertainment and communication medium. Every day, millions of people young and old are glued to their TV … Read More