Stay Sharp With The Peak Brain Training App

Some people spend hours solving puzzles and other brain-teasing games because they believe that it is great training for their brains. Many mobile app developers released their products targeting these people who love to train their brains. 

It is undeniable that there are thousands of mobile apps available that focus on brain games and training. But, one mobile app stands out from the rest, and it is called Peak. The app receives excellent reviews from its users for its features.


Peak aims to help users train their brains with personal workouts. Learn more about these workouts and other features of the Peak app below. Check out how to download the app on your phone.

  • The App That Challenges The Brain
  • Initial Walkthrough With The App For The Brain
  • Unlimited Games For Brain Training
  • Features Fit For The Brain
Stay Sharp With The Peak Brain Training App
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The App That Challenges The Brain

It is not new to find mobile apps that focus on using the brains in their features and activities, as many people are fond of these activities. Peak is a popular app that users love for its unique and exciting features, which its main goal is to provide brain games and training to the users.

Stay Sharp With The Peak Brain Training App
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People love the app as it is distinct from other mobile apps because Peak acknowledges that the brain is unique and has developed features for personal workouts for the brain. Users use the app like they would use a personal gym workout training app because Peak can provide personalized activities.


Moreover, the app can be compared to a personal gym training workout because there is a Coach who helps the users get through the routines and activities. With this kind of exciting feature, the app gained users' attention as it is available worldwide. 

The game has received a lot of trust because, according to the team, they partnered and collaborated with neuroscientists to develop the app's activities. The team has a scientific advisory board that includes Professor Barbara Sahakian, FMedCi DSc, specializing in Clinical Neuropsychology at the University of Cambridge.

Getting The Braining Training App

The proof that people trust the Peak app is apparent in the number of downloads which is over 10 million. PopReach Incorporated launched the app in 2014 with the hope of helping people train their brains through expert-validated activities and mini-games.


At present, the Peak app is free to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Interested individuals can find the app on these platforms by searching Peak - Brain Games & Training. Peak follows a freemium model and also has premium subscription plans available.

Upon downloading, the app requires users to log in using their saved email and password. Those who are just starting on the app must sign up using either of their Facebook or Google accounts. After signing in, you are good to go.

Initial Walkthrough With The App For The Brain

The app will welcome the users as they will embark on a journey together to improve their mental skills. Peak provides an overview of what to expect on the app. The first thing is that the app aims to sharpen your memory by training your brain to help you remember everything you need.

Stay Sharp With The Peak Brain Training App
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It is also possible to train your brain to stay focused and avoid distractions. Lastly, the app wants the users to become great problem-solvers in which they can apply this skill in their everyday lives like splitting a bill, calculating a tip, or working out on a discount.

Upon logging in to the Peak app, it will ask for the users’ personal information like name, birthday, level of education, and profession. These pieces of information are necessary for determining the level of brain capacity of the user and the expected brain ability, which are helpful in the overall experience in the app.

The app also requires the users to provide which aspect they are interested in improving on. The Peak app boasts itself with seven key areas available, which are language, memory, problem-solving, focus, mental ability, coordination, and emotion. Users may choose more than one area which they want to develop further.

Monitoring Brain Performance

Users love the app because it is possible to have an initial test to know their brain capacity across different aspects. With this information, they can use it to personalize the games and activities they will do in the app. These mini-games are also used to measure and train the users’ brain ability.

There is a comprehensive brain map wherein each key area is plotted with the brain performance level of the user. Thus, it is easier to monitor which area requires further training or workout.

The brain map updates after every workout or activity that is completed. It is a great feature because users will immediately know why their Coach is recommending certain activities or games. Also, there is an extra push to do well in the key areas that are lagging. 

Unlimited Games For Brain Training

The games are limited for free version users, so there is somehow pressure to subscribe to the premium plan. A user can only play one game per day with a free account, which is not enough to improve the user’s brain.

Stay Sharp With The Peak Brain Training App
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Users may opt to subscribe to the premium plans to have complete access to all of the games. A monthly subscription costs $4.99, $24.99 for six months subscription, and $34.99 for an annual subscription. 

The subscription also entails the ability to replay games for as long as the users want. It means that they can train their brain as long as they wish. Moreover, there is also a family option for the monthly subscription that costs $4.99 per family member added, with a maximum of five members.

The Peak app provides more options for users to improve their brain performance. There are Advanced Training Programs which are cognitive exercises for a more focused workout plan for the users. These activities are carefully planned together with the scientists, and the price differs on the program that users will avail.

Meeting The Coach

As the Peak app acknowledges that everyone’s brain is unique, they developed a feature to cater to the needs of each user. In this case, all users have their Coach, who will guide them throughout their experience on the app. 

The users think that the app is indeed like a gym workout because of the Coach. They must have a mindset that the Coach is there to help them reach their set goals in the Peak app. It is advisable to follow the workout plans crafted by the Coach as your progress is also carefully monitored.

The Coach will develop the workout plans for the users depending on their current brain performance while taking note of the set goals. The plans may vary from time to time as long as the Coach deems necessary. Aside from this, the Coach is expected to motivate the users to push forward, finish the workout plans, and attain their goals.

Features Fit For The Brain

Since the app is meant to enhance the brain performance of the users, the team carefully selected and designed the other features that will help realize their vision. The first one is the collection of its activities and mini-games that comprises the main content of the Peak app.

Stay Sharp With The Peak Brain Training App
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All the games are timed, which means that the users are pressured to accomplish the tasks precisely and quickly. The Peak Brain Performance that can be seen on the brain map solely bases its data on the result of the games played by the users. 

To further tease the brain, the activities range from simple to complex in terms of mechanics. It is essential to read the instructions and understand them. According to users, the first time they play a game, it usually ends badly, but they can get the hang of it with repetition.

The app provides a comprehensive report on the brain performance of the users. Since the app requires the users to indicate their birthday and profession upon logging in, the Peak app can produce a comparison of the user’s brain performance among their age group or profession.

Limitations Of The App

The limitations of the app mostly rely on the subscription plan of the users because the free version users cannot have the best experience without paying. There are intrusive ads that can affect the focus of the users.

Also, one game per day is not enough for the users. Note that the game is random depending on what the app will specify or allow that day. Thus, users cannot target the key area they wish to improve on.

Lastly, some players have a difficult time understanding the instructions of the game as they find it a little confusing. However, it might be a challenge so that the user can use their brain to solve the problem.


The Peak app aims to help users keep sharp by having personalized brain training through activities and games. The team collaborated with experts to ensure that the games are validated to target the identified key areas. 

Moreover, the app has interesting features like providing an overview of the brain performance of the users with a brain map. Lastly, there is a Coach to help guide the users on their personalized workout training in the app.

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