Enjoy Music with Resso: Functions, Benefits, and More

For many people, music is a way to appreciate life better. It offers a way to enjoy a part of a culture that can enhance individuals’ experiences, from happy and celebratory moments to more gloomy instances. Musical tracks can also hold special meanings to listeners.

Music can be an ever-present element in people’s lives, especially if they are musically-inclined. This is why developers created a way for listeners to contact the artists and works they love and like. The Resso app is one of the best platforms for music listening.


This application offers access to a tremendous library of tracks and albums, complete with additional perks that can make the user experience more worth it. This article will talk about Resso and what it has to offer.

Enjoy Music with Resso: Functions, Benefits, and More
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What is Resso?

The first thing to know about Resso is it is a music streaming application. However, unlike other audio streaming services, this app is integrated with social sharing, so users can easily share the music they love with people who matter.

Enjoy Music with Resso: Functions, Benefits, and More
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This application was developed by ByteDance, the creator of the social media platform TikTok. With Resso, the developers offer a new way to create and expand social networks. However, unlike TikTok, which uses audio and video, this app is focused on music.


The best thing about this application is its different functions as both a social media platform and a music streaming service. It contains a catalog of artists and their works that lets users listen to their favorite tracks and discover new ones.

This social music streaming app lets users follow the words to the song through built-in lyrics. The best thing is that the lyrics are synchronized with the audio so that users can sing along to their favorite songs.

Music as Expression

Aside from allowing users to better understand the songs, this application also lets them share their thoughts about them. It comes with a commenting and sharing function to allow users to express their appreciation.


The application also lets users share their interpretation of the tracks through text, GIFs, and videos. This offers users maximum freedom to express their thoughts through different mediums.

Plus, it allows sharing directly to their social media accounts, so they do not have to switch between applications to share their ideas.

How to Download Resso

Android and iOS users will be glad to know that this application is available on both platforms. It can be easily downloaded through the Play Store and the App Store, so they do not have to look for this application in other sources.

Enjoy Music with Resso: Functions, Benefits, and More
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It is free to download, and for only 108 megabytes, it is easy on storage. It is compatible with Android 5.0 and up, as well as iOS 11.0 and later. It is constantly being updated for improvements.

When installed and launched, this app requires users to grant permissions, including access to the Camera, Photos, Media, and Files, Microphone, Wi-Fi connection information, Storage, Phone, Location, Device ID, and call information, and Others.

While this application is free to download, it offers in-app purchases that provide additional features and functions to make users’ experiences much more valuable at minimal costs.

Premium Music Experience

Those who want to use this application to the fullest should check out the Premium plans offered by Resso. For a fee, users can experience an advertisement-free music listening session plus many other features.

It already offers an uninterrupted listening experience as it does not sandwich advertisements between songs and instead offers on-screen ads. The best thing is users have the option to remove it through a Premium subscription.

For a low price of INR 119, users can purchase Resso Premium, which is good for a month. It also offers a Student Plan for INR 59 and a Family Plan for INR 179. These plans remove the ad and enable offline listening.

More than Streaming

This application offers a listening experience that is more than just streaming. Yes, users can listen to music on-demand, just like other streaming services. What sets it apart is its curated playlist, which is based on the user’s interests.

Enjoy Music with Resso: Functions, Benefits, and More
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This application creates a playlist based on the user’s listening history, followed artists and works, and similar data. It offers a mix of favorite tracks and news ones that the user is bound to like and love.

Aside from a curated music experience, this also allows users to create their own playlists to add works they feel belong to their particular lists. These are available for streaming and download.

Resso also makes it a point to bring music listening to a whole new level. It offers high audio quality to ensure that the music is brought to listeners exactly as the creators wanted. It offers high-fidelity music for music lovers and audiophiles alike.

Comprehensive Music Categories

This application lets listeners find music they already love and ones they are sure to like through its easy-to-navigate categories. It offers different genres of music, including Bollywood, Indie, Chill, and many more.

With the variety of music types available on this app, users do not need to look further. To further expand users’ music prowess, Resso also suggests playlists similar to the user’s most listened to works.

It also lets people keep tabs on the hottest and latest hits. It curates a playlist of the Tip 30 hits on the platform and the trendiest 20 newly released tracks. This way, users can discover the most popular songs in real-time.

Connectivity and Connections

Resso lets users connect to the Internet and browse its available library. With this feature, users can easily look for the content they are searching for. Then, they can easily share it directly to their social media feeds on other platforms.

Enjoy Music with Resso: Functions, Benefits, and More
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This convenient connectivity allows users to seamlessly integrate their Resso usage using other social networking sites. This way, they can recommend their favorite tracks to their friends and family.

Moreover, the cross-platform sharing function lets users share their thoughts about certain tracks, albums, and artists to their connections on other platforms. This gives users a way to develop stimulating conversations and deep discussions about music and more.

The app has built-in features to let users choose where to publish their posts, giving them maximum control of what they share.

Reach Out to Like-Minded Individuals

The main attraction with Resso is the connectivity it offers. While other services merely let users share content they love onto other social networking platforms, this application took it to a different level and created its own platform.

Within the app, users can interact with members of the Resso community. They can post comments and reply to those posted by others. They can also react to such feedback by tapping on the like button.

This creates a sense of community not only for music lovers but for Resso users as a whole. It offers an opportunity to meet like-minded people, learn from their thoughts, and discover new music through their shares.

Accessibility and Convenience

The best thing about this application is users can access it wherever, whenever, as long as they have internet. As it brings together all kinds of music from different artists in one platform, users never have to look for anything more.

Enjoy Music with Resso: Functions, Benefits, and More
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This, combined with its clean and sleek user interface, individuals do not need to fumble around to find the song they are looking for. With just the touch of a button, they can key in the title or artist and search for the track.

As long as the song is in the app, it is sure to appear in the results. Having said that, the application does its best to provide a comprehensive selection spanning a wide variety of genres.

Because it is available on most Android and iOS devices, many smartphone and tablet users are guaranteed access to Resso and what it has to offer.

Offline Listening

One of the most important benefits offered by this application is the ability to listen to music offline. While other applications only allow on-demand listening while online, Resso lets users listen even without the internet.

This is possible through the download feature. Users can easily download albums, playlists, and songs by just tapping the download button. Then, they can access these songs even without connecting to the World Wide Web.

This feature makes it easy to listen to users’ favorite tracks wherever they are. They can enjoy music while running errands, commuting to and from work, doing chores, or while simply enjoying their moment alone.


Resso offers a music streaming experience that is more than just listening. It opens up an opportunity to learn, discover, share, and recommend music to people who share the same love for this art. With this app, music lovers are sure to thrive in a community of like-minded people. Who wouldn't want the opportunity to share their love of music?

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