Forbes Magazine - Users Have the World's Largest Business Magazine in Their Pocket with this App

If you are no longer reading the printed versions of magazines, you have to try their digital versions. Forbes magazine, one of the most well-read magazines worldwide, has its issues published on its mobile application platform.

The Forbes Magazine application contains the complete contents of its issues, so, you can easily access it from your phone. 


Read below to learn more about all the perks you can enjoy on the Forbes Magazine app. 

  • About Forbes Magazine
  • Tabs on Forbes Magazine Mobile App
  • Subscribing to Forbes Magazine
  • Perks of a Forbes Magazine Subscription
  • User-Friendly Navigation
Forbes Magazine - Users Have the World's Largest Business Magazine in Their Pocket with this App
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About Forbes Magazine

Forbes is an American business magazine that covers topics about investing, business, finance, and marketing. It secondarily covers stories about science, technology, politics, communication, and law. 

Forbes Magazine - Users Have the World's Largest Business Magazine in Their Pocket with this App
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Integrated Whale Media Investments and the Forbes family publish this magazine eight times per year. Forbes magazine is known for its rankings and lists such Forbes 400 for the wealthiest Americans, Forbes Global 2000 for the world’s top companies, and many more.


Forbes magazine was established in 1917 under the name Forbes: Devoted to Doers and Doings. It evolved through time and stuck with the name Forbes only as a magazine that publishes articles on the mentioned topics. 

In 2014, Integrated Whale Media Investments bought the majority of the stocks of Forbes magazine, and since then, they manage the publication. At present, the magazine has 27 language editions worldwide, such as Forbes China, Forbes France, Forbes Mexico, Forbes Thailand, and many more. 

Forbes Magazine Mobile App

The mobile app was launched in 2013 as a unique magazine app because you can easily access the Forbes website. It integrates the contents of print magazines and the dynamic and content-rich websites that are easy to share. 


You have to option to log in to an account, especially if you just plan to use the app with your free account. But, you can also create an account and still utilize the free version. The app will ask you to use an email to sign up, or you may connect your Facebook account for easy access. 

The Forbes mobile application is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. It is free to download, so you just have to search “Forbes Magazine” and click ‘Install’ or ‘Get’. 

Tabs on Forbes Magazine Mobile App

The app has an easy-to-navigate user interface with a sleek design in line with its branding and image. The mobile application has three primary tabs: Latest, Magazine, and Video. There are also the search button and setting options.

Forbes Magazine - Users Have the World's Largest Business Magazine in Their Pocket with this App

In the Latest tab, you can see Breaking News, Latest Stories, Features, and Most Popular content. These are stories or articles that you can freely read if you are interested because they will direct you to the Forbes website

The list of available stories or articles is viewed in a gallery style, so swipe left to check other stories. The app refreshes the list regularly. Breaking News focuses on news stories that are meant to inform the readers regarding timely, relevant events and information happening in the world.

Latest Stories features articles that are newly published about the usual scope and topic of the magazine. The most interesting facts or stories about individuals, events, or businesses are on the Features Tab. Lastly, the Most Popular tab has a list of articles most read by users of the app. 

Magazine and Video Tabs

The Magazine tab on the Forbes Magazine app shows the various issues of the printed magazine. It is shown in reverse chronological order of its publication date. Once you click on an issue, the app will let you see the preview of the magazine with the articles.

The articles are categorized according to their parts in the magazine: On the Cover, Sidelines, Fact & Comment, Frontrunner, Contrarian, Lists, and Features. If you only have the free account, you can still access a particular issue but with limited time only: three minutes. 

Some videos or other media are visible in the Videos tab. It includes some interviews, documentaries, or any media presentation. The videos range from one minute up to 10 minutes in length.

Subscribing to Forbes Magazine

Forbes made it easy to subscribe for a premium account on the mobile app. You can activate your subscription using your phones or through the website. You just need to enter the necessary information requested by the app. 

Forbes Magazine - Users Have the World's Largest Business Magazine in Their Pocket with this App
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Provide your complete name, complete address, city, state, country, zip code, and email address. After entering the information, you will be asked whether you want to send the other details in your email and other advertisements.

For the premium account, you can choose between an annual or monthly subscription. A monthly subscription costs $9.99, while a yearly subscription is $29.99. Connect a credit card or other payment means to complete your transaction. 

The subscription to the magazine entitles you to a premium experience on both the printed and digital versions of the magazines. Sign in using your account number to be registered as a premium subscriber on the mobile app. 

Renewing and Cancelling Subscriptions

One of the great features of the Forbes Magazine mobile app is that you can easily do the transactions through it when it comes to the renewal and cancellation of the subscription. You can find this on the Settings tab, which is on the upper right screen of the mobile app home screen.

Under the Subscriptions buttons, you can choose whether you want to activate, renew, or cancel your subscription. But, if you are more familiar with the Forbes website, you may opt to do the transaction there. 

Also, the application has a pre-made customer help option. Go to Subscription Help under the Subscriptions buttons on Settings. You can choose from a number of customer assistance options there, including canceling your subscription. Lastly, you can send a message directly to customer support.

Perks of a Forbes Magazine Subscription

There are a lot of perks and benefits when you subscribe to the premium account of Forbes Magazine. Primarily, you can enjoy all its contents from the convenience of your phone. 

Forbes Magazine - Users Have the World's Largest Business Magazine in Their Pocket with this App
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Accessibility and portability are what the mobile app offers to its users. You can access and read all the issues of Forbes magazine from your phone, so you can take your time to browse through the articles of your interest anywhere and anytime you want. 

The mobile app will unlock all the contents under the Magazine tab, so there will be no time limit. Also, if you have no internet access to the place you are headed, you can pre-download the issue you want to read. 

The magazine is in PDF format, so it means that it is easily readable, and also, you can navigate the size of the fonts of the articles or the images just by pinching out to zoom the screen. Lastly, you are allowed to take a screenshot of the parts of the magazine.

Sharing from the App

It is easy to share the screenshots that you have when you read the articles of the magazine. The app can be connected to your different social media accounts or any social platforms that you have. 

You can also use that feature whenever you want to read more on the topic because Forbes links their Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin accounts in the app. 

There will be more videos you can watch when you subscribe to the premium account. If you do not have the time to watch, you can pre-save or download the videos when you are free such as whenever you are on your ride to work, or you are idly waiting for the bus to come. 

User-Friendly Navigation

There are many more things in the Forbes Magazine app that you can explore and enjoy at the same time. Forbes value the time and interest of their readers and users. So, they made the app very user-friendly.

Forbes Magazine - Users Have the World's Largest Business Magazine in Their Pocket with this App
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In the Settings tab, some options can help you navigate through the entire application. It also has the answers to your usual questions through its App Help button and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) button.

For the FAQs, it will redirect you to an external website. The questions are categorized into three topics: Subscriptions, Purchases, and Reading. Indeed, they have answers to whatever question you have in mind.

The App Help button will help you directly contact their customer support whenever you encounter a problem. Options include namely In-App Purchases, App Store, Saving/Downloading Content, Sharing Content, and General Feedback.

Privacy Policy of the Forbes Magazine

MAZ Services power the Forbes Magazine app. Both Maz Services and Forbes promise that they treat all your personal information provided to the site and the mobile app as confidential and valuable. 

Even if people provide them personal information such as their name, address, and credit card number or bank accounts, they ensure that this information is not sold or handled by other parties. 


With the rise of digital media, even one of the most famous business magazines in the world conquered it through the Forbes Magazine mobile app. You can access all the magazine issues with a subscription to the magazine. 

Also, you can get hold of these issues on your phones whenever you want to explore or read them. Downloading the contents is also available in the application. Indeed, you can enjoy the magazine whenever or wherever you are.

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