Use the Aura App to Meditate and Fall Asleep Faster

With a global pandemic hovering over our heads and taking over our emotional space, our mental peace is taking an unprecedented hit. Being cooped up inside has left many of us frustrated, angry, and sad.

But along with the scary ill-effects of the pandemic, amazing technology has emerged to help us The online marketplace is filled with apps that help relieve stress and anxiety. And a frontrunner in this crusade is Aura, a wellness and meditation app.


Available for people of all ages, Aura’s guided sessions help people sleep and calm down. It aids in alleviating tension and increasing mindfulness in your life. The Aura app kills the mental chaos and pushes your mind towards the road to self-healing. 

Use the Aura App to Meditate and Fall Asleep Faster

Features of the Aura App

Aura has a number of features that make it a powerful all-in-one mindfulness tool. Some of these features include the following. 


Compatibility with Your Schedule

Aura takes into consideration different work schedules and attention spans, unlike most other meditation apps. It offers meditation sessions ranging anywhere from 3 to 30 minutes based on your convenience. 

Thus, it’s also a good platform for beginners to start their meditation journey on.

Gratitude Journals

Studies suggest that practicing gratitude greatly helps improve one's mental well-being. With this, Aura also offers a gratitude journal writing feature in which you can talk about little things you’re grateful for.


Personalized Experience with Machine Learning

Aura boats of its entirely AI-based technology that is very adept in recording your preferences and behavior in the app. Then, with the help of machine learning, it tailors the app features to suit your needs. 

The experience becomes more and more personalized as you use the app.

Lifetime Access to a Rich Meditation Library

Aura flaunts a massive and diverse library of meditation soundtracks and other content. With a premium subscription, you get lifetime access to mindfulness stories, tips from globally recognized life coaches, unguided meditation, and mental exercises. 

You can also vibe to nature and relaxation sounds like that of rain, animals, and forests.

How to Download the App

The app is available for free in the Google Play Store as well as the App Store for Apple smartphone users. Once you download the Aura app, you have to create a new account for yourself using your Facebook, Email, or Google account. 

It will ask for your name and a little introduction to better understand your habits. Based on this, you will get a list of meditation suggestions to select from, and an option for a custom habit. 

Price and Other Details

The app is free to use for everyone with limited access to 3-minute sessions every 2 hours. To get unlimited access to all Aura content, you need to buy a subscription. 

The app offers you yearly and lifetime access plans for $7.99 and $12.99 per month. You can also try the premium version out before buying with their 7-day free trial.

How it Works

Once the setup is complete, Aura starts by asking you how you are feeling from a number of options like okay, stressed, great, sad, etc. Then it recommends some 3-minute meditations based on your mood. 

Premium users can access 24/7 meditations of 3 minutes or longer, but trial users can only access a few each day. You can also save your preferred meditations in the paid version and find more in the ‘Explore’ option. 

The app also has a community section that lets you post to other apps to receive encouragement for your mental health goals. 

Benefits of Using the App

Aura is an all-around app that boosts your emotional and physical wellness in many ways. Aura has many videos that guide you through a meditation plan tailored to achieve peaceful sleep. 

It features soporific sounds, music, and stories as well. Regularly using Aura at night can improve sleep patterns and help cure insomnia. The guided meditation sessions produce a strong state of relaxation and help anchor the wandering mind to tranquility. 

The negative (and positive) thoughts constantly cluttering your mental space take a hiatus as you focus on your body. This eventually results in improved emotional well-being. 

Aura also comes with a digital mood tracker that helps you record and analyze your mood patterns. This makes it easier for you to witness your progress over time and plan your meditation sessions accordingly. 

Use the Aura App to Meditate and Fall Asleep Faster


Aura is a good app to begin your mindfulness journey with. However, the subscription rates are a little high and it’s important to see if it’s worth your investment. 

We recommend you start with the free version, and as you develop a habit of meditating, you can invest in the premium version.

Last updated on December 23rd, 2022 at 07:55 pm

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