Get Premium Cybersecurity With Sophos Antivirus

Sophos Antivirus

Many computers and laptops are now embedded with strengthened systems that help guard them against malicious attacks. Despite this, having an antivirus package installed on your system remains a necessity. This is where the Sophos Antivirus and its premium cybersecurity option comes in. In a time where cybercriminals and hackers remain rampant on the internet, … Read More

Pros And Cons Of The Ring Video Doorbell System

Pros And Cons Of The Ring Video Doorbell System

As technological advancements and developments take place, it appears that doorbell companies have been upping their game. In fact, thanks to technology, smart doorbell cameras are now taking over the world by storm. One of the most prevalent doorbell systems is Ring. In the past, doorbells were simply telltale signs that someone is at your … Read More

Reasons Why You Need A Private Internet Hotspot For Remote Work

Reasons Why You Need A Private Internet Hotspot For Remote Work

The internet has revolutionized the way various industries function. This has come with the existence of business process outsourcing (BPO) and has also altered the way workplaces are set up. In an age where almost everyone is interconnected via the internet, those who can work with minimal supervision while maintaining productivity can certainly perform their … Read More

AppLock: How To Protect Your Apps From Intruders

AppLock: How To Protect Your Apps From Intruders

No matter how much you protect and secure your smartphone against intruders, there will always be individuals who are willing to go the extra mile to gain access to your confidential files. From infiltrating your mobile applications to mining your data, hackers are now more adept at reaching your apps without your knowledge. Due to … Read More

Truecaller App: Caller ID and Spam Blocking App

Truecaller App

Stressing over a series of unwanted calls? No doubt, getting too many calls from spammers or telemarketers can be quite frustrating. Given the advancement of today’s technology, anyone can now reach your mobile number and ring your phone nonstop. Fortunately, with caller ID and spam blocking apps, such as Truecaller, you can now ditch the … Read More

Clean Master – Antivirus and Cell Phone Cleaner

Use Clean Master App

Android devices such as smartphones and tablets are often vulnerable to malicious spyware and adware. With the contents that you download online, you may not be aware that these are causing internal lags to your phone’s system. In addition to spyware, bulky apps and other files also slow down your device(s). Clean Master is a … Read More

How to Protect Your Phone Against Theft

How to Protect Your Phone Against Theft

Phone theft is prevalent in the U.S. In 2013, 3.1 million Americans were victims of smartphone theft, according to a Consumer Reports survey. Thus, you need to equip your smartphone with security features to prevent becoming a victim of this crime. There are many ways thieves carry out their dirty work. In the U.S., most … Read More

Wyze Cam for Computer Use: A Step-by-Step Free Download Guide

Wyze Cam for PC Windows Mac Free Download

Wyze Cam is a video surveillance app that allows users to watch live stream videos of CCTV footage on their smartphones. With this application, you can also replay recorded videos. Wyze Cam is the viewer app for the Wyze camera security system. If you already have the compatible cameras, then you simply have to log … Read More

How to Backup Your iPhone: An Easy Step-by-Step Guide

How to Backup iPhone

If you would like to learn how to Backup your iPhone, you are in the right place! Backing up your iPhone stores data like your images, messages, health data, files, apps, account setups, settings, and more. The content on your phone is important and should be handled as such. Backing up your phone ensures that … Read More

How to Remove an iCloud account from an Apple Device

remove icloud activation lock

If you do not know how to remove the iCloud activation lock, we can teach you the simple step-by-step process! If you need to remove the activation lock, this is the perfect article for you! The iCloud activation lock feature designed by Apple was created to prevent anyone else from using your Apple device in the … Read More