Mastercard RBC Cash Back: How to Get the Credit Card

The Mastercard RBC Cash Back offers a practical way to earn rewards on everyday purchases. This article delves into its features, guiding you through the application process and maximizing its benefits.

It's crucial to understand both the advantages and the responsibilities that come with this financial tool. By the end, you'll be well-equipped to decide if this card aligns with your financial needs.


Eligibility for the Card

Knowing if you meet the criteria before applying for the Mastercard RBC is essential. This section outlines who can successfully use it.

Applicant Requirements

Understanding the requirements is a crucial step in acquiring the card. Here's what you need to know:

  • Age: Must be of legal age in your province or territory.
  • Credit Score: A good credit score is typically required.
  • Income Level: Certain income thresholds may apply.
  • Residency: Must be a Canadian resident.
  • Banking Relationship: The existing banking relationship with RBC might be beneficial. Remember, meeting these criteria enhances your chances of approval.

How to Apply?

Applying for the card is a straightforward process. This section will guide you through the necessary steps to get your Mastercard RBC.


Application Steps

Getting your card involves a few key steps. Here they are:

  • Gather Documents: Have your identification and financial documents ready.
  • Online Application: Visit the bank's website to start the application.
  • Fill Out the Form: Provide all required personal and financial information.
  • Submit and Wait: After submission, wait for the bank's response.
  • Follow-up: If necessary, provide any additional information requested by the bank. It's essential to be thorough and accurate in this process to ensure a smooth application.

Card Rewards

The rewards system of this credit card provides real value for your expenditures. This section explains the cashback percentages and other benefits.

Cashback and offers

  • Grocery Cashback: Earn up to 2% on groceries.
  • General Purchases: Up to 1% cashback on other eligible purchases.
  • No Limits: Enjoy unlimited cashback on your spending.
  • Special Offer: Apply by December 6, 2023, for a 0.99% introductory rate on balance transfers and cash advances for ten months.
  • No Annual Fee: Save more with no yearly charges.
  • Security: Includes purchase security and extended warranty protection.
  • Additional Perks: Instant fuel savings at Petro-Canada and increased Be Well points at Rexall. The card is designed to make earning rewards both easy and convenient.

Additional Features

Linking your card to specific partners amplifies its benefits. Let's look at these additional features.


Partner Benefits

  • Petro-Canada Savings: Save 3¢/L on fuel and earn more Petro-Points.
  • Rexall Rewards: Earn 50 Be Well points per $1 on eligible purchases.
  • DoorDash Offer: Get a 3-month DashPass for free deliveries on orders over $15. These partnerships offer more ways to save and earn, enhancing the card's value.

Costs and Rates

Understanding the financial implications is crucial for managing your credit card effectively. Here are the key rates and fees.

Interest and Fees

  • Annual Fee: 0 annual fee, making it more accessible.
  • Additional Card: No cost for extra cards.
  • Purchase Interest: Set at 20.99%.
  • Cash Advance Rate: 22.99%, essential to consider for borrowing.
  • Transparency: These rates ensure you're fully informed about potential costs. Knowing these rates helps in making informed financial decisions.

Smart Use of Your Credit Card

Efficient use of your credit card is vital for reaping its maximum benefits. This detailed guide will help you navigate the best practices to enhance the rewards and maintain financial health.

Strategies for Maximizing Card Benefits

To make the most of your card, it’s essential to use it strategically. Here are comprehensive tips:

  • Timely Payments: Always pay your bill on time. This helps avoid extra interest and maintains a good credit score.
  • Total Balance Payments: Pay off the monthly balance to avoid interest charges.
  • Monitor Spending: Regularly check your account to track expenses and avoid overspending.
  • Budgeting: Use the card for planned purchases rather than impulsive buys.
  • Reward Maximization: Use the card for categories that offer the highest cashback, like groceries.
  • Special Offers: Take full advantage of any introductory rates or special deals.
  • Partner Programs: Utilize partner offers, like fuel savings at Petro-Canada, for additional savings.
  • Credit Utilization: Low your credit utilization ratio – it's good for your credit score.
  • Security Awareness: Be vigilant about the security of your card to prevent unauthorized use.
  • Educate Yourself: Stay informed about any changes in terms, conditions, or benefits of the card.

By adhering to these tips, you can effectively manage your finances while enjoying the rewards. It’s essential to balance the convenience of credit with responsible spending habits. Making informed decisions is critical to using your credit card to its fullest potential.

Support and Assistance

Having access to customer support is crucial for managing your card. If you're in North America, call 1-800-769-2512 for assistance. For queries outside North America, the number is 1-514-392-9167.

The main office address is Royal Bank Plaza, 200 Bay Street, Toronto, Ontario, M5J 2W7. These contact details ensure quick and efficient resolution of any issues, providing a smooth experience with your credit card.

Mobile App Access

Downloading the RBC Mobile App is a practical step for easy management of your account. It's available on Google Play and the App Store, catering to a wide range of smartphones.

With this app, you can monitor transactions, pay bills, and check your balance efficiently. Having the app on your phone ensures convenient and quick access to your account details, enhancing your experience with the credit card.

Common Questions Answered

Navigating the details of a credit card can raise questions. This section addresses frequently asked questions about the cashback features and usage.

  • What is the cashback rate for groceries? Up to 2% cash back is available on grocery store purchases.
  • Is there a limit to the cashback I can earn? No, there's no limit; you can earn unlimited cash back.
  • Are there any annual fees? The card comes with no annual fee.
  • How can I apply for this card? You can apply online or at a branch.
  • What is the introductory interest rate offer? There's a 0.99% initial interest rate for the first ten months on balance transfers and cash advances.
  • Can I track my expenses on the card? Yes, using the RBC Mobile App makes tracking expenses simple and efficient.
  • Is there a reward for using the card with specific partners? Yes, partner programs offer additional benefits like fuel savings and extra points.
  • What are the contact numbers for customer support? In North America, it's 1-800-769-2512; outside North America, it's 1-514-392-9167.

Understanding these aspects of your card can make your experience more rewarding and hassle-free.

Disclaimer: The information provided here, especially regarding offers and rates, is current as of the publication date and may change. It's crucial to consult the official RBC website or contact them directly for the most up-to-date and accurate information.

Concise Recap: Mastering the Mastercard RBC Cash Back Card

Understanding the Mastercard RBC cash back card is the first step to making it work for you. This summary covers everything from eligibility application to the benefits and smart usage tips.

Remember, efficient use and awareness of the card's features can significantly enhance your financial experience. Armed with this knowledge, you're now ready to navigate the world of cash-back credit cards effectively and confidently.

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