How to Download Instagram Videos Via Smartphone

Instagram is one of the fastest ways to share information. Whether it’s through Instagram videos or stories, there’s no denying that this social media platform reigns supreme in today’s modern world. As such, learning how to save and download Instagram videos using your smartphone is essential. 

Learning how to save Instagram clips can help you share and impart relevant content with your users and target audience, as well as boost your engagement and reach on the said platform. Plus, it gives you the chance to collaborate and interact with other users and content creators as well. 

If you are looking to download some of the most interesting, entertaining, and useful IG videos on your smartphone, you can do so through a number of ways. Take a look at some of these easy and effective methods below. 

How to Download Instagram Videos Via Smartphone

What are Instagram Videos?

Instagram videos are just video contents posted on your Instagram page. This is normally anywhere between three to 60 seconds long, making them come just after the Instagram Stories format which allots 15 seconds for posts. 

Some of the IG video content you might find on your feed and another user’s page are behind-the-scenes, stop-motion or time-lapse videos, tutorials and how-tos, and other seasonal topics. 


Ways to Download Instagram Videos

Using Google and SaveFromWeb Site

One of the easiest and most accessible ways you can download video content that has been posted by other individuals is simply by using Google and the help of a nifty website called SaveFromWeb. This website is dedicated to helping you save IG videos from any user, including your own. 

To use this, open the Instagram app on your phone and the  to user profile and or the specific video you wish to download. Bear in mind that the content you wish to save must be from a public profile or account, otherwise, the video will not be downloaded to your device. 

Once you have selected the clip you wish to download, tap on the three vertical dots found on the upper right corners of the post itself. Then, choose the ‘Copy Link’ option from the drop-down menu. The link will directly be copied to your phone’s clipboard. 

Proceed by opening your Google Chrome app and head to by typing this on the address bar. Upon loading, paste the IG video URL in the middle of the screen or the place provided. Do this by tapping and holding the text box and pasting the link. 

Click on ‘Download’ to proceed. This will open up to a preview of the clip in a new window. On the bottom right corn of the new page, tap in the three vertical downs and then click on ‘Download’ once more via the drop-down menu. 

Once the file download is finished, you can find a copy of the clip under the ‘Downloads’ folder of your device. 

Using a Third-Party App

Another popular option you may want to try out is using a third-party app such as the Video Downloader for Instagram or Quicksave for Android. For iOS users, you may use Quick Reposter or Story Reposter. You may also try out the Ingramer program for your device. 

Once you have installed these respective programs, all you need to do is head to the profile and video you wish to save. Then, click the three vertical dots found on the upper right hand of the post. On the drop-down menu, choose ‘Copy Link’ and it will instantly copy the clip’s URL to the clipboard. 

Then, tap the app you want to utilize. For this guide, we’ll be using Video Downloader for Instagram as an example. Click on ‘Allow’ to provide permission to the app to access your photos, media, and files. 

Paste the link of the clip. However, in most instances, the said application will instantly detect the URL that you wish to save. Then, choose the ‘Share’ icon located on the right side of your screen and then tap on ‘Download Image.’ This will prompt the program to download the clip. 

After following these steps, you’ll find the downloaded clips on your InstaDownload folder. 

How to Download Instagram Videos Via Smartphone

The Bottom Line

Now that you how to download Instagram videos on your smartphone, you can now save and share these clips anytime you wish. With these tools, you can make or repost content that will give you the engagement you need.