Google Raisr: What It Is and How It Works

Nobody can deny the effectiveness of visual content in e-learning or social posts. More than mere texts, people are drawn to images, videos, and other visuals like GIFs. Quality plays an important role here, as most web users want to see high-quality photos or videos.

With this, Google is brewing something to easily enhance images on the web. The Google Raisr, or Rapid and Accurate Image Super-Resolution, provides new techniques to curate high-quality versions of low-resolution photos.


This new technology attracts a lot of interest from tech scientists and the web industry as a whole. In this article, we’re going to find out what this technology is, and how it can transform visual content on the web.

Google Raisr: What It Is and How It Works
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Importance of Visuals

There are a lot of studies stating the importance of images in memory retention and recall.

A lot of companies even use images as bait to promote users to visit a particular website, video, and other content.


The truth is, visual content attracts a broader audience. Social posts get higher returns with the integration of high-quality images and artworks, to get likes, shares, follows, visits, clients, and revenue as a whole.

Image and Video Sharing Trends

With this, a lot of companies specializing in image and video sharing are in-demand. In addition to Canva, Pixabay, Unsplash, and public domain pictures, business owners also pay visual artists to curate the best images to post online.

Photos provide imagery that marketers use to increase their reach and enhance the brand. By incorporating quality images, people are more eager to follow content, broadening the influence of a particular brand or company.


The Rise of Google Raisr

Google Raisr: What It Is and How It Works

While Raisr isn’t complete yet, Google scientists claim that this technology provides instant photo enhancement using machine learning.

Photos get sharper results, better than the available super-smooth resolution methods available.

Advantages of Google

Google also said that its software avoids creating alias artifacts that exist in the lower resolution image.

Traditional methods of enhancing photos involve blowing up new pixel areas to make it smooth.

The said method is fast, yet the overall quality of the image isn’t good. Plus, the details aren’t fine when images are enlarged. Raisr is different, as the system is trained to pair low and high-quality images.

Filters and More

The system also uses filters to choose the best pixel neighborhood of the low-resolution photo, then create more resolution to make it better.

To put it simply, Raisr is using what it learned from other photos to make an educated guess as to what a high resolution would look like.

Important Things to Note

The technology will determine the missing pixel area, then recreate the details comparable to the original high resolution. Doing so provides significant improvement to the linear and bicubic interpolation methods.

High resolution is rolling out to the Google+ social network on Android devices this coming November.

Google said they use up to 75 percent less bandwidth on large images. The process involves the Raisr system requesting a fraction of pixels from Google’s servers and restoring the image in full glory.

New Things

Google Raisr: What It Is and How It Works
Image Source: Get Google

The Raisr technology was first introduced to the market in December, and it was used for transforming videos exported from the popular mobile app called Motion Stills, to the Live Photos feature.

The Motion Stills app (available on both the Google Play Store), for those not familiar, is an app that allows users to make use of Google's advanced stabilization and rendering technology.

It lets users take their short videos and images recorded on their mobile phones and turn these into gifs and other cinemagraphs.

Now, Raisr is being used for Android users then enticing more people to use the technology to wide social networks.

Bottom Line

High-quality images provide traction to posts, whether via social or web settings. It lures people to the post, increases their interest, and then engages them. More than user engagement, visuals are also effective in retaining readers and followers.

Google Raisr will surely transform how content creators and marketers work. Without needing additional software to enhance images, they can publish quality visuals to get more reach.

Last updated on November 18th, 2022 at 06:17 pm

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