Keep Tasks Organized with the Any.Do App

Daily activities can become very demanding for anyone. From teenagers to adults, work at home and in the office requires a good structure to be carried out correctly. Managing daily tasks and activities are why to-dos are essential.

Having a manual to-do list on a book, for example, might be enough. But with more tasks comes more responsibilities. Imagine having to assign tasks to people, make sure they are carried out, and even sort out your own tasks! A more powerful tool might be required to help with all these.


Shared in this article is one of the most used and powerful task organizers. Any.Do is a powerful task management tool that works on multiple platforms like Android, iOS, Windows PC, Mac, Web, and have integrations with voice inputs such as Alexa, Google Assistant, Siri, and many more. This article talks about what to know about the Any.Do app.

Keep Tasks Organized with the Any.Do App

Main Features

Any.Do has lots of features to help its users with their activities. For that reason, for an easy breakthrough, the features will be taken one after the other.



It allows the listing of activities and placing priorities on them. This can be achieved by typing the activities in a random order, if you will, and dragging the important ones to the top however you want it. 

When done, you are notified about these tasks when they are due. Tasks can be snoozed if required too.

To-Do List

Any.Do allows you to create, delete, edit, share, and assign tasks to anyone. It comes with a suggestive text feature and integrates voice inputs like Siri, Google Assistant, and Amazon Echo. You can also place color tags on tasks signifying priority or to suit your taste.


Activities can be synced with all your devices, so you remain up-to-date with whichever device you are using at any particular time. Another good thing is that you can track your activities or the activities assigned to someone with time.

Grocery List Feature

Easily create your shopping list, and categorize them. It even categorizes items based on the kind of food they fall under. For instance, typing in “Egg” places egg automatically into Diary.

You can also copy recipes that you find online, move them to your clipboard, and add them to your list. Included in this feature is the ability to share your grocery list with friends and family.

Calendar Feature And Assistant

Any.Do allows you to assign activities to your calendar. You get notifications on important dates, activities, dates that are important to you. You can also integrate with your Facebook calendar and get updates from there as well.

This feature enables users to send tasks to their assistants. App.Do serves as a link between the people making to-dos and those handling and assigning the to-dos.

How To Use It

The Any.Do app has a sleek user interface and design that is easy to use. On opening the app, four slots are on the homepage categorizing activities by days. They are “Today,” “Tomorrow,” “Upcoming,” and “Someday.” 

To create tasks by days to perform them, click the plus (+) button on each slot's right side. That takes you to a new page, where you type in an activity/task and added to your daily task. 

You can shuffle tasks in order of priority, place them by time, and track/monitor them as well. By clicking on the navbar at the top right corner of the homepage, you instantly see components of various features.


Among the components are Personal, Work, Grocery list, Priority, which gives you a range of classification and management of your activities. The bar below also has three options. The “Tasks,” “Calendar,” and “Settings.” 

The tasks option is the default, the Calendar option gives you access to link your calendar to your tasks, and the Settings give you a range of personalization for the app, user settings, and much more.

You can check out the video here below summarizing its features.

How To Download

To download the Any.Do app, go to the Google Play Store or Apple store. After searching for “App.Do,” click on the app and agree to the app's requirements. After that, you are just one installation away.

It has a free version but no free trial. For Premium users, which offers lots of more features to try out, the price is $2.99 /month for annual billing, $4.49/month, billed every six months, and $5.99/ month for monthly billing.

Keep Tasks Organized with the Any.Do App


To correctly manage your tasks, you need a task handler powerful enough to cater to your needs. Therefore, you should check out the Any.Do app today!

Last updated on December 23rd, 2022 at 07:54 pm

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