Remini App - See How to Get Quality in Photos

Are you feeling blue because of the blurred photos you took during your vacation? Pick up your phone because you have a pool of options to choose from to enhance and fix those photos. Photo enhancer applications are in demand nowadays. 

In an age where image manipulation is at the fingertips of everyone through technology, the only thing in question is the quality of the result. If you are looking for an application where you can edit your photos with the assurance of their quality, the Remini App is out there for you to explore.


Remini is an online photo enhancer application that can provide you with a high-resolution version of your low-quality image as well as videos. Its primary feature is to enhance the clarity of the photos. Learn more about this application and its offerings.

Remini App - See How to Get Quality in Photos
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Photo Enhancing Application

Since its launch in 2019, Remini gained attention from many for its state-of-the-art Artificial Intelligence for generative technology. People’s interests were piqued by the quality of the enhanced photos that the application produces. 

Remini App - See How to Get Quality in Photos
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Remini's main feature is its professional film production-like image enhancing and restoration. The application can enhance old photos and low-quality photos to a high definition; even blurred photos can be turned into clear ones. 


If you have old photos of your parents or grandparents whom you have not seen in real life, Remini will bring those photos back to life by sharpening them and improving their clarity. Also, the photo enhancer application can colorize those sepia or black-and-white photos that you have. With its technological competitiveness, the accuracy of the result is high and amazing.

Aside from colorizing the photos alone, the old camera-taken photos look like the latest mobile phone camera-taken photo. One will have a difficult time distinguishing when these images were taken. This is why over 10 million users love this application. 

Video Enhancing Tool

Remini offers photo enhancer features and video enhancing tools that are rare to find for a free mobile phone application. This is one of Remini's advantages; you will have to look very hard to find a similar service in another application. 


Through the application, you can repair blurred videos. It allows you to replay your file in slow motion and make each frame clear. Thus, when played it back, it will now have sharper and clearer video quality.

It also gives you the power to play the video on a large display without compromising the quality. It doesn't matter what device you want to use to play your video; you can be assured that your video's quality will be exceptional.

Easy-to-Use Features

Remini app frees you from the hassle to manually manipulate your image to improve it. The application does the task for you on its own. With just a finger tap, you can do the enhancing and wait for a minute or so. Voila! You will have the best version of your selected photo.

Remini App - See How to Get Quality in Photos
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You can choose to upscale the size of the photo without losing the quality. The tendency of photos when enlarged is to be pixelated, but with Remini, all photos below 2080 x 2080  pixels are improved. Remini automatically upscale your photos even if you are not making use of this feature specifically.

With the Enhance feature, you can quickly improve your mobile phone-taken photo or internet photos. It optimized photos for highlighting sharper backgrounds and better facial textures. It refines all the details in the photo and removes unnecessary nuisances. Lastly, it detects strange-looking and blurred pixels and turns them into clear pixels. 

Got the printed photo in your wallet folded and creased? You can use one of the common features of the application, which is the DeScratch. It detects the cracks, small or big scratches, and breaks on the photos. You have to scan the photo and let the application do its magic, and the result can be the same as the original or sometimes even better. You can reprint it again to have a hard copy. 

Quality Video Features

Aside from photo enhancing, Remini has a video enhancing service. Basically, it makes blurred portraits in the video sharp and clear. However, the application does not only have that. You can do quirky and fun videos that are highly creative.

If you do not like the usual moving shots in your videos, you can add color to them. Through the Animate feature, you can convert the videos into an animation. In just a few minutes, you can have an entirely different video.

Also, you can convert your video into slow-motion by using the SlowMo feature. Your normal speed video would have the same quality if the application did not detect any need to enhance. It is like a two-in-one feature -- letting you reduce your video's speed and improve its quality at the same time.

Photo Transformation

The Remini application offers photo transformation options besides its enhancing features. There are ready-made choices for you, from sketches to paintings and others. In two-steps, you can achieve this amazing transformation. The first step is to select an image from your gallery, and step two is to choose one of the available photo transformation features in the application.

Remini App - See How to Get Quality in Photos
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The photo transformation option is a Paint feature where your image will look like a painting. Another style is the Oil Painting feature, similar to the previous feature, but it specifically transforms the photo into an oil painting. The colors present in the original photo will remain as the application will let you see the transformation process through a short video. However, you can only download the image format. 

Fan of sketches? You can transform your photos into this kind of work of art. Use the Sketch feature to turn your images, portraits, and snaps into a sketch. You can choose the sketch style that fits best with your quality photo. There is also the Manga Bleach feature wherein you can transform your portrait photo into a Manga-style sketch. It works best for photos with a frontal face view for better focus. 

In Remini, you can change your photo's color to best suit the feels and vibe you are trying to achieve. Colorize feature allows you to add and remove the color in your chosen image. People use it to colorize the photos taken in black-and-white like the vintage ones. This could bring color to photos that previously were only available in grayscale.

Moving Images

Turn your static photos into moving and alive gifs or short clips, with the following features in Remini. Try the Draw Me feature by first selecting a portrait photo of yours, and the application will provide you a drawing version of that portrait. It also gives you the chance to watch the process of transformation through a short clip in which you can download it in a gif format.

Your selfie can be a moving portrait in the Blink feature. The AI technology will make your still image move in the form of blinking. Even if you do not know how to blink, Remini will do the magic for you. 

Show your friends how you would look if you are photographed back in the 80s or 90s. The retro feature will transform your photo into a retro-style image with the color grading, frames, style, and quality. The before and after short clip can be seen as well for easy comparison. 

Costs and Packages

The application is basically free and provides cost-friendly plans for premium accounts in addition to its long list of quality features. You can experience the perks through monthly billing.

Remini App - See How to Get Quality in Photos
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The application is free to download and offers you free usage in its features. With the basic account, you can have five daily quotas. It means that you can transform and enhance five photos or videos per day which you can freely download by watching an advertisement. 

If you wish to subscribe, you can avail of the premium package starting from $5 monthly, but the prices are discounted if you sign up for longer packages. Like with the three-month plan, get a 30% discount and a 50% discount on the annual plan. 

Regardless, all packages include unlimited use without the daily quota, 5 Pro cards renewable monthly, and you can enjoy the application free from advertisements.

Installing Remini

The application can be downloaded anywhere in the world through the Google Playstore and App Store. You have to search for “Remini - Photo Enhancer.” This is free to install on your mobile devices. 

Upon installing, you will be prompted to sign in using an email account or a social media account to link your Remini Account. Then, you can set up your profile with your basic information.

The billing information will only be asked when you clicked the “Subscribe” button. In any case of payment transaction issues, customer support is ready to assist you through the “Feedback” button.


Even though there are a lot of photo enhancer applications available, Remini remains a standout application. With its users growing by the day since 2019, it is proof that they try to live with their tagline “Clearer, Closer.”

Its free-to-use and easy-to-use features as a photo and video enhancer tool make it a great choice for all people. On top of that, the superior AI generative technology that it has for the users to enjoy is a great bonus.

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