Socratic by Google - Check Out the Study Guide Containing Videos, Guidelines, and More

Are you having a hard time with your schoolwork? Can't find online resources to answer your assignments? Socratic by Google will help you get unstuck with those difficult and tricky questions. 

It is a learning application supported by Google Artificial Intelligence technology to find solutions to your homework. It can cater to high school and university-level queries.


Learn about how Socratic by Google can help you complete your assignments and know more about what it offers. 

Socratic by Google - Check Out the Study Guide Containing Videos, Guidelines, and More
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AI-Powered Socratic by Google 

Since its launch in 2017, Socratic has garnered interest from users because it lends a hand to students while they are doing their school work. If you are stuck on a question, simply type your question into the application - and let Socratic do its magic. The application will try to give you the most relevant answer with an explanation and some extra resources. 

Socratic by Google - Check Out the Study Guide Containing Videos, Guidelines, and More
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A few months after the initial launch, Google took the application over and decided to improve its functions. Google focused on integrating heavy AI algorithms into Socratic. Now, it can answer questions through voice and pictures across different subjects. Due to its revamp, it has been relaunched as Socratic by Google.


The improved version of the application uses Optical Character Recognition which allows Socratic by Google to read photos of the questions. It is helpful for mathematical problems as you will not have to type the equations. You can take a snap of it and upload it on the application, and it will automatically provide you the answer with solutions, explanations, and additional resources.

Aside from photos, you can read your questions. The application can analyze recordings through its speech recognition feature. It works best for lengthy queries and in case you do not have a good quality camera. The AI will try its best to translate your speech to text to find the answers in the algorithm.

Availability on Phone

The application is compatible with all mobile devices; you can install it for free by downloading it from the Google Play Store or App Store. You have to sign in to your Google account or create an account using a Google email. 


Android and iOS systems support the application; for the application to run smoothly, you will have to allow the device’s camera, voice recorder, and font system. Regardless of the phone model, it works with Socratic by Google because the only requirement is an internet connection. After all, it is an online application.

Socratic by Google has no in-app purchases or subscription plans so that you can enjoy all the free features. This application mainly wants to provide students with homework assistance.

Available Topics on Socratic by Google

As mentioned, the application caters to high school and university level students. The topics available ranges from mathematics, languages, sciences, humanities, and others. You do not need to worry because most of the general subjects are covered by Socratic by Google. 

Socratic by Google - Check Out the Study Guide Containing Videos, Guidelines, and More
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Teachers and experts make the content of the application to assure the information's quality and accuracy. The team partnered with education institutions and other academic organizations to support creating the guides, explanations, answers, and additional supplementary materials for each topic. 

Since experts approve its quality, millions of users trust the application as a learning aid. It received good reviews from parents as it is deemed useful for their children’s schoolwork because it does not only do the questions for them but also provides explanations to help understand the specific topic. 

Regardless of your major in college or high school subjects, you can search for the solutions to the problems from your workbooks and worksheets on Socratic by Google. Whether you are looking for a general topic or a specific one, you will get what you need.

Specific Topics

At present, there are four main general topics that the Socratic by Google application offers to its users. These are Science, Mathematics, Social Science, and Humanities. The developers are continually finding ways to expand the topics in the application.

There are sub-branches for each general topic. The available subtopics for Science are Anatomy and Physiology, Astronomy, Astrophysics, Biology, Chemistry, Earth Science, Environmental Science, Organic Chemistry, and Physic. Meanwhile, Psychology is offered under Social Science. 

You can browse Geometry, Pre Algebra, Algebra, Pre Calculus, Calculus, Statistics, and Trigonometry in the Mathematics section. For the Humanities, you can review your knowledge of English Grammar and the US and World History.

Finding Answers on Socratic by Google

In just a few easy steps, you can solve the mathematical problem that you have been working on for hours. Socratic by Google simplifies the ways to find the answer and simplifies the solutions for you. It is known to provide the best brief explanations on the topic of inquiry.

Socratic by Google - Check Out the Study Guide Containing Videos, Guidelines, and More
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You have three ways to find the answers on the application. To give Socratic by Google your questions, your options are taking a photo of a problem, typing it out, or using the voice input. 

For the photo input, you must allow the application to access your phones. Then, tap the Photo Camera to snap the problem. To capture the specific question only, you may use the crop feature by dragging the corners. Lastly, tap the Go button to analyze the photo.

By clicking the Search button, you will type in the question manually. The application will analyze the input, and you can browse through the possible explanations to your question. You may also choose to use the Mic button wherein the Socrates by Google will translate your words into text and analyze it eventually.

Other Features of Socratic by Google

The application is student-friendly, or it is easy to navigate. It acknowledges that students need simple and efficient ways to find answers to their questions. Upon signing in, the interface will welcome you to the Home Page, which has all the button-options to ask your questions. It requires minimum effort to explore the application. It is as simple as “Search” and “Go” steps.

Aside from simplifying the application's navigation, Socratic by Google tries to break down complex answers into relatively easy to comprehend and understand explanations. It provides brief yet on-point descriptions of the answers to the questions. Sometimes, it includes other general trivia or knowledge regarding the topic and techniques on how to solve equations efficiently. 

Socratic by Google offers you several possible answers to your questions and connects you to many types of problem-solving websites. This is for you to counter-check the solution provided if you are confused or doubtful. It assures that you can find accurate answers to your queries. Lastly, there are other credible external links on the same topic in the explanation given if you wish to read more on it.

Study Guides on Socratic by Google

The application does not only answer your schoolwork questions, as this is a study and learning app. It aims to help the student understand the topics more comprehensively as supplementary material for learning. Meaning it serves as a tool that enhances students' prior understanding of a given or specific topic.

Socratic by Google - Check Out the Study Guide Containing Videos, Guidelines, and More
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Since the Socratic by Google is quality-assured by experts, you can expect that all the contents are appropriate to the level of the understanding of students. Also, there is a wide range of topics covered. The application offers study guides for students on the general and specific topics available.

The study guide contains the necessary information of the topics -- definitions, rules, history, application, and many more. The application provides visual presentations such as infographics to summarize the necessary details of a topic or diagrams and process flow to describe procedures and steps. This helps the student to remember the topic’s important information.

Also, the study guides contain a list of reference links and materials about the specific topic. If you wish to delve deeper into the topic, you can click on this link and read on. This makes the study guides comprehensive yet straightforward. They allow the students to learn on their terms.

Videos on Study Guides

As a visual study application, Socratic by Google offers you videos to further understand a topic. If you are a visual and auditory learner, this perfectly fits you. This is to cater to more students who are used to learning visually while listening. 

There are embedded videos available on the application. These videos range in length depending on the topic. If you have a short attention span, then you may opt to watch short clips. For example, you want to know how to solve a problem using a specific formula; you can learn it through the video explaining the process of computations.

Should there be a need to explore more on the topics, you can click on the Youtube links with video lessons on the same topic. The application got it all for you by compiling all the necessary supplementary materials to use.


If you are stuck on a particular problem with your assignment and having a hard time with online resources, then the Socratic by Google application is what you needed. It will help you answer all your academic questions on topics about sciences, mathematics, and social sciences.

You will not only get answers from the application but also use it as a study application where you can explore the study guides available. This will help you understand the topic more comprehensively through the provided visual presentations and supplementary materials.

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