Application to Improve the Internet Speed - Learn How to Download for Free

Having an internet connection was considered a luxury in the past. However, the integration of the internet in almost all aspects of life made this tool more of a necessity. For many people, such a connection is essential in the professional and personal aspects of their lives.

What makes having an internet connection a hassle is when it falters. Getting slow speeds can be a huge setback, especially when using it for important matters. When this happens, users will be glad to know that there is a quick and easy fix.

The Net Optimizer application is a great way to improve internet speeds. It uses effective tools that can give users more stable connections. This article will tackle everything about this app, and how you can download it for your device.

  • About Net Optimizer
  • Downloading Net Optimizer
  • Easy Navigation and Operation
  • Boosts Connection Across Different Sources
  • Reduces Latency
  • Tips for Using Net Optimizer

About Net Optimizer

To put it simply, Net Optimizer is an app to improve internet speeds. It is designed to boost the bandwidth of any smart device capable of running the application. With the help of this program, users can browse the net faster and minimize ping.


It offers a fast and convenient way to address slow connections while letting users make the most of what they pay their internet service provider. It is easy to operate, effective for most devices, and flexible.

Application to Improve the Internet Speed - Learn How to Download for Free
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Using this application can make watching videos, scrolling through social media feeds, and uploading content a breeze. It also helps working individuals attend virtual meetings, work collaboratively online, and keep communication lines open without minimal fail.

All features of this program are geared toward giving users a more positive internet experience without any hassle. It has different techniques to improve connections which even the least tech-savvy individuals can use.


How it Works

This application uses different tools to make sure that users get the best internet connection. The primary tool that enables the app to do this is the Domain Name System (DNS). It connects to the best DNS server to improve bandwidth performance.

It optimizes the device’s DNS records, which makes it possible to find the quickest routes for data packets to take. With the fastest paths, data can reach users from the source to their device.

Downloading Net Optimizer

Installing this app onto any compatible mobile device is easy. One thing to remember is it is only available for Android devices, so users can only get it from the Google Play Store. It requires Android systems with versions 4.1 and up.


It currently has 5 million downloads, showing just how popular this application is. To find it in the Play Store, just search the name of the app and look for the one offered by BGNmobi Network Technologies.

Application to Improve the Internet Speed - Learn How to Download for Free
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Keep in mind that using this application requires users to grant permissions. To enable the program to do its work, it needs access to Wi-Fi connection information, device & app history, photos/media/files, storage, and others.

Moreover, it requires overlay permission to allow the app to show a pop-up to prompt Auto-Optimize connections.

In-App Purchases

This application is free to download. Users can also use it without spending anything. However, it offers in-app purchases that provide additional and exclusive features.

The items cost $0.99 to $79.99 for a VIP membership, which can be purchased monthly or annually. These items let users unlock more optimal servers and more options. Purchasing a VIP membership provides pro features such as No Ads, 24/7 customer service.

Users can purchase these items through Google Pay right from the app itself. Users can connect their preferred payment method to the Google Play Store.

Easy Navigation and Operation

The main selling point of this application is that it is easy to use. It gives users the ability to manually look for available servers, making it a great choice for tech-savvy individuals. It can also automatically look for such options, so it is friendly for people unfamiliar with the technology.

Application to Improve the Internet Speed - Learn How to Download for Free
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While it can be used manually and automatically, allowing beginners and more seasoned users to use it with ease, it also has a clear and simple interface for convenient use. It features a single button that lets users activate the app.

Aside from the one-touch operation, this application has easy-to-use, well-defined tabs. Beside the auto-connect tab is the manual connection menu which shows the status of the optimizer and the connection type.

To help users pick the right server, each item is clearly labeled complete with the DNS and projected latency.

Free Trial

As mentioned, the paid version of the app offers a much better experience compared to the free version as it does not have advertisements and offers more immediate support.

For individuals who have reservations about spending money on this app, the good news is it offers a free trial mode for three days. This gives users an opportunity to try out what premium features the application has to offer.

Then, should they find it a valuable addition to their smart devices, they can make the move to purchase a VIP membership.

Boosts Connection Across Different Sources

People can connect to the internet through different routes including Wi-Fi and mobile data. For those who are worried about this app using whichever connection they have, they will be glad to know that it works across different sources.

Application to Improve the Internet Speed - Learn How to Download for Free
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Users can use this to improve their Wi-Fi connection and 3G, 4G, or 5G data. To know what type of connection they use, they can simply go to the app and check the status.

According to the developer, this application provides a 132.1% improvement when using Google’s DNS servers compared to stock servers. While this may sound good, actual usage can offer a different experience such as minimal increases in browsing time.

Keep in mind that each use case is different because of different service providers, devices, and other similar factors, so results may vary. Moreover, remember that the use of this service can increase data usage as the app looks for the best path for data packets to pass through.

Wide Server Support

To provide the best improvements, the application supports connections to different DNS servers available on the platform.

It can connect to Cloudflare, Level3, Verisign, Google, DNS Watch, Comodo Secure, OpenDNS, OpenNIC, SmartViper, Dyn, FreeDNS, Alternate SNS, Yandex DNS, UncensoredDNS, puntCAT, and more.

Reduces Latency

Gamers who are suffering from slow internet can try to improve their connection using Net Optimizer. It can affect their performance inside the game due to latency, which causes lags and delays.

Application to Improve the Internet Speed - Learn How to Download for Free
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This application helps users connect to a DNS server that offers the least latency. Users have the opportunity to choose the best option as it provides details including how many microseconds of delay the server has. It even shows the DNS name and IP address of the server.

The best thing is users can connect to one server to test its performance. Should they find themselves unsatisfied with the connection, they can switch to another server to see how it fares.

No-Lag Gaming Experience

When connected to the right DNS server, gamers can enjoy a no-lag gaming experience thanks to minimal latency. This can result in better performance due to fewer lags and delays.

Keep in mind that some games ban users that utilize DNS changers and services such as virtual private networks (VPNs).

Tips for Using Net Optimizer

For general use such as browsing and watching videos, users do not have to worry about using DNS changers such as Net Optimizer. So, activating the app and using it for these purposes is safe.

Application to Improve the Internet Speed - Learn How to Download for Free
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To find the best connection, make sure to choose the server with the lowest latency. This means that it has less lag and delay. It can also improve browsing times.

When not in use, make sure to deactivate the connection. This way, you can conserve your remaining data for use next time.

Moreover, keep in mind that this application does not boost download and upload speeds. What it can do is find the best path for data packets so that they can reach your device faster, which is far from improving download and upload speeds.

Check Bannable Offences for Games

For gamers, it is only smart to look for things that can get you banned in applications, especially competitive games. Many of these apps have anti-cheat mechanisms, which consider using DNS changers and VPNs as cheating.

Other bannable offenses can include third-party applications such as crosshair assistance and docking keyboards and mouse, unsafe emulators, hacks, and modifiers.


A slow internet connection can result in a lack of productivity, ruined social media experience, and delays in receiving messages. This can also result in poor gaming performance for gamers, especially highly competitive ones.

Users can fight these effects with the help of Net Optimizer. By letting them connect to low-latency DNS servers, they can experience fast web browsing times and more.

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