Application to Teach Children to Read - How to Download and Use

Research tells us that reading is a fundamental skill that should be learned at a very young age. Children who learn how to read at an early age are able to identify things around them and allow them to connect between different life experiences.


This helps children create a pathway that will help increase their learning capacity by the time they enter preschool age. Learning vital skills and information at an early stage in life is very important for young children.

Parents should encourage early reading habits in their children even if it is just about reading the letters of the alphabet. In this article, we share with you an app that can help you jumpstart your child's reading comprehension from a young age: Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle.

  • About Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle
  • Getting Started
  • Learning Words
  • The Importance of Early Literacy for Young Children
  • Benefits of Early Reading
  • The benefits of early reading.
Application to Teach Children to Read - How to Download and Use
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About Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is a mobile app that teaches your child the fundamentals of reading.

Application to Teach Children to Read - How to Download and Use
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Learning should always be a fun and rewarding experience, especially during their formative years. This is why Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is the most ideal learning app for your child.


The app focuses on both identifying spoken words as well as reading them and is packed with features and games that will teach your child how to read through forming letters and different exercises.

How and Where to Download

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is available to download for mobile devices. Launch the Google Play Store if you have an Android device and search for the title. Tap ‘Install’ to begin the download. Wait until the app finishes its download and installation. Tap ‘Open’ to launch the app and begin using the app.

Do note that the app is currently recommended for children up to 8 years of age. The app is available for free to download and use, but users can subscribe to a paid full version for $2.99.

For iOS users, you can find the app on the App Store by searching ‘Kids Learn to Rea‪d’ and selecting the option by the developer Intellijoy. Then press ‘Get’ to install onto your device.

Getting Started

Upon launching the app, you can immediately start lessons for your child.

Application to Teach Children to Read - How to Download and Use
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The app will have three main options including an option to make words, learning how to blend, and learning how to read. Each main option will be divided into two sections and you can read each section below for further description.

The app features a warm and kind narrator that will instruct the kids on what to do with each section. Parents should help to guide their child through this section and once the game is chosen, you can let your child play it on their own.

Make Learning Fun

Learning has never been this fun with the help of Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle. We all know kids have short attention spans and this can affect how they learn new things.

This is why the app incorporates a lot of fun and colorful animations that will entice and capture your child's attention and allow them to learn to read. The fun and colorful experience within the app keeps your child focused on the lesson at hand and should assure you that your child is having a great time learning new things.

For those who want their child to learn or practice the names of the letters or learn the sounds of the alphabet, it is highly recommended to download the other apps from within the same series.

Learning Words

Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle is packed with features and is divided into six different sections. Each section has its own fun game for the child to learn.

Application to Teach Children to Read - How to Download and Use
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Every section on the app is designed to help children read and have fun while doing so with the help of positive reinforcement from the teacher.

These fun and colorful games help them understand how the words are read from left to right and teach them how each sound is blended with others to make the word.

With a lot of positive reinforcement from the app, the potential for frustration from your child is rather low and provides a very rewarding experience.

Main Features

The app provides subsections of learning games for your child. The Magic Letter Bridge teaches the child how to blend letter sounds into words by moving Tommy across the bridge. Meanwhile, Skateboards and Helmet allow children to practice reading by asking them to fit Tommy into the corresponding animal friends.

Turn the Blocks helps with the child's creativity while also testing their vocabulary by turning blocks into letters. World Ball teaches children to identify spoken words by hitting the right ball that has the exact word on it.

Word Magic teaches word families by filling the pot with the corresponding potion that has the word. And lastly, Rocket Words allows the children to practice word families by assembling them over a rocket that launches into space when solved properly.

The Importance of Early Literacy for Young Children

Children who are introduced to reading at an early age tend to excel in school compared to others who are not exposed to reading before school.

Application to Teach Children to Read - How to Download and Use
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Even talking and singing can help with the child's literacy and language development. Overall, this makes early reading an essential skill for children to find success both in school and in the later stages in life.

Developing this skill at an early age will help develop their early literacy skills thus making it very easy for children to learn more about their surroundings.

This allows them to absorb what they learn at school and be able to accelerate faster than their classmates. This also carries over to the later stages in childhood and throughout their formative years.

When to Start Learning How to Read

As they say, no baby is too young to learn how to read or speak. Even at the moment of birth, your child can already recognize the sound of your voice and their surroundings.

They begin to mimic you and as they get older and they point at objects, but they won't be able to tell you what it is or what they want if you are not able to teach them those words.

It is never too late or too early to allow your child to start learning how to read. And what better way than by giving them fun and simple lessons through the Learn to Read with Tommy Turtle app.

Benefits of Early Reading

By using the app to promote early reading during the early stages of childhood, your child will be able to have a brighter future and make a lot of impacts later on in life as they grow. Here are some of the benefits your child will get when they begin learning how to read early in their life.

Application to Teach Children to Read - How to Download and Use
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The brain develops a lot faster during these stages in childhood hence children are able to absorb information at a very fast rate. Teaching your child to read early is better even before they hit the preschool age.

Start teaching them how to read through the app and you will see how they are able to grow intellectually. Probably the best gift that you can give to your child at this stage in his life is to help him learn how to read.

Reading helps evelop comprehension skills and allows your child to be open to new things to learn. Reading enhances their vocabulary and helps them with their communication skills.

Better Communication Skills

Much as the same word can have different meanings, it all depends on the context. This is why reading and comprehension will always go hand-in-hand and learning this skill earlier in life, improves your child's communication skills.

Children can expound on their feelings and needs at the moment when they are able to learn new words. High proficiency in their native language at the start of their lives will resonate well into the later stages of their childhood and into their adult years.

Children with good language proficiency tend to grow up and be better suited in high-skilled jobs and become an asset to a company. This ultimately means that they will have a better life ahead of them - a legacy that every parent wants for their child.


Right from the moment that your child learns how to speak, it is the right time for them to learn how to read. The quality of life you give to your children will forever improve based on how early you let them learn new words throughout the early years in their lives.

With the help of Tommy Turtle, your child will have a fun and better experience learning how to read and spell words.

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