Caribu: Video Calls for Kids - Color, Learn, and Read with this App

Ever since virtual communication was invented, a number of apps are accessible for calling family members, friends, and even strangers. With the advent of technology, it gets easier to connect to more people, share stories, and make memories—all using a mobile phone, tablet, or computer.

Now there’s a game-changer that combines video calling with extended capabilities like reading books, drawing, and learning together. Caribu is a family and especially kid-oriented application that lets parents engage with their kids even when not together.


This mobile application features the concept of sharing content through video calls, but for the children’s market. Caribu’s bookshelf has over 200 books, containing educational workbooks, drawing pads, and language books. Read on and find out more about the app, its unique features, and other useful information.

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Caribu: Video Calls for Kids - Color, Learn, and Read with this App
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About Caribu

Caribu is a video calling application that’s available on iOS and on the web, featuring unique playdate tools suited for kids. The app allows kids to play and learn at the same time and along with their families. The concept engages kids on the phone or tablet while talking to their parents and family members.

Caribu: Video Calls for Kids - Color, Learn, and Read with this App
Image Source: The Toy Insider

Caribu offers better technology to help children read, play, and spend quality time while their parents are away. It connects more families together, and not just a simple conferencing tool for adults and their kids.


The best part is doing activities on the app without making a call, perfect to bust boredom anywhere. The app features hundreds and thousands of children’s books and is packed with interactive games for kids.

Distant family members can use Caribu to still take part in bedtime rituals such as learning, reading books, and coloring. What’s more, the app also features recipes that kids and their relatives can cook together.

Talk and Play

In today’s era, children are glued to technology, using tablets for watching shows and playing games. Parenting has gradually changed as the use of technology arose with apps to now help kids learn the alphabet, count numbers, learn new languages, and even draw or color.


With Caribu, content is sure to be child-friendly, while connecting distant parents to their kids. Besides talking on the phone, family members can engage kids with fun and interactive activities.

There are scavenger hunts, coloring sheets, and games that let one play turn by turn to foster connection. Caribu is also perfect for toddlers and newborns, with high-contrast black and white books to hold attention.

Main Features

With virtual playdates in mind, Caribu ensures that every user can interact in a safe and child-friendly platform.

Caribu: Video Calls for Kids - Color, Learn, and Read with this App
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The best feature may be supporting more than the English language, but also communicating with other languages such as Spanish, German, Mandarin, French, and others. Books are available in these different languages for many cultures to appreciate and use the app.

What’s more, the app contains back-and-forth participation not just in games but also in other interactive activities. Founders say the app enhances a child’s social skills while learning how to read. The app partners with a number of publications, so users have a lot of options for engaging kids.

Users can add family and friends as contacts to start the conference calls. Although Caribu does not yet support multiple callers, family can still enjoy one-on-one calls with more available activities. Games like puzzles are also great for enhancing a child’s critical thinking skills.

Accessible Playdates

The people behind Caribu wish to make virtual communication between kids and parents more interactive, instead of the usual questions about school.

By bringing together useful tools, there are more reasons for kids to learn and talk to their parents at the same time. Even grandparents can join in the fun too. Virtual playdates become more fun because there are games to play, books to read, and other exciting tools.

By creating meaningful connections, children get to spend time with their distant family members. Others refer to Caribu as ‘Zoom for kids’, letting parents educate their kids outside school time.

Useful Conferencing Tools

Literacy skills are important to a child’s future: helping them to communicate with other people and learn new things. Caribu extends its promise of making virtual learning more fun, as parents can teach their children about new words from certain books and even workbooks. Art appreciation is also enhanced, as kids can see and learn about the artists from different books.

Caribu: Video Calls for Kids - Color, Learn, and Read with this App
Image Source: Miami Herald

There’s a wide variety of coloring sheets for kids to enjoy, featuring wild animals and letters from the alphabet. Moreover, newly added anti-racism categories help to broaden the child’s mind and to foster empathy towards other cultures.

There’s social-emotional learning involved too, engaging kids in current and relevant topics. Child-friendly recipes are also accessible in Caribu, allowing parents and kids to participate in cooking in the kitchen virtually.

By going through categories, it’s easy to find age-appropriate activities to do, be it art, cooking, and reading books. Parents can also read books to their kids, ranging from comics and children’s books.

Keeping Kids Engaged

It’s tough to retain a child’s attention with all the distractions from their surroundings. There’s outside noise, television, and computers, among other things. With all these distractions, it may be hard to engage them to learn and even to sit and talk to their parents and relatives.

With Caribu, the connection between a child and their family can be enhanced for the host of virtual activities available.

If a child likes art, they can make masterpieces with their parents or grandparents, mess-free. Maybe throw in fun games while painting virtually, and hear silly jokes exchanged from one person to another.

How to Get Started

Video calls for kids don’t need to be boring with all the questions about school and other things. Caribu lets kids connect to their families without feeling bored and disengaged.

Caribu: Video Calls for Kids - Color, Learn, and Read with this App
Image Source: Inc Magazine

It’s incredibly easy to get started, only using a decent smartphone, tablet, or computer to use the web version of the app.

Because this is a virtual communication tool, all parties must be connected to the internet. The better the connection, the more fun it will be for both parties. For instance, the quality of voice calls will be better, and there won’t be any glitches or lags when doing certain activities.

To get started, download the Caribu app onto an iOS device. From here, users can explore categories to read books, make art, learn new recipes, play games, or work on some activities. There’s more content available for users who want to subscribe to Caribu.

Download Caribu App

The Caribu app is free to download for iOS devices. In-app purchases are available to access more content, including popular book titles, games, and other fun tools. Although the free content is already great, some people may want additional access to more content for the full experience.

To download Caribu, go to the Apple App Store and search for the Caribu app. From here, it’s easy to tap ‘'Install’ or ‘Get’ to install the application to the device. Next is to sign up or register to make a Caribu account, and then you can enjoy the wonderful features available.


As mentioned, there’s a choice to subscribe to additional content on the platform. The cost of the subscription is $10 a month, or $119.99 a year, which allows users to share with unlimited people. You can also gift a subscription to friends and family which costs the same too.

Caribu: Video Calls for Kids - Color, Learn, and Read with this App
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Once purchased, users can enjoy more content with thousands of books, coloring sheets, activities, games, all available in more than ten languages.

What’s more, the screen sharing capability is available, making kids learn more from parents, grandparents, and even their teachers, as some educators use the app too. The subscription also presents kids with more opportunities to learn new things. After all, it’s a full experience that strengthens personal connections.

Both parties can engage in reading books by taking turns in every chapter or lesson. Caribu also recognizes military families, offering free subscriptions for military personnel and their families.


At a time when people rely on technology for most things, the Caribu app helps bring families together by providing opportunities for parents to strengthen their bond with children who are away from them, especially those in the military.

Caribu app doesn’t only feature video calls for kids but also lets them play with their loved ones. By subscribing, users can access additional content such as thousands of books to read and share to contact list. Download the app and discover more ways to connect with family members and see your children learn and grow.

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