Best Dog Training Apps for iPhone - Check Them Out!

Dogs are undoubtedly human's best friend, and dog owners often tend to share a special bond of friendship with their hounds. It is universally accepted that spending time with your dog will destress you and make you feel better.   

However, dogs are incredibly mischievous and can make your abode a big mess if they are not trained well. And making sure they get trained well is as much your responsibility as it is a parent's responsibility to help their kids with schoolwork.   


Don't worry, you don't have to go at it all alone, there are apps out there that can help you help your doggo. These days there are a bunch of apps designed specifically to help make dog training easier. Up next we are going to learn about the three best dog training apps for iPhone.

Best Dog Training Apps for iPhone - Check Them Out!


First on the list is Puppr which is a super-popular dog training application available on iPhone. Developed by dog experts, the app is packed with more than 70 interesting lessons that are meticulously curated by the famous Sara Carson & The Super Collies


The app is designed to systematically assist multiple dogs at a go without mixing the sets. Users can also set reminders to train their dogs to poop at a specific schedule. 

It includes step-by-step photo and video instructions to teach your furry friend the basic obedience actions and advanced tricks, effectively. 

The best part about the app is its built-in clicker system that makes training extremely easy and taught with immense positive reinforcement. 


How to Download

Puppr is available on Apple App Store for free download, and users can enjoy the basic lessons for absolutely free. 

On the other hand, the application includes a premium subscription which gives you access to additional advanced lessons and live-chat sessions with the expert.  

The application offers you with two auto-renewable subscription plans to suit your needs and preference. The first one is for $12.99 per month and the second one costs $99.99 for one whole year. This also includes a 7-day free trial.

Dogo's Dog Training & Clicker

The next app on the list is Dog Training & Clicker by DogoApp. The app is truly one of a kind as it houses special video exams for your furry friend, articles on puppy behavior, and provides solutions to pet parenting issues. 

The app will also help you if you have been struggling with their untimely potty habit, unwanted and ill behavior.

The app offers six various dog training programs: New Dog, Basic Obedience, Stay Active, Impulse Control, Strengthen Your Friendship, Little Helper. These programs assist your dog to learn basic and essential commands, tricks, and potty training. 

The best part is that, users can send a video exam to the Dogo trainer through the pup training app, once your dog masters a command. Dogo's certified dog trainers will review the exam within 12 hours and help you improve your dog's performance if needed. 

How to Download

The free version of the app is available for free download on Apple's App Store. Additionally, you can upgrade to "Dogo Premium" by purchasing their premium plans, through the in-app purchase. 

The premium plan will cost you $9.99 per month, $26.99 if paid quarterly, and $99.99 per year. 


With 4.9 stars rating in iOS App Store and over 20,000 successfully trained dogs in the USA, GoodPup probably the best dog training app available. The one-on-one video chat training session makes GoodPup a very convenient choice.

With GoodPup's video chats, users get to work with the best dog trainers in the country, so that they and their canines can work and train with the best. GoodPup also involves potty training, crate training, amongst others. 

This particular app is extremely helpful to users who want their pup to avoid bad behavior in public. The best part about the app is its customized courses depending upon your dog. 

While starting the app, it will ask you several questions, including the dog's breed, age, command it knows, and its specific behavioral problems. Once all the questions are answered, it will provide you with customized dog training lessons. 

How to Download

The app is a freemium service and users can download the application from the Apple App Store. On top of that, you can enjoy every service of GoodPup, without having to subscribe to a premium version. 

Best Dog Training Apps for iPhone - Check Them Out!

The Bottom Line

So, these are the three best dog training apps for iPhone that will help you to train your pooch. Try these apps if you find yourself struggling to get your dog to behave right and want to train your dog like an expert.

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