Check Out the Appearance of Various Colors and Styles with These New Virtual Makeup Apps

It’s time for a virtual makeover! They say, “Money can’t buy happiness”, but it can surely buy make-up and makeup apps which is kind of the same thing. The world of make-up and cosmetics has blazed a creative trail in the past few years, and that's both in the physical world and the virtual one. From forehead to chin, every part of the face can now be a lot more mesmerizing with the help of an app. Let's be real, these days people see us on social media more than they see us in real life. And seeing is believing.

That's why there has been a burst of virtual makeup apps that promise to make you look more beautiful without actually having to put tons of products or enhancements on your face. Astonishing yet ecstatic, there are endless virtual makeup apps meant to bring in the ultimate shopping experience by letting one try the suitability of desired products virtually. Thus for every fashion monger who yearns to invest in the best make-up while saving both time and cost, here is the list of the A-list virtual apps that will turn dreams into reality:

  • Youcam Makeup- Selfie Editor & Magic Makeover Cam
  • Ulta Beauty- Shop, makeup, skin, hair, and perfume
  • MyGlam: Buy Cosmetics, makeup, beauty shopping app
  • Oriflame Makeup Wizard
Check Out the Appearance of Various Colors and Styles with These New Virtual Makeup Apps
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YouCam Makeup = Selfie Editor and Magic Makeover Cam

Considered by many as the world’s number #1 AR makeup software, YouCam Makeup helps to experiment with hundreds of makeovers from top cosmetic brands virtually. The users have the freedom to apply endless beauty filters and have access to the makeup tutorials through live streaming. Other than this, it also offers the option to take a real-time selfie.

Check Out the Appearance of Various Colors and Styles with These New Virtual Makeup Apps
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YouCam Makeup is top-notch for a reason. It has deployed plenty of phenomenal features that let the makeup fanatics relish the real-world experience in full swing. These include a live makeup cam to try branded products, retouch and airbrush face tune to stamp out blemishes and flaws, and a skincare detector cam to have a grasp of skin type.

In addition, the app also makes it possible for the users to enjoy salon-like hair makeover in the comfort of home. By dying or swapping the different hair colors, you can be sure of the shade that best suits the look you're going for. In other words, from makeup and hair products to face enhancement, YouCam Makeup is a one-stop solution.


How to Download It

To download YouCam Makeup on an Android phone, all you need to do is search its name in the Google Play Store and tap on the install option. Besides, it is also available on the App Store and can be installed on iPhones using the same method.

Though the app is free to download on both Android and iOS devices, it is suggested to subscribe to the premium version for unlimited and ad-free access. At the cost of $5.99 monthly or $29.99 yearly, the user will be eligible for enhanced features such as teeth whitening, shaping the nose, saving photos in HD, removing watermarks, and enjoying the premium content.

After installing YouCam Makeup on your smartphone, start by opening it. Tap ‘Makeup Cam’ on the screen and apply the effects that you find aesthetic. Next to the effects, there is an option for hair, makeup, and looks that can be practiced one by one for better knowledge. Following blending the several effects and makeup, capture the shot to share with friends or for later use.


Ulta Beauty - Shop Makeup, Skin, Hair, and Perfume

Ulta Beauty is one of the fantastic virtual beauty apps for a try-on experience for makeup enthusiasts. One can find the bounteous gifts in face makeup, skincare, and hair care, and can also ask for personalization of the products according to preference and skin-type. Besides, the option of shade matching and color swatching make it possible for the users to enjoy the best virtual experience.

Check Out the Appearance of Various Colors and Styles with These New Virtual Makeup Apps
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The app is a fountainhead of joy and delights for shoppers looking for the best and customized makeup. The A-list features of the app are a barcode scanner to check the products’ info, the option to book an appointment with the nearest Ulta Beauty salon, trying plenty of hair colors and styles, voice search, sending eGift cards via email, and many more.

Another option that makes Ulta Beauty the ultimate destination for makeup shoppers is the option of filters and categories, and using these can help you to easily search and own the products you like. The foundation shade matcher is the icing on the cake, as it leads to picture-perfect shopping. In other words, the app offers numerous features for makeup maniacs that can be explored upon installation and use.

How to Download It

Ulta Beauty stands #27 on the list of best shopping apps with millions of users. It is compatible with both Android and iOS mobiles and thus can be downloaded in no time from the Google Play Store and App Store respectively. The best part about Ulta Beauty is that one can explore and make use of its endless exclusive features free of cost. Thus, install it now to get its benefits right at your fingertips including skin analysis.

Using Ulta Beauty is as easy as walking in the park. Start by opening the app on your phone and explore all the features deployed in it. Tap on the option of GLAMlab to experiment with the different shades and styles in lipsticks, makeup, hair, and others. To shop the products, explore the store or do a voice search to find one you are looking for.

Make sure to check your account and redeem points to make the most of it.

Myglamm - Buy Cosmetics and Makeup Shopping App

The popular phrase, ‘A thing of beauty is a joy forever’ holds absolutely true when it comes to makeup. MyGlamm is the next best thing that makes it possible by offering a range of makeup and skincare products at affordable prices.

Check Out the Appearance of Various Colors and Styles with These New Virtual Makeup Apps
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From face makeup to sanitization care, MyGlamm brings in a wide variety of options to cherry-pick from. Some of the other features that make the app incredible among fashionistas are tutorials and tips & tricks by experts, special offers and launch previews, free gifts and discounts upon signing, deals, and offers, and an online master class.

The mobile application also allows users to experiment and try out their different shades by using your phone camera. This sounds like good news to modern shoppers, as they can save time and money while adding the most suitable product to the cart.

How to Download It

MyGlamm is a shopping website as well as a mobile application. To install the app for a better experience, it is suggested to list its name in the search bar and tap on the install option in the Google Play Store. One can also relish this amazing app on their iPhone by downloading it from the App Store. To a little more surprise, MyGlamm being one of the top beauty websites is completely free to install and use.

Shopping for beauty products at MyGlamm is nothing different. All it takes to tap on the right category and type of products listed in the ‘Shop’ tab. From there, opt for the most likable, add it into the cart, and proceed to check-out. The pack of happiness will be delivered to your doorstep in a few days.

In case you want to try-on the shades virtually, begin by opening your front camera and the MyGlamm app at the same time on your phone. Next, go to the shop and find the desired category of product. From there, the product that has the try-on option at the far right corner will allow the user to experiment with colors and varieties.

Oriflame Makeup Wizard

Oriflame Makeup Wizard is a magical mobile application for virtual try-on, as its name says. With an aim to make the make-up shopping experience splendid and easy, it lets the users experiment with plenty of shades they like. The availability of a wide range of products from onColour, The ONE, and Giordani Gold head towards the inspiration for fashion fanatics to cut a dash in regular life.

Check Out the Appearance of Various Colors and Styles with These New Virtual Makeup Apps
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Being outstanding in the list, Oriflame Makeup Wizard brings in the joy of several phenomenal features. These include freedom to choose from a whopping number of products, creating a personalized look, finding and trying the best shade before buying, and access to tips and trends by Oriflame beauty experts.

What’s more is that you get the list of products in the mailbox for convenient shopping. One can also share their favorite look with friends to get feedback before making a final decision. Last but not the least, saving looks in the camera library makes one feel valued, as they can post their stunning make-up selfies on social media to get tons of likes and comments.

How to Download It

Oriflame Makeup Wizard can be downloaded free of cost on mobile phones. Available for both Android and iOS, one can easily make it a part of life by installing from the Google Play Store and the App Store respectively. Thus, do it now to make your makeup look better than ever before.

As easy as a piece of cake, harnessing the features of Oriflame Makeup Wizard is effortless. Upon opening the app on mobile, one can make use of their phone’s in-built camera to apply blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, and other makeup products virtually. This helps them select the product that suits most to their skin, face, and overall look. The last would be to add the product to the cart and shop it from the official website of Oriflame.

Check Out the Appearance of Various Colors and Styles with These New Virtual Makeup Apps
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In a Nutshell

Makeup is like an art, and the trending virtual makeup apps make every woman an artist. From having a trial of the product to shopping it from the apps or their respective websites, a user can feel on cloud nine.

Therefore, pick from the aforesaid listed best virtual makeup apps and make it part of your routine to look as pretty as a picture.

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