This App Can Help Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

A sweepstake is a type of contest where the winner or winners get a prize or prizes. It can also be a race where money is bet and split between the winners. Sweepstakes are like contests, but you do not have to pay anything to enter or win.

The winners of a contest are chosen at random. If you have a prize to giveaway, you must use a tool to help you select a lucky winner. The Easy Raffle app can help you with that.


Learn more about sweepstakes below, and the feature of the Easy Raffle app and how you can use it to choose your giveaway winner.

  • What Are Sweepstakes?
  • How Do You Run Sweepstakes?
  • What Is the Easy Raffle App?
  • How to Make a Draw on the Easy Raffle App?
  • What Is the Names Mode on the Easy Raffle App?
  • What Is the Teams or Groups Mode on the Easy Raffle App?

This App Can Help to Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

What Are Sweepstakes?

Sweepstakes, also called giveaways, are a type of prize promotion in which people who take a free action are given prizes randomly. A giveaway is a promotion that does not require a purchase to enter. They also cannot pick the winner based on who deserves it.


This App Can Help to Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

In other words, you can not make people buy your product as a condition of entry. You also have to pick a winner at random; you cannot pick the best entry. If you want to pick winners, it becomes a contest. And if you charge to get in, it becomes a raffle or a lottery.

Contests, lotteries, and raffles have different rules and legal requirements, so it is important to understand the difference when it comes to sweepstakes. Below are the three main important things to remember about sweepstakes.

  • They give the people who participate a chance to win money or something else of value
  • The winner is chosen randomly
  • Any public member can play without paying or doing something else

Are Sweepstakes and Gambling the Same?

Legitimate sweepstakes are governed by laws and strict rules, like "No purchase necessary to enter or win" and "A purchase will not improve your chances of winning." A sweepstakes winner is chosen by chance, not by skill. Some people think of sweepstakes as "games of chance."

When people gamble, they have to pay real money to enter contests, play games, and so on. And the outcome of gambling is much less certain than sweepstakes, where you know right away how much you could win and when. These are the most important ways to tell them apart.

How Do You Run Sweepstakes?

Where do you begin if you want to run a sweepstake? Pick a prize to start. Send a branded survey to small groups of engaged customers to help you choose a prize that makes people want to enter your sweepstakes.

This App Can Help to Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

The next step is to write down the rules. Make sure you know what the laws are in your state about sweepstakes. Some states have stringent rules about font size, language used, and legal disclaimers.

Once you have everything set up, you can tell people about the giveaway. Make sure you put the beginning and ending dates. Use your marketing tools, like social media, email, and paid ads, to spread the word about the sweepstakes.

You will also get great word-of-mouth marketing if your prize fits your market. People who enter will probably tell their friends about it.

How Can You Choose the Best Prize for Your Giveaway?

When it comes to entries, it's important to put the quality of the prize over the number of prizes. The goal is to create future customers who are likely to buy your products or services in the future after noticing your brand.

This means that you want to attract people who are interested in what you have to offer. Think about making the prize your service.

It might seem a good way to get more people to enter a contest to offer more than one prize. But giving out more than one prize can have the opposite effect.

What Is the Easy Raffle App?

Sweepstakes or giveaways do not necessarily have to be large and can be done on a small scale. It depends on the prize and the intended people to enter the sweepstakes.

This App Can Help to Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

When doing small sweepstakes, you need to have a tool to help you determine the winner. This tool should be a randomizer to ensure fairness for the winner. You do not need a piece of equipment, as you can simply use your phone.

You may use the Easy Raffle app to choose your winner. It is an app that randomly selects names or numbers assigned to participants. The Easy Raffle app is free to download and use for Android device holders on the Google Play Store.

What are the Different Modes on the Easy Raffle App?

The Easy Raffle app is made to draw numbers like a lottery. Thus, everything selected by the app is random. However, it is not only meant to be used to select a lucky person, as there are several modes on the Easy Raffle app.

These modes are Names/Things, Numbers, Groups/Teams, and Dice. Each mode has a specific function that can be used in numerous situations. Nonetheless, you can use the app when you need something to be randomly drawn or assigned.

How to Make a Draw on the Easy Raffle App?

After choosing your preferred mode, input the names of the participants for the Names and Teams modes. You can immediately proceed with drawing in the Numbers and Dice modes.

This App Can Help to Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

To draw or roll the dice, you only have to click the button at the bottom of the screen. So, if you need multiple draws, you must click it repeatedly. However, not every result will be recorded, so you must note them manually.

Lastly, there is an option on the Easy Raffle app wherein you can opt to turn on the “Shake to Draw” feature. Instead of pressing the draw button repeatedly, you can just shake the phone so that the app will automatically do the draw.

What Is the Numbers Mode on the Easy Raffle App?

You can hold numerical drawings like those found in lotteries using the "Numbers Draw" mode! Whether it be for the handing out of prizes, a draw held by a company, among friends, or as a surprise for lotteries.

To conduct the draw of numbers in this mode, all that needs to be done is to set a starting number, a final number, and how many digits will be selected. However, it is important to specify whether or not any result can be repeated.

This application will generate a real-time graphic for you, and it is quite simple to use. It also includes animations that will make the game more exciting.

What Is the Names Mode on the Easy Raffle App?

The "Name Draw" mode makes it simple to conduct prize draws, raffles, name draws, name draws for objects, and name draws for anything else that might be given a name.

This App Can Help to Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

Simply enter the names of those eligible to win, choose the number of winners, and you are done. The drawing will take place in only a few seconds, and then you will be able to hand out your prizes.

The draw is designed to provide the impression of a real physical draw by simulating the process of removing small sheets with the names written on them. In addition, the premium edition allows you to keep participant lists that you can utilize in subsequent giveaways or raffles.

This mode can also be used for names of anything and is not only limited to people.

What Is the Dice Mode on the Easy Raffle App?

Do you and your friends enjoy board games, role-playing games (RPGs), or any other hobby that requires dice? No need for you to find your old dice stored somewhere in your house. The Easy Raffle app can be your dice during the game with the “Dice Mode.”

When using the Dice Mode, you can select from various dice, including regular, six-sided, and other dice, such as four-sided, eight-sided, 10-sided, 12-sided, and 20-sided, and play them as many times as you require. You are allowed to toss a maximum of 10 dice of each type at once.

What Is the Teams or Groups Mode on the Easy Raffle App?

To quickly form teams for sports, competitions, or any other activity that brings together groups of people, draw participants or players from the pool of participants or players. Additionally, it can be used to create prize groups, objects, and anything else that can be given a name.

This App Can Help to Make Sweepstakes - Learn How to Download

Do you need to assemble a group of people to help you? The "Team Draw" mode will generate for you whatever type of team competition you are participating in. Almost all sports team participants can use the Easy Raffle app to meet their teammates for the game or activity.

The Teams or Groups mode is best for football (area, beach, field), volleyball (court or beach), basketball, handball, baseball, football, rugby, sailing, water polo, paintball, airsoft curling, softball, or any other team sport. Every team is chosen at random and is generated randomly.

Can You Share the Results with Your Members?

Easy Raffle knows that groups need to be formed ahead of time. Various reasons include additional tasks, the need to form a strategy, or early meetings. Thus, it is possible to use the Teams mode ahead of time.

Do not worry if you might not remember all the formed teams - the app will do it for you. It is also welcomed if you like the draw to be done alone and just share it with the entire class or team later on.

The outcome of the draw can also be communicated to others through platforms and apps such as WhatsApp, Skype, Email, Telegram, and other social networks. You only need to give the Easy Raffle app to access these other apps to be able to send the result.


Running a sweepstake can be easy because you have the tools to make it succeed. Take advantage of the Easy Raffle app’s random selector to select the winner for your upcoming sweepstakes.

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