How to Check the Weather Using Overdrop

Planning your out-of-town trip can be stressful as you want to pick a perfect place with the perfect weather for vacation. To find a perfect spot, you need to be a step ahead with the weather. 

A good and user-friendly weather app like Overdrop will help you greatly. Overdrop is a weather application that provides detailed hyper-local weather data for a 24-hour forecast or a 7-day forecast. 


It comes with a sleek user interface design with over 50 widgets to choose from. Discover what Overdrop offers as a weather app and how you can use it in your daily life.

How to Check the Weather Using Overdrop
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Hyperlocal Data 

The Overdrop application was released in 2018 and quickly created a buzz among other weather apps out there. Its hyperlocal weather data, visually-pleasing themes, widgets, and weather notifications are some of its key selling features. 

How to Check the Weather Using Overdrop
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Providing hyperlocal weather data is a great help for its users to receive real-time location-specific weather information and forecasts. Overdrop helps you stay one step ahead of weather changes at your current or intended location by keeping you informed.


Hyperlocal data is available for all GPS-based mobile phones that give automatic weather updates specific to the user’s location. It means that every time the user opens his phone, there could be minute changes in the forecast from different locations within the same city or region.

Unlike other weather apps, they only provide a general city or town-based forecast. Overdrop has different weather data within the different parts or locations within the city. For example, in the city of Philadelphia, the forecast will be different if you move across the neighborhoods or districts of the city.

Weather Data Providers

Overdrop provides you with general weather data such as measured temperature, ‘feels like’ temperatures, rain, hail, snow, wind speed, UV index, cloud cover, humidity, pressure, sunrise, sunset, and even visibility. The information comes from leading live hyperlocal weather forecast providers.


These weather forecast providers are AccuWeather, WeatherBit, and Dark Sky. However, the last one is available only until 2021 as long as the application programming interface (API) has not yet expired.

Overdrop lets you choose among the three weather forecast providers from which you will get the information from. You can easily switch the weather forecast providers whenever you want by going to the Settings tab, then ‘Weather Provider.’

Weather Radar 

The weather app also provides a 96-hour radar map which helps you stay updated with the forecasts in detail. Overdrop assures reliable information using data from the Environmental Modelling Center, National Centers for Environmental Prediction, National Weather Service, and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. 

How to Check the Weather Using Overdrop
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The Global Forecast System also powers it. The radar can also provide a map of upcoming weather changes through mathematical analyses on the basic weather information. 

There are four radar layers on the app which are the temperature, wind, rain, and humidity. The app will provide respective colors for the level of severity of each layer. For example, in rain, it is measured using precipitation instruments in millimeters/hour.

There is a spectrum of color that indicates the precipitation level. It starts from the color blue for precipitation with an estimate of 0.5mm/hr to the color yellow with 60mm/hr. Aside from the layers, Overdrop has three radar map types you can choose from - flat, spherical, and butterfly.

Setting Your Location

Overdrop will ask you to permit the application to receive your specific location upon installation. There are two options to set up the location for the weather forecasts to be given by the application. 

The first one is through GPS location, which will automatically detect your precise location. However, the application will still ask you to click “apply” for confirmation of your location. 

The second one is that you can pick your location manually by searching it. You can look for other locations’ weather forecasts that you want to know with this option.

24-Hour and 7-Day Forecasts

The app provides a 24-hour and a 7-day forecast for its users to keep them posted on the weather conditions in the coming hours or coming days. This can help you plan your future travels or prepare for the things you need to bring when going out.

How to Check the Weather Using Overdrop
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For the 24-hour outlook, there is a graph that shows the hourly forecast for the temperature, wind speed, and chance of rain. In the hourly data, you can see the increase or decrease in the weather information available, so you will know what to expect in the coming hours.

Overdrop also gives the users a view of the general weather condition for the entire week. The 7-day forecast includes the daily estimated chance of rain, highest and lowest temperature, UV index, wind speed, and wind gust.

There is also a percentage of the cloud cover and the general description of clouds like scattered clouds, few clouds, broken clouds, overcast clouds, etc. Lastly, there is a predicted time for sunrise and sunset.

Severe Weather Alerts

In its mission to provide necessary weather information to the users, Overdrop sends alerts for severe weather conditions. It includes all the details of the weather index about the looming threats.

The threats can be any extreme storms. It will be included in your notification bar, so you will not be able to overlook or miss it. Even if you do not have time to read or watch the news, this will help you to be updated, informed, and safe during the coming storms. 

Home Screen Widgets and Themes

Overdrop is known for its aesthetic app design, which includes the home screen widgets and themes. Users like that they have numerous design options to choose from that fit their personal preferences.

How to Check the Weather Using Overdrop
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There are over 50 stand-alone widgets of different designs of varying colors, styles, fonts, icons, and information on display. There are home screen widgets that have the day’s temperature, “feels like,” wind speed, and the chance of rain. 

Some include the 7-day forecast of usual weather information, while the others have the date, day, time, and battery level. The information available varies depending on the pre-set widget design that you will choose.

Overdrop also stores eight themes that you can choose. For free accounts, you can choose from the following themes: Light, Dark, or Ataraxia. Meanwhile, Realistic Dark, AMOLED, Space, Tranquility, and Realistic Themes are available for pro accounts.

Customizable Weather Notification

In the app, you can personalize the weather notification that pops up on your phone screen depending on your likes. For the weather notifications, you can customize the appearance and functionality.

In the appearance, the available options for you to customize are the mobile app’s main text color (color used for primary elements), text accent color (secondary text color), background-color (color used for notification’s background), icon style (flat style or the climacons, or material design icons).

Functionality options you can custom build include showing the current temperature in the status bar, 'pin notification' which makes notification non-dismissible, hourly forecast, and the customization to pick a time and repetition when the application will send the notification.

Mobile Application Download and Subscription Plan

The mobile application is free to download by searching for “Overdrop - Hyperlocal Weather & Storm Radar” on the Google Play Store and “Overdrop Weather” on the App Store. Click the install button and wait for it to be installed on your device. Then, launch the app.

How to Check the Weather Using Overdrop
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Upon installation, you will be asked to set up your location automatically or manually. With its sleek design, the information on the mobile application is easy to understand with texts and additional visual aids such as icons.

On the homepage of the app, you will see the day’s weather information. You can navigate the hourly weather for the 24-hour forecast and the daily weather for the 7-day forecast by scrolling through your screen. You need to click the map to explore the weather radar to zoom in by pinching.

Overdrop offers a subscription plan for its users. It is available for a lifetime license for $7.50, annual billing for $2.19, or monthly billing for $0.99. The pro account gives you access to more visually-stunning themes and home screen widgets.

Privacy Built-In

The app has a built-in privacy feature that secures your location data. It means that your personal information never leaves your device because Overdrop never asks you to connect it with other sign-in devices or email accounts.

Overdrop assures your safety in using the app since there are case reports that some weather applications collect personal information from the users and then sell the data. 


Overdrop provides you hyperlocal weather data and real-time location-specific weather forecasts. There is a 24-hour and 7-day forecast and weather radar you can explore. Aside from these, it has great designs for you to choose from for the home screen widgets and themes.

It is important to be one step ahead of your plans especially when you wish to travel or have outdoor activities planned. Weather apps like Overdrop will help you to be prepared and anticipate weather conditions. 

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