Mobile Dog Training App: Check Out Puppr

It is usual for pet dogs to learn tricks even without proper training. But, it is better to teach them with appropriate guidance for longer retention. You can buy many dog trick books in stores or learn through videos online, but one of the best ways to learn more about different dog tricks is through mobile apps.

One of these is Puppr, a mobile app that provides owners easy-to-learn but comprehensive dog training.


Learn more about what Puppr offers and how to use the app in training a dog. Also, read below for details about how you can install the app onto your mobile phone. 

  • The Early Days Of Puppr
  • The Puppr Mobile Application
  • Clicker Training On The Puppr App
  • Lesson Packs On Puppr App
  • Premium Subscription
Mobile Dog Training App: Check Out Puppr
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The Early Days Of Puppr 

There is an interesting story behind the start of Puppr in which fur parents will surely relate. Husband and wife app developers Michael and Alice were looking for easy ways to teach a trick to their first dog. 

Mobile Dog Training App: Check Out Puppr
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They stumbled upon an exciting video of Sara Carson and The Super Collies, who are doing insane yet amazing tricks. In the viral video, Sara Carson explains the tricks and breaks down how to teach the tricks to the dogs by mainly using positive reinforcement only. 


The said video piqued the interest of Alice and Michael, and they had an idea in mind, which they proposed to Sara Carson through Instagram direct message. They wanted to develop a mobile application that contains steps for owners on how to teach various dog tricks using the techniques of Sara Carson.

Sara Carson eventually agreed on the proposal, so the application’s content is mainly based on her techniques used in teaching The Super Collies. Her training lessons have been formalized and became accessible worldwide through the Puppr app. 

Sara Carson And The Super Collies

Aside from having a viral video about her dogs doing amazing tricks, Sara Carson is a world-renowned dog trainer. She gained fame when she and her dog, Hero, joined the twelfth season of America’s Got Talent and finished in fifth place. They were then invited to join America’s Got Talent: The Champions edition.


Sara Carson has four dogs: Hero, Marvel, Loki, and Thor, which she calls The Super Collies. Sara and The Super Collies tour throughout North America performing cool dog tricks at dog shows. They also teach dog tricks training at different conventions.

Sara Carson gained further popularity as she and Hero hold a Guinness World Record for the most number of tricks done in a minute. Hero did 49 tricks in total within 60 seconds. 

The Puppr Mobile Application

Alice and Michael together with Sara Carson started developing the application, releasing it in July 2017. It contains many relevant step-by-step video instructions to help owners train their dogs. 

Mobile Dog Training App: Check Out Puppr
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The goal of the application is to provide help to new fur parents or even old ones in training their dogs to learn new tricks. Think of the app as the trainer of the trainers. Pet owners can freely follow the instructions aided with visual and video instruction.

Users are assured of the quality of the content because Sara Carson developed the mobile application’s content. The team ensures its users that the content is easy to follow as the tricks are grouped into packs according to difficulty. 

The application is available on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. You can install it on your phone by searching “Puppr - Dog Training & Tricks.” Upon downloading, the application will ask you to provide the name of your pet.  

Setting Up Your Puppr Profile

After installing the application, you are entitled to the free version of the app. First, you have to sign up using either your Facebook or email address, but if you have an account already, just sign in.

Puppr records and remembers the name of your dog and its gender. The app will refer to the name of your dog with the proper pronoun, making the training highly personalized and customized for your dog. 

After setting up your profile, the mobile app will give you a heads up on the basic features of Puppr, like saving the training progress by keeping track of the mastered tricks, earning badges for the dog’s achievements, and adding or finding a training buddy for multiple dogs. 

Clicker Training

The application starts with the basic training for your dog. Owners or new trainers may not be familiar with the basic training used as a foundation for other more complicated dog tricks.

Mobile Dog Training App: Check Out Puppr
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The first training lesson is called Clicker training which is based on positive reinforcement. This method creates a signal that means your dog is doing your intended or desired behavior. The dog can identify whether you like the specific behavior. 

You will click the button on the bottom screen, which will produce the clicking sound. One of the critical components of dog training is repetition. The app will provide you a sample game called the Name Game in which you can practice Clicker training. 

You call the name of your dog and click the button every time you made eye contact. Repeat calling the dog’s name until they get used to it. The app also provides tips that say that timing is crucial when using the clicker.

Tabs On The Puppr App

The Puppr app has four primary tabs and the clicker button found on the bottom part of the screen. The tabs are Lesson Packs, Live Chat, Puppr Shop, and Profile. 

The Puppr Shop is still in the process of development. You can check the badges and training progress of your dog through the profile. This will keep you updated on which tricks your dog has mastered. 

You can also find the Settings tab on Profile. If you want to be reminded daily of your training, turn on the button for Daily Training Reminder so you will not miss out on a day without exercise. 

Lesson Packs On The Puppr App

The dog tricks are grouped according to difficulty and kinds and Puppr has organized them into lesson packs that can be seen on the home screen. There are a total of 12 lesson packs that you can use whenever you want, but Sara Carson recommends starting with the basics first. 

Mobile Dog Training App: Check Out Puppr
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The lesson packs include Basics, Silly, Silly 2.0, Charming, Charming 2.0, Circus, Circus 2.0, Performer, Useful, Frisbee, and Agility. These lesson packs contain several specific dog tricks for you to train your dog.

For example, the Basics lesson pack has the instructions for sit, down, stay, come, leave it, and touch. If you choose a specific dog trick, the application will automatically show you the details and instructions, and the difficulty.

Puppr provides first the general overview of the trick. Then, it will proceed with the steps, which include written instructions well as video. This makes the instruction easy to follow. You can also try some tips written in the last part of the instruction to help you with the training. 

Learning The Basics

If you are a new dog owner, you will have many questions about how to best take care of your fur baby. Do not worry because Puppr has you covered as you can learn the basics of taking care of your dog.

You can find the information on the first lesson pack in the list, called “New Dog.” There are three more categories under the lesson pack: New Dog Basics, Placework, and Grooming. 

New Dog Basics will help you train your new dog with Clicker training, Crate training, and Potty training. Placework training helps the dog to keep him in place even if there is a visitor or someone new in your house. Lastly, Grooming includes ways to properly trim their nails, brush their fur, brush their teeth, and clean their ears. 

Premium Subscription

Dog owners appreciate the free version of their account, for it is almost complete with the basic dog training instruction and contents. However, you may opt to subscribe to the Premium account and enjoy more perks. 

Mobile Dog Training App: Check Out Puppr
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The Premium account costs $12.99 monthly or $99.99 annually. To convince you to subscribe to the premium account, you can have a 7-day free trial, in which you can experience the additional features of the premium account. 

You may either continue or cancel the subscription after 7 days. One of the things you will enjoy is unlimited access to all content of the lesson packs, as some lesson packs are locked on the free version.

These lesson packs include the high difficulty level of tricks for your dogs. Once your dog learns all the basics, then it is good to teach them more complex tricks. 

Live Chat

Yes, you can do live chatting on the Puppr app. Get connected with the dog trainers of Puppr, wherein you can ask for help regarding your training. They are always available to answer your queries and provide some more tips. 

There are times that you can connect with Sara Carson if she is available for Live Chat. You can personally ask her your most challenging questions in training your dog.


If you are a new dog owner, the Puppr app will help you get through the basic things you need to know in taking care of your dog and basic training for tricks. The app contains quality content of dog tricks instructions developed by Sara Carson, a world-renowned dog trainer.

Aside from the training instructions, you can also monitor the progress of your dog in learning the tricks. The app can also remind you daily so that the training will be continuous.

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