Tech for Good: Celebrate the Positive Impacts of Technology

Technology has been around for a long time, from simple machines to the impressive innovations we know today. With the breakneck speeds at which research and development move, it is apparent that technology is here to stay for years to come.

Because of this, it is important to understand where technology stands, as well as the cultural, environmental, economic, and political aspects of it. It is also necessary to recognize its role in global movements.


Tech for Good is a good place to start in order to learn the significance of technology in local and global communities while understanding your role in using it. Want to know more about this organization? Keep on reading.

What Is Tech for Good?

Tech for Good is an organization that focuses on creating a deeper understanding of the nature of technology.


This is a way to emphasize the user’s role in putting technology to use. You, as a user of technology, influence its effects through using and applying it, especially in the context of social and environmental issues.

To pave the way towards responsible use, the organization supports products and services that help in addressing issues about society and the environment.

Ultimately, it seeks to create a global movement that supports entrepreneurs, consumers, and many others who are in line with its goals.


How You Can Get Involved in Tech for Good

If you are interested in getting involved with this organization, you will be glad to know that there are several ways to participate. Here are your options.

Help Set Up a Chapter in Your City

The organization has been working with groups in various cities to create communities or chapters that connect people together. Currently, there are chapters in the South West, Liverpool, Madrid, Brighton, Dublin, New Zealand, and many more.

If your city already has a chapter, then you can definitely attend meetups and other gatherings. However, if you want to set up one in your city, then you can simply reach out to the organization through email.

Participate in Events

Aside from chapter gatherings, you can also attend events organized by various partners. These events usually tackle the use of technology for various applications including the use of online tools as a meeting alternative and finance.

The organization has held a variety of events such as The Future of Voice, AI & Semantics, arranged by Fintech for Good, and Delivering One-Off Events, Gigs, or Festivals Online that are organized by Tech for Good South West.

Work for Tech for Good

Those who want a more hands-on approach should see whether they can apply for some of the job openings endorsed by this organization. Tech for Good works with a variety of companies in need of candidates.

Second Nature, Chatterbox, and Earwig are some of these companies. There are a lot of vacancies for positions including Tech Lead, Software Engineer, Dietician, and Senior Product Manager.

By working directly with partner firms, you can directly get involved, especially if you land a job in a company that aligns with your own advocacies.

Back Supportive Players

Should you find yourself having limited abilities to get involved through the above ways, you can start by simply supporting entities that partner with the organization. This includes companies, institutions, and businesses that are endorsed by the organization.

If there are no such options in your area, you can simply find entities within your vicinity that have the same goals as the organization. This way, you are taking a proactive approach in supporting well-meaning players in your own community.

This also gives you a lead on whether your city is viable for a chapter. Who knows, you might even get to lead your own local chapter.

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Tech for Good is taking the first step towards creating a more responsible use of technology in order to create a more harmonious society and environment.

By getting involved, you are contributing to its endeavors and making a mark not only in your community but also in the world.

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