HotSchedules for Business: The Employee Scheduling App

Finding a schedule fit for all employees is a difficult task. Some companies even need several people to accomplish the task of making the schedule and shifts of their employees. 

There is a popular mobile application that makes scheduling easier for the employees and it is called “HotSchedules.” It is known for companies who wish to include the preferences of their employees regarding their shifts. 


Learn more about HotSchedules and its features. Check how you can download the app on your phone.

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HotSchedules for Business: The Employee Scheduling App


Regardless of whether it is a big or small company, employers need to make sure that all employees experience fair schedules. There are many reports on the unfair treatment of employees because of shift hours.

HotSchedules for Business: The Employee Scheduling App
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People who are usually involved in scheduling the employees’ shifts have a hard time ensuring that there are no understaffed times. Productivity must be ensured each hour and meet the demands of the work with the number of people working. 

The parent company Fourth is an end-to-end work solution and services company to make sure that companies are empowered in every aspect of their business. They identified the need for an automatic way to help companies make schedules and make modifying it and notifying employees, easier.

They came up with HotSchedules meant to have a simple way of scheduling employees’ shift hours and eventually result in powerful labor management. A simple solution can lead to effective and efficient work management of companies. 


HotSchedules Mobile App

They initially launched HotSchedules as a web application and a desktop application. But, the company realized they could launch it as a mobile application to make it more accessible to users, especially employers and employees. 

The HotSchedules mobile application is available to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Users must pay $2.99 to be able to install the application, which is relatively cheap compared to other employee scheduling and shift planning software.

HotSchedules also offers a free trial period for those who wish to try the app first. They can explore the features and check whether it is going to be helpful for their company and work management. After the trial period, the app will prompt the users to subscribe to use the app.

Roles on HotSchedules

On HotSchedules, the roles of the members are specified as their role within the team. The employers are called the “Managers” and employees are called “Team Members.”

HotSchedules for Business: The Employee Scheduling App
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Signing up on the mobile application, the HotSchedules app asks the new users whether they are the employers because they are the ones to set up the account. Employers can explore the app and use the features applicable to their work setup.

After setting up the company profile by the managers, they can now invite their employees to join the app as well. Once the employees install the HotSchedules app, the managers will approve them to join the company profile.

The HotSchedules app is widely used by restaurants, fast-food chains, hospitality-related businesses, and other industries. The company then tailor-fit some features to these fields because they saw the demand for them.

Regional Managers on HotSchedules

A regional manager on HotSchedules serves as a higher-level supervisory position who monitors various stores or branches of a certain brand or company. Through the app, they can have access to forecasted sales, guest accuracy, and the like.

The other reports they can get on the app are forecasted, scheduled, actual, and optimal hours. They can highlight over or understaffing in each hour. Lastly, they can benchmark individual restaurants and managers.

Setting Schedules on HotSchedules

The primary feature of HotSchedules from the name itself is the scheduling of employees. As mentioned, there are two main roles of HotSchedules users that are greatly involved in scheduling their script. 

HotSchedules for Business: The Employee Scheduling App
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The managers can approve and create a schedule for their team members. There are three options to choose from on how they can come up with a schedule on the app. The first one is just by copying a template or saved schedule.

Most of the time, the team members have the same shift hours for two weeks or even a month. This makes it easier for the managers on HotSchedules to provide a schedule for their employees by just getting the previous week’s schedule. 

The second one is the auto-schedule, which is considered to be the easiest one once the employees get accustomed to HotSchedules. Here, the app will automatically assign house shifts based on the previous records or demand of the work hour and day, and requests of employees.

Advanced Scheduling Options on HotSchedules

The last scheduling option on the app is by making the past sales trends of the week to come up with the shift hours of employees. The other information included in the report is the sales and labor hours to see the actual performance of the store and the employees.

While doing the schedule, the manager can check further the details recorded on the previous week’s sales of each team member. The manager can associate the increase of sales in a specific labor hour with the performance of the employee.

Thus, the scheduling of shifts can now be more strategic by using the information on sales and labor hours leading towards the employee’s performance. In addition, the manager can also send a message directly to a team member’s profile for commendation or points for improvement.

Features of HotSchedules

Most of the other features of HotSchedules revolve around the scheduling of team members. After finalizing the week’s schedule, the manager can now access the daily report with the daily schedule of the employees. 

HotSchedules for Business: The Employee Scheduling App
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Aside from knowing each employees’ schedule, the manager also has a list of team members who will be going to the workplace and what time they should arrive The members are also informed of their tasks for the week, especially if there will be a rotation.

HotSchedules ensures that employees will be informed no matter what changes there will be. This convenience of the apps makes it more enticing for employers and employees alike. The employers do not need to inform the employees individually of their tasks or possible changes as it can be seen on the app.

The managers will also be informed immediately of what the employees are currently doing like having meals or short breaks via text alert. The daily time report of work hours of employees is included in the app, so the managers can know who had overtime for that particular day.

More Features of HotSchedules

Companies subscribe to the application for the detailed reports and analytics that can be generated on the app.

One of the reports is the forecast on sales and budget for the week or the month. As mentioned, it can be related to employee’s performance that can be used for strategizing their shift hours. Some other reports include store roster, labor, and other useful reports.

The last one for the managers is the one-click approval feature. The managers have the power to approve time-off requests and schedule changes of the employees on the app. It eases the transactions for these requests saving time and effort for both the manager and team members.

Other Features of HotSchedules

Employees like the HotSchedules app because it gives them more choice in choosing their preferred schedule. The team members can add their ideal schedule for the upcoming week or month on the app, so the managers can see them and decide accordingly.

HotSchedules for Business: The Employee Scheduling App
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Hotschedules app is popular because it is an all-in-one app that helps the employees make their workload more convenient. It is part of the daily task of the employees to clock in and clock out, but since it is a mobile app, they can easily set an alarm or click the button accordingly.

With that, they can instantly check the attendance record including their daily clock in and clock out for a week or month. They can also view the corresponding amount they can receive from their rendered work hours if the company allows them to see so.

As a mobile application, it can also serve as a channel for communication. The HotSchedules app allows the team members to send a message to their team manager or fellow team members.

More Features for Team Members on HotSchedules

The scheduling on the app for the team members has different perks as well. Besides that they put in their preferred work hours in the coming weeks, they can request changes on the shift hours from the approved schedule.

The request may happen using the app, and can only be granted by the manager. Time off or absences can also be requested on the HotSchedules app. Swapping shifts with other members is another perk of the app.

Lastly, to ensure that the approved schedule will be followed by each employee, the team allowed them to integrate it on Google Calendar. This makes it more convenient to be reminded of the new schedule or possible changes of schedule.


For companies, big or small, the HotSchedules app is a great option for improving your work management. The company acknowledges the difficulty in keeping track of the employees’ performance, attendance records, and other metrics and information worth tracking.

With that, the HotSchedules app ensures that employers and employees will have a more efficient way of setting the schedule and be reminded of the schedule. The perks and features of being an employer and an employee are far different from each other on the app.

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