Mobile App: NASA Visualization Explorer – Check It Out Now

With the beauty, mystery, and the overall vast magnificence of space, it comes as no surprise that many individuals are fascinated by this particular topic. It doesn’t help that films such as Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey as well as Apollo 13 have also contributed to the growing interest of the people. 

The wonders of space and the world have yet to be experienced and discovered by many people. One mobile app that allows individuals to get to know more about these mysteries, as well as get access to scientific exploration, is the NASA Visualization Explorer mobile app

If you are interested in uncovering the truths about space and the happenings in the scientific realm, it’s worth exploring this particular application. Not only will it help you gain more knowledge about the world around you, but it will also help you view the world from another perspective. Check this out. 

Mobile App: NASA Visualization Explorer – Check It Out Now

What is the NASA Visualization Explorer Mobile App? 

NASA Visualization Explorer is a mobile app designed by NASA itself. It seeks to act as a guide for users to know more about scientific exploration and space research by providing fresh stories and research in an engaging format every week. 

Rather than venturing into the textbook territory, this NASA software provides users with a more basic and straightforward approach to help them further understand the topics at hand. Complete with stunning visuals straight from NASA’s very own satellite, users are very much in for a treat. 


Cool Features of the NASA Visualization Explorer Mobile App

One of the main highlights of the app is providing users with several mind-blowing (and high definition) visualizations, images, and animations of both the sun and the universe. With this alone, people can familiarize themselves with how the universe works.

The visuals and images are rendered with high accuracy and detail, with some even being in three-dimensional (3D) format to help provide a more accurate depiction. 

Another great feature of this application is providing a wide range of story topics, including exploration and research on the planets, detailed findings of NASA about its spacecrafts and its exploration of the Earth, sun, moon, stars, and much more. 

What’s more, this app also works by giving users premium premiere content which is exclusive to the program itself. Through this software, people are now privy to the cutting-edge research conducted by the team at NASA. 

The people behind the app constantly add new content, which users may easily access via the collection on the software. It also notifies users about recent stories added as well as an option for individuals to create and add stories to their respective reading lists. 

With community and information at its helm, the NASA Visualization Explorer program allows individuals to share stories with other people through various social media networks, email, and other venues. An offline version is also available, allowing users to download stories and read it while they’re on the go. 

How the Mobile App Works

Though only initially made available for iOS devices such as iPhones and iPads, the NASA Visualization Explorer is now also available for download via the Google Play Store for Android users as well. 

To download the app, head to the respective mobile app store of your device, look for the said software, and tap on ‘download’ or ‘install.’ Once installed, the application will prompt you to read its terms and conditions. To proceed, read and then tap on ‘agree.’

The software will open to a page where all the stories they’ve published are located. Select a story or topic that you want to start with. 

For example, one of the stories available on the app is ‘Missing Dark Matter’ which is dated November 18th, 2019. It tackles a galaxy which is completely devoid of black matter. Its story, alongside other articles, come with photos, videos, and even audio that help further explain the phenomenon. 

If you are searching for a particular topic, you may peruse the menu button and under ‘By Topic,’ tap on any of the four categories available: Earth, Sun, Planets and Moons, or Universe. Each category will show stories and articles on the respective topic. 

Mobile App: NASA Visualization Explorer – Check It Out Now

The Bottom Line

A beautiful storytelling device of sorts, the NASA Visualization Explorer mobile app might be the closest way for everyone to learn about the world around us aside from a trip to space. If you’re looking to add a wealth of insight to your knowledge on scientific discovery and the universe, check this app out today!