5 Signs You Need To Update Your Laptop Model

Stressing over your laptop running slowly? Frustrated over how it’s the battery can only last for a fraction of the ideal runtime? Bothered over the strange noise that occurs when you use it? While it's easy to turn to the web for troubleshooting tips or to make a visit to the nearest repair shop, there are times when the cons already outweigh the pros. In these instances, there is no other option left but to buy a new laptop.

Generally, laptops are only expected to last about three to five years, depending on the model. Without proper care, these devices can last an even shorter amount of time. Sure, while some problems may be fixed through the help of quality system repair software or by visiting the nearest laptop repair shop, some may require an instant model upgrade.


Before you hit the point where your laptop won’t even boot up at all anymore, here is a quick rundown of the top tell-tale signs that you need to ditch your old device and go for a new one. Continue reading to learn when it may be time for you to purchase a new laptop.

Update Laptop Model

Frequent Lags And Slowdowns

Are your applications taking forever to open and run? Is your laptop taking a while to boot up or shut down? Whether you’re using your laptop for work or simply wanting to watch a movie on it, frequent lags and slowdowns can be quite infuriating.


Generally, while there are many reasons why these issues occur, such as too many files on the drive, not enough RAM, too many programs running, malware problems, or a corrupted hard drive, encountering these problems is commonly regarded as an indication that your device is about to bite the dust.

To identify the root cause of the problems, it is best to run a diagnostic test or consult a computer repair expert. If the problem remains despite the repairs and efforts provided, then that’s an indication you need to buy a new one.

Poor Battery Life

Imagine this: You have the battery charged to 100% at the start of the day, however, only half an hour later, your laptop notifies you that it’s running out of power.


Having poor battery life is one of the most common problems associated with old laptops. Generally, the impact of this problem varies from one device to another, depending on their age and conditions. For some, this could mean that the device will only last for a couple of hours, while for others, this means that their laptops can only last for a few minutes.

Sure, while it’s easy to conclude that your laptop screen might just be too bright or a ton of programs are running secretly on the background, having poor battery life could suggest even more serious problems that require immediate laptop replacement.

Weird Noises From The Hard Drive

Do you hear strange metallic noises while running your laptop? Similar to the rest of the other issues mentioned on the list, this problem could be a result of varying reasons. Among these include the possibility of dust accumulation, malware problems, overheating, or worse, the mechanical parts of the hard drive are wearing out.

In the case of dust accumulation, you’ll only need to take your laptop into the nearest repair shop to crack it open and wipe the system clean. Meanwhile, for the last three, this could suggest the need for some anti-virus software, a fan replacement, a hard drive replacement or, in most cases, the need to buy a new laptop model.

To be sure about which among these you need, it’s best to consult a professional IT expert and let him or her do an extensive laptop check-up.

You Can’t Install The Latest Operating System

Whether you’re using Windows or Mac, updating your laptop’s operating system to its latest version is a necessary task to keep your device’s system secure and optimal. Not only will this shield you from potential cyberattacks but doing so also promises improved laptop features for better user experience.

However, if you’re using older models, upgrading to the latest operating system might not be possible. This is because Microsoft and Apple always present a definitive list of devices that can only support the latest version of an operating system to compel users to purchase new ones.

If you’ve tried to download and run the current version of its operating system but failed, then that likely means you need to ditch your old device and go for a newer model.

Frequent Crashing

Another issue that torments laptop users is the problem of frequent app crashing. Not only is this time-consuming, but it can also result in delayed tasks and loss of work due to unsaved files.

If you’re currently encountering problems with your laptop due to frequent crashing, this could indicate some serious problems, including software or malware issues. To identify the cause, you can run a virus scan or a software diagnosis. If the problem remains, then that means you need to replace your machine for a new one.

The Bottom Line

Think you need to go and purchase a new laptop model? Be sure to take note of these five tell-tale signs and consult an IT professional today!

Last updated on November 17th, 2022 at 08:47 pm

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