5 Sites For Easy Text To Audio Conversion

In the age of the Internet, where people have the option to be mobile and have a portable work setup, having the convenience of text to audio conversion has become a valuable option. From having the ability to check the content you have written to ‘reading’ emails, such tools can definitely improve many people’s lifestyles. This can be helpful for professionals who are always on-the-go.

Aside from making the lives of professionals more convenient and easier, text to speech features are also useful in more serious situations. This tool can help assist individuals with literacy difficulties and visual disabilities. Moreover, it can help make written content more accessible to the elderly and language learners.


With the many uses of this tool, you might be interested in incorporating it into your lifestyle. Not sure how to go about this? Here is a list of the five of the best sites for text to speech conversion.

Text to Audio Conversion Sites

1. Google Cloud

One of the best options to convert text to audio is using Google Cloud’s Text-to-Speech feature. It offers an amazingly efficient speech synthesis using WaveNet, making the speech seem more natural. It utilizes Google’s machine learning capability to improve its voice presentation. With the number of users Google has, you can expect a highly effective conversion.


Another great thing about this tool is that you can choose from more than 180 voices across over 30 languages. This makes the function useful for non-English speakers, as well as for learners of new languages. You can also integrate it into various applications and devices, maximizing its potentials.

2. Text2Speech

Just like Google Cloud’s Text-to-Speech function, Text2Speech offers an option to simply paste the text into a box and simply push a button to read the written content. You can use this site to convert long-form content as it can accommodate a maximum number of 4,000 characters per session. It has a simple function that makes it easy and fast to use.

After you convert written content to an audio file, you can choose a file format that best suits your preferences. You have two options: MP3 and WAV file formats. Aside from downloading the file, you also have the choice to play it right then and there.


3. TTS Reader

If you want to convert longer content, you can choose to use TTS Reader. This can accommodate entire PDFs and ebooks which you can listen to just by uploading the file. You also have the luxury to choose a suitable voice and speed for your listening session. There are voices for other languages such as Russian, Korean, Italian and other options as well.

The best thing about the TTS Reader is that you can modify the way the system reads your text. You can add pauses to make the ‘reading’ seem more natural. If you wish to have a copy of the audio, you can simply hit the record button and play the converted version. Keep in mind that you can only record up to 10 minutes of audio.

4. Natural Reader

As the name suggests, this website offers natural speech generation to help you get immersed in the content. You can simply paste the text or upload a file to convert it. In fact, you can even upload an image filled with words and the system will use its OBB function to decipher the written content. After conversion, you have the option to download an MP3, as well as choose a voice and speed.

5. Note Vibes

Note Vibes is another option you can use to convert text to audio. The free version of this tool offers a relatively natural voice for your listening session. With the 85 natural voices combined with a realistic voice generation, Note Vibes is definitely a strong choice. You can also choose to purchase a subscription in order to maximize the utilities you have access to. Just like the other sites, you can choose the voice, speed, and pitch of the speech generation. You can also download an MP3 file of the audio, so you can listen to it even outside the website.

The Bottom Line

With these sites, you can listen to written text without any worries. Whether you are a professional or a person with challenges, you can definitely improve your life using a text to audio conversion tool.

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