Watch Videos, Movies & TV Shows On a Mobile Phone

If you like movies or watching TV shows in your spare time, you can now use the VideoBuddy app to add to your film collection. This app lets people with Android devices download movies and TV shows for free.


It also stops annoying ads and pop-ups, making watching movies fun. VideoBuddy's best feature is finding movies and TV shows you can download to your device.

The app also acts as a video player, so you can watch the downloaded shows with great tools to improve your watching experience. Learn more about VideoBuddy’s features below.


About VideoBuddy

VideoBuddy is an app that lets people download and watch any video they find online. The app has simple features that make it easy for people to use. People can download videos for free from Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and any other social app.

The app is known worldwide for making it easy and quick to find entertainment. It helps users easily download movies, TV shows, study videos, and other videos.


All of the things you can watch on VideoBuddy are free. Even after weeks of using this app, you won't have to pay for its content. This app is free for life, and you can watch and download your favorite shows whenever you want.

You can get the same content for free in this app instead of paying for Netflix, Amazon Prime Videos, Hulu, Hotstar, etc. This app is a great way to save money and keep yourself entertained.

What Content Can You Stream on VideoBuddy?

VideoBuddy gives you access to the best videos, shows, Live TV, web series, cartoons, movies, and more. There are also sections that highlight the content coming out soon.

On VideoBuddy, you can also make your own watchlist and add your favorite movies. You can also put movies you want to watch later in a watchlist called "Watch later." This list will be saved to your account, and you can access it from any device as long as you're signed in. 

Download Movies and Shows For Free 

Users of VideoBuddy can download anything they want for free. You can download funny videos, trailers for movies or TV shows, short video clips, full TV shows and movies, etc.

You can even download videos from apps like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and more. This service makes downloading reels, stories, status updates, and video posts easy.

VideoBuddy lets users watch as many of their favorite movies as they want. Moreover, this allows you to watch and download movies that are either big hits or flops.

It has HD movies that can be watched online or downloaded even if your internet speed is slow. On VideoBuddy, you can download movies in the best quality possible.

Features of the Videobuddy App

VideoBuddy will get all of your videos in every format and put them in their own folders in one place. Aside from being able to play all video formats, it has some unique features that can be accessed with a single tap.

For example, the "information" button will tell you the size and location of your file. Another great feature is the "jump to" button, which lets you go right to the part of the video you want to watch.

This video player has a "screenshot" button that lets you save your favorite parts of the video. Another great thing about this movie app is that it has buttons called "10 seconds forward" and "10 seconds rewind" that let the user move forward or backward in the video in any way they want.

What Video Formats Are Compatible With VideoBuddy? 

The app works with all the formats used to make videos, such as the following.

  • AVI
  • 3GP
  • WMV
  • RMVB
  • M4V
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MKV
  • TS
  • MPG
  • FLV

What Is the Video Quality on the VideoBuddy App?

The app developers want VideoBuddy users to have the best viewing experience possible. Videos in 4k HD High Definition play without any buffering. When you play videos on your mobile devices, there is no lag. 

Where Can You Get the VideoBuddy App?

You can get the VideoBuddy from the Google Play Store. The app was designed and launched for Android devices only. 

The VideoBuddy app is free to download and use. Although there are some ads on the app, it doesn't add much weight to your mobile device and doesn't weigh it down. 

How to Play Videos on the App

To play videos on the app, you must grant permission to the app to access your phone’s file storage, including photos, media, and other files. It will automatically scan for the video files saved on your gallery.

VideoBuddy will check the video files on your internal storage and display the original folder of the video files.

Once you click the folder, select the video you want to play. Then, the VideoBuddy app will instantly play the one you’ve chosen. 

Viewing Features

Like any other video player app, VideoBuddy lets you lock and unlock the video to have an uninterrupted watching session. If you lock the video, the settings will not change even if you accidentally touch the screen or press any key.

It is also possible to rewind and move the video forward by 10 seconds. However, you skip the video on the time stamp you want to watch by dragging the progress indicator with time on the bottom of the screen. There’s also a “Jump to” option where you can manually input the time stamp.

What Are the Video Player Tools on the VideoBuddy App?

The VideoBuddy app also lets you pause the video instantly by tapping the center portion of your phone or the “pause” button. You can choose various aspect ratios, from original, simple, stretched, or cropped.

Users can also adjust the brightness and the right portion to turn the volume up or down. To change the videos you watch, you have to swipe your fingers left or right.

Moreover, the app lets you check the details of the current video you are playing. This includes the resolution, file size, format, and duration.

Can You Watch Videos With Subtitles on the VideoBuddy App? 

The VideoBuddy app also supports subtitles and closed captions. If the subtitles are embedded in the video file, it will display them immediately. However, you can manually select the subtitle file in your storage to add it to your video while playing it.


VideoBuddy is a video player and video downloading program that allows users to save and view videos from any website. Videos from social media platforms, including Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and more, are available for free.

Last updated on April 6th, 2023 at 07:04 am

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