Discover The 10 Best Event Apps

Organizing events in this age of technology becomes easier with the help of various applications that provide the tools needed to host virtual or in-person events. The usual features of these apps include messaging, agenda, attendee’s profiles, and many more to make the event successful.

Event applications are created for organizers and attendees to have the best possible experience during the event. Check below some of the best event apps out there to assist you in your next event. Also, learn how and where to download these event apps on your phone.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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Starting the list with the app that bagged the “Best Event App” at the Event Technology Awards. The Whova app is widely recognized as a top event app by having comprehensive features such as the attendees' complete professional profiles, allowing attendees to plan their experience, and many more.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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Whova lets the attendees look at the profiles of the other attendees whom they can meet before and after the conference. Through this feature, the participants can expand their networks. Also, Whova gives the attendees the freedom to choose the session and panel they deem perfect for their interest.

Organizers can attract more attendees using Whova because of its low-cost pricing for tickets. The registration fee costs 2% + $0.99 and capped at $15, which is one of the lowest rates among other event apps. The Whova app is free to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.



Attendify is one of the most user-friendly event apps available on the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The app’s features are easy to use, which makes event creations so much more fun. Users can create an event using a drag-and-drop tool on the app that potential attendees can immediately see.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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Event organizers can create a private event within the social network. The app allows users to do photo sharing, messaging, have a social timeline, likes, comments, and create personal profiles. Even big institutions such as Google, American Airlines, and Harvard University use Attendify for its user-friendly features.

The app's other features include speaker bios, agendas, tracks, maps, sponsors lits, quick polling, notification center, etc. A virtual event hosted on any screen costs $1,999 per event, and there are other add-ons.



Regarded as one of the event apps that has unique features, EventX offers full-stack management event solutions. It means that all features are in one platform, which makes it easy to navigate. EventX boasts itself as a comprehensive event app, best fit for the needs of organizers and attendees.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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EventX highlights the importance of audience or attendees’ participation throughout the event; thus, it has features like a notification center, polling options, and Live Q&A. One of its unique features is the business card scanning option.

This feature allows the attendees and organizers to have a list of business cards and contact information of their potential clients and business partners. The pricing of each event depends on the features to be availed by the organizer. EventX is free to download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Eventee - Your Event Buddy

Eventee is known for its sleek design on its mobile app interface. Besides the design, Eventee has features that help the organizers to connect more with the attendees and gain insight from the event itself. Eventee is free to download on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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The app has event analytics that shows the success of the event through the number of attendees and their engagement. There are also features for live polling, live Q&A, and notifications for attendees’ participation.

The basic account on Eventee is for free, but you can only organize one event per year without premium features. To enjoy premium features, unlimited attendees, and other great perks, subscribe to either of the plans: Premium Plan that is $999/year, Business Plan that is $1,999/year, and Enterprise Plan that is $3,999/year.

Aventri Events

Virtual or in-person events are made easy to organize using the Aventri app. It is designed to organize various events such as conferences, meetings, showrooms, and many more. To the organizers, it is recommended to use the app, especially if you want to provide a more personalized experience for the attendees.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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The app shows attendees’ app usage, conference participation, session attendance, and even connections made with other attendees. With this information, the organizer can send notifications or invites for events that suit the attendees’ preferences on agenda, location, etc.

Aventri has other features like messaging, networking, activity feed, floor plan, exhibitors, and many more. The pricing of the event is based on the customized features that you are going to use, so the price is available upon request. But, Aventri offers a standard price of $3,000 per year. Aventri can be downloaded on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


Adding some fun to the event can help attract more attendees and make the event more memorable. The organizers must take into consideration to use of EventMobi for the upcoming event because it offers not only basic tools for organizing but also an Event Gamification feature.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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The attendees can earn points by playing some games and by accomplishing various missions. EventMobi has event registration, event networking, appointment booking, and polls & survey feature for a complete event experience. The app is also available in 26 different languages catering to their 11,000 clients.

A single event using EventMobi is $3,500, while the annual subscription is $14,900. The prices vary depending on the customized features to be availed. The EventMobi app is free to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


The Superevent app is best for organizing relatively small events or meetings. Small companies or private social networks can benefit from the app as it has some exclusivity while enjoying the features it has to offer. Also, users can organize events that the app can publish quickly.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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The app is known for its interactive features like live polling, live Q&A, and live voting. It is also possible to personalize the schedules and create location-based beacons. Superevent follows a freemium model that allows users to create events tailor-fitted to their needs and idea for the event.

Superevent is also available in various languages to cater to a larger number of attendees. To organize an event with more than 50 attendees, the organizers must subscribe to a Premium plan that starts at $454. The Superevent app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

Eventspace By SpotMe

Eventspace app is powered by SpotMe that created a hybrid event app that focuses on the engagements of the attendees. This app has an intuitive virtual feature that encourages the participation of the event or conference attendees.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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The app connects all your events in just one space. It records all the schedules of meetings and conferences as synched from the user’s calendar. The app is patterned to social media platforms where the attendees can start conversations with other attendees about the event’s agenda.

This feature allows future collaborations and partnerships among its attendees. Creating an event in the app takes only a few minutes, and the organizers can use all the tools available such as notifications, reminders, and follow-ups. The Eventspace app is available on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

CrowdCompass Events

Communicating with the attendees is one of the most important aspects of event organizing. The organizers must connect with the attendees before, during, and even after the event. Fortunately, the CrowdCompass app is there to help the event organizers.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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The app is known for its communication feature that the attendees can use. It is helpful, especially when the participants are not in one place, to communicate easily through the app. There is a push notification option for the organizers whenever an attendee enters the platform.

The organizers can easily keep track of the attendees and their engagement. The other great features include gamification, agenda-setting, discussion and networking, sponsor advertising, and many more.


Bizzabo is an all-in-one event app that caters to the needs of event organizers. The app garners positive reviews from its users due to its user-friendly features like creating an event because they can launch the event in just a few minutes. The app is available for virtual, in-person, and hybrid events.

Discover The 10 Best Event Apps
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Event organizers also use the app for registration and ticketing purposes because Bizzabo allows the attendees to process their payment. There are various options for attendees to transact their payments through the app. So, the organizers can have a centralized list of paid attendees.

For hybrid events, the app can be used for mobile check-ins. The agendas and schedules are also shown in the app so the attendees would not miss an event. Bizzabo can be downloaded on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store.


Mobile applications help event organizers put together interesting, engaging, and fun meetings, conferences, and exhibits. Some event apps have unique features that stand out from the rest, may it be on attendees’ engagement, communication, and even pricing.

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