How to Make a Backup Simply and Efficiently - Applications that Can Help

Technology is as unpredictable as it is convenient, and that is especially true when it comes to data and information. Every day, you gather new pieces of data, in the form of media, contacts, or applications that you store on your devices.

Since your data is very integral to many aspects of your personal and professional life, its safety is of the utmost importance. That’s why it’s vital to keep a backup of all your important data before a technical glitch can result in data loss.


Though many devices have inbuilt backup and restore options, some apps can add on to it with several other features. If you’re looking for a similar app to keep your data safe, you can check out our best picks for backup apps.

How to Make a Backup Simply and Efficiently - Applications that Can Help

Super Backup & Restore

Super Backup & Restore app claims to be the fastest tool for the Android platform for data backup and restoration. The app lets you back up contacts, call logs, SMS messages, calendars, and applications to your SD card. 


Apart from that, you can also store and backup mp3 files of your phone call recordings. The primary app language is English but you have the option to translate to 10 other languages including Italian and Russian. 

It’s important to note that the app only backs up applications with a .apk extension and may not support any other format.

Availability: Android and iOS devices


Price: $0.99

Backup & Restore

This is one of the top choices for app and media backups, restorations, and transfers between devices. The app provides users the convenience and security of backing their data directly to Google Drive. 

Thus it saves huge chunks of your phone storage from getting used up in backups. You can also backup data to external storage like an SD card or USB. Using the app, you can keep your call logs and applications safe in cloud storage. 

Other amazing features include app downgrade options, wireless transfers, and regular virus scans. Kindly note that that this app can only back up .apk files and not the app data on your device.

Availability: Android

Price: Free

G Cloud Backup

There’s almost nothing on your device that this app can’t back up. You can easily safeguard your contacts, call logs, messages (SMS), documents, photos (at full resolution), settings, videos, music, and apps. 

The app securely stores everything by means of cloud storage, which is extended by 50 MBs every day. Moreover, G Cloud Backup is protected with a passcode so that your data is secure even if your device is lost. 

While most of the features are available for free, you might have to pay for extra cloud storage.

Availability: Android and iOS devices

Price: Free, but has in-app purchases

Swift Backup

Swift is one of the most elegant and highly UX-oriented apps for backup and restorations. The app lets you back up your important data on Google Drive, Dropbox, ownCloud, and Nextcloud. 

Using Swift, you can easily store apps, messages (SMS), call logs, and even applied wallpapers in the cloud. You can also schedule automatic backups in the premium version. 

Though it’s a paid service, Swift has a 10-day unconditional refund policy. If you’re not satisfied with the features, you can email their support team and your refund will be issued with no questions asked.

Availability: Android

Price: Free to download, but has in-app purchases 

How to Make a Backup Simply and Efficiently - Applications that Can Help


Voila! Now you have a handy list of some of the best backup and restore apps available for your device. Just like you need to back up your computer, you also need to back up your phone. 

Now you never have to worry about losing your precious photos, videos, or data from your device. These apps will also take away the unnecessary hassle of manually transferring files in case you buy a new device.

Last updated on December 28th, 2022 at 06:37 pm

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