The Aging App: How Make Me Old Works and How to Download it for Free

There was a time when the internet ‘broke’ because of photos that made people look old or young. It went so viral that even celebrities joined the trend, such as the Jonas Brothers and Gordon Ramsay. People would agree that their timeline or newsfeed back then was full of these images.

When people thought it was just going to be a week-long trend, they were wrong. At present, there are still many who enjoy seeing their faces age using different mobile apps.


More than half a million people have tried the Make me Old mobile app. It is described as a face aging and face scanner app. Learn more about the features of the Make me Old app and how people enjoy making their faces age.

  • Learning About the Make me Old App
  • Make Your Face Look Old
  • Adding Some Fun to the Aged Face
  • Ensuring Safety on the Make me Old App
The Aging App: How Make Me Old Works and How to Download it for Free
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Learning About the Make me Old App

The Make me Old app’s name says it all because it primarily makes faces, young or old, using a simple and user-friendly interface.

The Aging App: How Make Me Old Works and How to Download it for Free
Image Source: India Times

The app was released in August 2019 and quickly garnered over 500,000 downloads. The Make me Old app has proven that it makes the faces of its user look older even after 20, 30, or 40 years. It was made possible as they incorporated a high-ranking portrayal technology on this face aging app.


It is indeed interesting that with the help of technology, people can envision what they will look like in the future. The trend was prompted by numerous apps which let the users upload or take a photo of their face. After a few seconds, they get the final product: their aged look.

Though the trend has died down, some may say they might be a little late on the trend, or they might still be hooked on the trend. Regardless, their photos still receive countless likes, comments, and reactions from their friends.

Downloading the Make MeOld App

People can easily install the Make me Old app as it is free to download on Google Play Store, only available for Android devices. Look for the app by searching “Make me Old - Face Aging, Face Scanner & Age App” in the app store's search bar.


The app will then ask permission to access the phone’s camera and storage. Since the Make me Old app will ask whether the user would want to choose photos from the gallery or the camera.

There is also an option for users to take a new picture processed in the app.

Make Your Face Look Old

Upon allowing the app to access the phone’s storage and camera, users can now easily enjoy the features of Make me Old. They may choose whether they want to use an old photo or take a new selfie to process.

The Aging App: How Make Me Old Works and How to Download it for Free
Image Source: Health Magazine

After settling with the image to process, the app will automatically try to locate the main features of the user’s face. So, it is important that the image to be used is clear and focuses only on one face. Though the app will try its best to identify the eyes, lips, and chin.

In the case that the app can not find these features, users can easily drag the position markers. The position markers must be on the eyes, lips, and the curve of the chin so that it will lead to more accurate and sharp changes. Once settled, click the “Let’s Go” button.

No patience is needed because the result will appear in a matter of seconds. Users can then compare the transformation before and after so that they can have a clear grasp of the changes that occured.

Unlimited Chances for Transformation

Since the app is entirely free, users can enjoy transforming their faces as much as they want. There is no limit to how many times they can use the Make me Old app.

Moreover, the app allows users to redo an upload, especially in aligning the position markers. Since these markers affect the result of the transformation, it is important to have it positioned in the right place.

The Make me Old app also provides a reset button. The downside is that users will have to start from scratch, meaning they will either have to reupload the photo or retake it.

Adding Some Fun to the Aged Face

Make me Old users like the app because it has features that focus on editing the aged face, so, users do not need to process the result or transform the image to another external photo-editing mobile app.

The Aging App: How Make Me Old Works and How to Download it for Free
Image Source: Business Insider

These are some simple tools but may help turn the photo a little more fun. One tool is allowing users to use stickers from the available templates and packs.

These stickers can be added easily depending on the style or preferences of the users, wherein they can easily drag them to position or pinch them to resize.

Some available stickers are eyeglasses, smiling lips, funny poses, wacky faces, and many more. Users can choose as many as they like depending on the final look they wish to achieve.

Enhance Your Image with Fonts

The second one is the text which consists of text fonts and colors available on the Make me Old app.

There are over 25 available fonts that users will surely love as they are all fancy and not just bland, classic, and standard fonts. They may choose from calligraphy, fancy, shape-based fonts, and others.

In addition, the users can select from the vast library of available font colors.

Save and Share the Old You

In a few minutes, users can finish a transformation by making their faces look old. After adding texts and stickers, they may now save the final result of editing and change.

The Aging App: How Make Me Old Works and How to Download it for Free
Image Source: Metro

By clicking the Save button on the lower right corner of the screen, the image will be rendered and save automatically in the phone’s storage. Once the photo is rendered, the Make me Old app will preview the final image.

Users might opt to delete the picture if they did not like the transformation through the trash bin button found in the upper right corner of the screen.

If they wish to delete it through the app, the ones saved on the phone’s storage will also be erased.

Sharing Your Aged Image

The other option is to share the photo across different social media platforms.

The users just need to link their social media accounts so that the app will be the one to post the image automatically.

They may share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, WhatsApp, and even cloud storage and email.

Ensuring Safety on the Make me Old App

The Make me Old app ensures its users that it is safe, especially when handling their personal information including their photos. Some critics would say that it is unsafe to use such apps because they will access people’s faces and may be used for a potential data breach.

The Aging App: How Make Me Old Works and How to Download it for Free
Image Source: Google Play Store

Before users proceed with the app, they should make sure to read its privacy policy. It is stated that they collect personal information from its users to provide them a personalized, useful, and efficient experience.

Moreover, they limit the information they collect to only the social network’s personal information and gallery pictures.

Make me Old also contains non-personal identification information about installed apps, usage information, and device information. Lastly, they comply with the requirements of the EU ePrivacy Directive and General Data Protection Regulation.

Disadvantages in Using the Make me Old App

According to user reviews, the Make me Old app does have its downsides. The first one, mentioned above, is the reset feature where their progress will not be saved even if they just want to undo a specific position marker. It takes time to take another photo.

The second one mainly affects the users’ experience on the app as patience is required because of the intrusive ads. Some say that while the transformation is just three seconds, the ads make the process much longer, around 15-30 seconds long.

These intrusive video advertisements begin playing randomly, especially if there will be dull time on the app. Though it may affect the users’ experience, they said they can not complain because the app has no premium plan, so they just have to be patient with these ads.


Even though the viral trend of these aging transformations on social media has died off, some people still find it joyful to see their faces look old. The Make me Old app helps them achieve this image with the help of their high-ranking portrayal technology.

Users can transform their faces 20, 30, or even 40 years in the future. Moreover, the app offers some features to make the transformation a little fun by adding stickers and texts.

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