How To Download Videoleap Editor From The Play Store

It is no easy feat to create an excellent and exciting video even with the help of video editing mobile apps. Given that the mobile version of these editing apps is somewhat limited in terms of functions and tools, people can still create and edit amazing videos.

One of the biggest advantages of mobile video editing apps is their convenience and accessibility. If an app has easy-to-use yet complete functions and tools, novice editors can enjoy coming up with fantastic projects that can look like it was made by a professional.


There may be many video editing apps available, but users trust the Videoleap app. It is designed to help amateur video editors create unique projects using simple yet numerous video editing tools. Learn more below about Videoleap and its list of excellent features to enjoy.

  • Learn About The Breakthrough Video Editing App
  • Using The Video Editing App Fit For Anyone
  • Learning The Basic Movie Editing Tools
  • Editing Like A Pro On Videoleap
How To Download Videoleap Editor From The Play Store
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Learn About The Breakthrough Video Editing App

Even though there are many video editing apps available, it is difficult to find the best one that fits the need of the users, especially those who have limited knowledge of video editing. There are apps that are simple but with few video editing tools or functions, while some have many tools but are challenging to use.

How To Download Videoleap Editor From The Play Store
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For those looking for the best app that suits their preference, they should check out the Videoleap app. It has excellent user reviews on iOS App Store. Users love the simple design and functionality of the app, while the tools are still complex and necessary to create the best video projects.


The Videoleap app aims to help users to start making amazing videos by providing fun and powerful video editing tools. The app wants its users to produce high-quality movie clips in just a few minutes. It means that users can process, edit, and render the output in minimal time with the simple tools of Videoleap.

Users can enjoy the essential functions and tools on the app like applying an artistic effect, mixing videos with images, adding texts, doing layer transformations, and many more. Users can explore many tools to maximize what the app can help them with their current video project.

Get The Videoleap App Features 

Lightricks Ltd. initially launched the Videoleap app on iOS devices, and recently, they released the app on Android devices. So, the Videoleap app is available to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Users may find the app by searching Videoleap Editor by Lightricks.


The app uses the freemium model where the users can enjoy the basic features of Videoleap. However, the app has two options for subscription: the first one is a monthly subscription that costs $7.99, and the one-time payment that costs $60.39. 

There is a free trial of the premium subscription on the app, but not everyone can enjoy it. Users who subscribed to a premium option before the end of the free trial will forfeit it automatically upon purchase. Note that the subscriptions to Videoleap immediately start after the free trial ends.

Using The Video Editing App Fit For Anyone

Videoleap sells itself as an app wherein users can discover how fun and easy it is to craft high-quality videos. The team branded the app as a breakthrough video editor for users who can utilize it for artistic projects, Hollywood-level films, or just memorable and sentimental video clips for friends and loved ones.

How To Download Videoleap Editor From The Play Store
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True to its self-description, the Videoleap app strives to become one of the best apps that suit the need of the users. For professionals, they can maximize the high-end editing tools and features of Videoleap. Meanwhile, novice or beginners can use the app for casual purposes by quickly navigating its functions.

The app understands that most of the users start using the app with a project in mind. Thus, it caters to users’ needs whether they want to edit movies or create videos for Instagram, TikTok, or other social media platforms. Videolapp helps to fit into the desired format of the user's video.

One of the best selling points of Videoleap is that users can have fun while cutting and mixing clips. The app ensures that every feature is simple and can be used by anyone. For example, beginners can easily apply video filters, do green screen composting, and many more.

Features Best Fit For Beginners

One of the main worries of beginners in video editing is that the app will lower the original video quality. But, Videoleap does not do that as it is a non-destructive video editing app that retains the original high-quality resolution of the video. Thus, users will not have to worry about the quality of the final output.

It is expected that new users will still need time to explore the tools and their functions and will make several mistakes. Videoleap got the users covered as the app offers an unlimited undo and redo function. Users can correct their errors without limit.

In video editing, it is essential that users can see the timeline for frame precision. Videoleap helps the users by providing an intuitive timeline with a zoom function that allows for better accuracy in editing. Even though the phone screen is relatively small, users can still clearly see the timeline frame by frame.

Learning The Basic Movie Editing Tools

Videoleap offers many more editing tools for the artistic effect of the videos. The other movie editing tools available on the app are the green screen, or chroma key composting and fit or cut video clips to format to place videos on blank or colored canvas.

How To Download Videoleap Editor From The Play Store
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For precision on video editing that will help the users get the ideal visuals of their clip, Videoleap offers several precise video editing and rich capabilities tools. The app's basic features include clip editing like cut, duplicate, flip, mirror, split, transform, and trim. 

It is also possible to adjust the speed of the video for slow-motion and faster transitions. Users can easily adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation of the clip for better color correction. But, there are also available filters to get the ideal vibe of the project, like black and white, sepia, etc.

In addition, users can change the aspect ratio and fit clips automatically. This is very helpful, especially for beginners, because changing the aspect ratio of the clips manually takes so much time. Lastly, the app can customize the color of the background of the clips with the help of green screen composting.

Special Video Effects And Filters

There are premium video effects available with a subscription, but users will love them as it drastically enhances the quality of the project. Videoleap allows users to have a unique and adjustable film filter for every clip or moment, which the users can achieve the tone and vibe for each part.

Some of the video effects are Chromatic Aberration, Prism, Defocus, and Pixelate. Remember, users must know when to correctly use these special video effects because they can affect the mood of a certain clip or part of the video project.

One of the most important tools in video editing is the text tool because it will clarify the parts of the project more often than not. Thus, Videoleap offers various fonts, colors, emojis, opacity, shadows, and blending that users can utilize to enhance the video quality.

Editing Like A Pro On Videoleap

As mentioned, Videoleap gives opportunities for beginners to produce outputs like a professional with the help of the available creative cinematic compositions features. Users can easily mix images and videos that will make double exposures with an artistic look.

How To Download Videoleap Editor From The Play Store
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Since there will be several elements on a clip, such as images, videos, effects, and texts, Videoleap offers layer-based editing. Users can reorder the elements however they like and whatever they seem necessary to make the clip visually pleasing. 

Users can further customize the layers with available tools on blending, masking, and transformations. In addition, Videoleap provides a way for users to apply seamless and cinematic transitions to their video clips for a better quality of the project.

Lastly, the app has several tools for sound editing, like adjusting audio fade in and fade out and controlling audio volume and speed. Users can choose over 100 sound effects available on the app or add their dub audio or voice-overs. There are also equalizer presets for better audio quality.

Other Things Users Need To Know About Videoleap

The Videoleap app ensures that no users will get lost exploring its features, tools, and functionalities. The app offers helpful mini-tutorials for the basic and special tools. Users may access these before or during their editing process.

All the projects, finished or unfinished, are auto-saved on the app, so users will not have to worry about accidentally closing the app. Also, the app allows the users to get a full-screen preview of their project to check on which part needs further improvement and editing. 

Users may also access the vast library of stock footage, including green screen videos and overlays. It can help them practice editing or use them for the quality improvement of their video project.


The Videoleap app considers itself a breakthrough video editing app because of the complex and almost complete editing tools and features while ensuring that even beginners can maximize the app's potential for a professional-like quality output.

Moreover, the app offers comprehensive tutorials for each feature and stock footage that users can utilize to improve their work.

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