How To Save On Medical Costs With The GoodRx App

Everyone spends a good fortune on prescription medicines annually. This is to keep our health in check. So, people are looking for ways to cut the cost of these prescriptions by looking for alternatives, pharmacies with lower prices, or even coupons.

Nowadays, coupons are pretty popular to get discounts on a variety of items, including prescriptions. One great app that offers these coupons is GoodRx which has a lot more to offer to the users.


Check out how you can redeem these coupons on GoodRx and save some costs on your medicine. Also, read below all the great features of GoodRx.

  • What Is GoodRx?
  • What Are GoodRx Coupons?
  • What Is The Expiration Policy Of GoodRx Coupons?
  • What Is GoodRx Gold?
  • What Are The Other Services Of GoodRx?
How To Save On Medical Costs With The GoodRx App
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What Is GoodRx?

The company behind GoodRx primarily aims to help people afford medicine. Believing that everyone has the right to affordable and convenient healthcare, the company developed an application that helps people find the best price for their drugs.

How To Save On Medical Costs With The GoodRx App
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At present, GoodRx has helped more than 22 million people in saving their money when buying their prescriptions since its release in 2011. This is proof that users trust and like the company’s vision by putting the customers first and advocating for equity.


Also, the app continues to grow in terms of the number of users. It now records over 18 million people checking out how they can save money through GoodRx monthly. The company operates GoodRx through the official website and mobile application.

Both platforms are user-friendly by being easy to navigate and with a simple user interface design. GoodRx mobile application is both free to download in the  Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. The mobile app of GoodRx is one of the top-rated health-related mobile applications out there.

How To Sign Up With GoodRx

GoodRx does not require everyone to sign up on the application, especially if you use a primary or free account. This is true for both the website and mobile app. So, you can redeem coupons without signing in.


There is an option to sign up even if you are using the free account. This is if you want to receive price alerts, savings, and news on your prescriptions.

If you are a GoodRx Gold member or have a premium subscription, you will be asked to sign in. You need to enter your registered email address or phone number. 

What Are GoodRx Coupons?

The primary service that GoodRx offer is coupons. They provide coupons to the users so they can get a discount in buying their prescribed medicines. The discount can range to 80% off the original price.

How To Save On Medical Costs With The GoodRx App
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You need to go to the website or the mobile app and then search for the medicine you are looking for. GoodRx will list all the pharmacies where the specific medicine is available together with its corresponding price. 

You can easily compare the prices from the pharmacies and find the most affordable one. The app shows the medicine’s original price from that pharmacy and the discounted price if using a GoodRx coupon. 

Since the app shows all the pharmacies, you can limit the distance of the pharmacies to be shown from your current location. You can save time jumping from one pharmacy to another to survey their prices. Lastly, you can save time and go directly to a pharmacy to buy the medicine with guaranteed availability.

How To Redeem GoodRx Coupons

After searching for the medicine on the app, you only need to choose among the various options. Once you clicked that option, a coupon will automatically pop up on your screen, which you need to save or screenshot. 

There is also an option where the coupon can be sent in your email. If you want, you can print the coupon. The last step will be presenting the coupon at the pharmacy that you have chosen when paying for the medicine.

You might wonder how we will know if the pharmacy will accept the coupon? It’s easy; all the listed pharmacies are partners of GoodRx. It means that it is guaranteed that pharmacies will honor the coupon. If not, GoodRx has a hotline for that.

What Is The Expiration Policy For GoodRx Coupons?

This is a frequently asked question about the GoodRx Coupons since people do not easily fall for such good deals. Being true to its mission and vision, GoodRx does not set an expiration for the redeemed coupons.

How To Save On Medical Costs With The GoodRx App
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It simply means you can use and reuse the coupons as often as you like. Yes, you can use the voucher unlimited times. This is one reason why people are pleased with the services of GoodRx, and they save the time of people from redeeming coupons every single time. 

It would be best if you were wary of the prices of the prescription medicines before you go and pick them up at the pharmacy. The discounted price of the medicine might change or vary from time to time due to the actual price fluctuations.

The discounted price might vary because GoodRx bases its discount range on the actual cost of the medicine. If there will be an increase in the market price, then the discounted price might also increase. To make sure you get the best price,  it is recommended to print a new coupon each time you fill or refill a prescription. 

What Is The GoodRx Blog?

Aside from the discounts you can get from the GoodRx coupon, the app also provides you necessary and relevant information about different medicines. This is through their blog available on their website.

The blog contents include Latest News on Drug Prices, Recalls, Savings Tips & More, Medicine & Health, Community & People, Data & Insights, and the Company. With this range of information, you will indeed find an answer to your questions.

GoodRx offers this information to be knowledgeable enough, especially about the prescriptions that you must take in. There are also a lot of health-related questions that will satisfy your curiosity. You can subscribe to the latest news and information once you signed up on the app.

What Is GoodRx Gold?

The basic account in GoodRx has lots of great perks already. If you want to have a better experience using the GoodRx discount coupons, you may opt to subscribe to a premium account - GoodRx Gold. 

How To Save On Medical Costs With The GoodRx App
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You can save more once you are a GoodRx Gold user. How? The discount rates are higher compared to the basic accounts. Also, there will be more options for you to choose from in terms of the pharmacies available to pick up your medicines.

There are two options for you on GoodRx Gold. You can go for an individual premium or a family premium. The individual package premium is billed at $5.99 monthly, whereas the family package premium costs $9.99 per month.

The family package premium can accommodate five more members of the family. You may also include your pets in the package. Yes, Good Rx recognizes that pets are part of the family and must be taken care of as well.

What Is A GoodRx Prescription Discount Card?

GoodRx releases a prescription discount card to the users who wish to use it. This is for free. You may use this card to get up to an 80% discount on prescription drugs available and honored over 70,000 pharmacies all over the US.

You may request this discount card by filling out the necessary information on the website of GoodRx. You will be asked to submit your full name, mailing address, including your zip code and state, and email address.

What Are The Other Services Of GoodRx?

Aside from getting discount coupons on GoodRx, there are other services that the company offers to its users. These services include online consultation with a doctor and ordering online at-home lab tests. 

How To Save On Medical Costs With The GoodRx App
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You can get at-home laboratory tests through the website of GoodRx. You may have the option to do the test at home or a nearby service center. Booking an appointment is accessible through the website. You can get tested on pregnancy, hepatitis, testosterone, and a lot more.

GoodRx has partnered with reliable and credible testing laboratories across the country. So, you need to choose which is the most convenient for you. Speaking of reliability, the site also has doctor-partners to conduct online consultations.

Through the website of GoodRx, you can easily book an online consultation for health checkups or prescription refills. The service is only $19. You can consult about your sexual health, prescription refill, or general health and preventive care.

How Does GoodRx Manage Data?

It is a given that health records are considered personal information and must not be sold or used for other purposes. People are questioning how does GoodRx manages the information they collect from their users.

The answer is simple. GoodRx assures its users that they handle this information by following ethical standards. There is no need to worry; ever since its operation, GoodRx has an excellent reputation in terms of data privacy. So, your information is safe with them.


With the constant need to buy medicine, people deserve cost-friendly prescription drugs available at the nearest pharmacy. GoodRx tries to help people achieve this vision of equity in health care by providing discount coupons to its users. 

Besides the coupons, you can also avail yourself of the at-home laboratory test or online consultation with a doctor. Lastly, you can also include your pets in their GoodRx Gold premium package for your family.

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