SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App

If you are tired of all the boring ways to share your selfies, this app is a way to make fun of yourself. You can instantly add fun stickers from the app to create a variety of different selfies to share with friends.

Let's take a look at the fun you can have with this camera app to add a story or an idea to your selfies. If you are always posting selfies, you need this app to change your selfies into something different.


Read on and see what this fun camera app can do for all selfie enthusiasts out there.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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About the SNOW App

The SNOW app is a multimedia mobile and image messaging app that is developed by Camp Mobile, which is located in South Korea. Camp Mobile is a sub-company of the South Korean internet search giant, Naver Corporation, which is an early pioneer in the use of user-generated content.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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In collaboration with several different Koren artists, the app was launched in September 2015. In 2016, the company and the app separated from the mother company to go out on their own, becoming the SNOW Corp.


Great Improvement

After the company spun off and became a company of its own, they secured a lot of funding to further improve the app. This includes the newest facial recognition technologies, as well as the development of augmented reality technology.

What Is Included With the SNOW App?

To begin with, you get a bunch of great features included with the SNOW camera app that will help improve your selfie skills drastically. With the app, you have a music mode and a video mode that ease tally makes this a Korean version of the Snapchat app.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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It also comes with an offline version that will still work great even if your data and WiFi is turned off. The app will also remember what you were working on and will just resume if the app accidentally turns off while you are working.


Easily Learn To Use It

Also included with the app is a nice tutorial that will teach you all the features and benefits of the app. This tutorial is easy to use and has clear instructions to teach you how to use the app to its full potential.

Key Features Of the SNOW App

With the SNOW camera app, you have a long list of great features included that will help to improve your overall photography skills. Also added to this great app is several new features to make your searching and accessory adding more fun.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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You can easily create custom beauty effects for a more beautiful version of yourself. Add stylish AR makeup features to all your selfies to improve the overall quality of your photos. Also, there are thousands of stickers available for you to explore, and more are added on a daily basis.

Easy To Use

You can also easily and professionally edit your selfies with only a few taps. All the effects you add to your selfies can be saved and reviewed at a later time, and you can share them with friends.

Other Features Of the SNOW App

The list of features we just mentioned is not all that you get with the SNOW camera app from SNOW Corp. More features are added as they develop them. One of the reasons this app is becoming so popular is because new things are added to it on a regular basis.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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There are great seasonal filters included with the app that add a lot of fun to your selfie photos and color to your daily life. With the Hot Filter search option added to the menu, you can now search for filters that are created by a variety of different creators

You Can Add More

You can also add filters to your selfies in your favorite color to change the overall atmosphere. In the Create Filter feature, you can add up to 3 accessories, including headbands, piercings, earrings, and more. When you lose your internet connection, you can continue using the app in offline mode.

How To Download the SNOW App

The SNOW Camera app is available on most of the popular platforms for all mobile devices. You just need to go to the respective store of your favorite mobile device and download the app from there.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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For those who use iOS mobile devices, go to the App Store and download it from there. If you are an Android mobile device user, you can go to the Google Play Store and quickly download the app onto your device without too much effort.

First Things First

To use the app and all the benefits that come with it, you need to sign up with Facebook or your email address. This can be done in only a few minutes, and you'll have the app up and running in no time.

Cost Of the SNOW App

Getting the SNOW app downloaded and installed on any of your mobile devices will cost you absolutely nothing, except for the data to download it. That is the only way this app will cost you money - by using your data or WiFi to send messages and videos to your friends.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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The only way you can save on data usage with this app is to have unlimited data options available for your phone. Because the app is free, there must be a way for the developers to make money from it, and that is done with ads.

It May Cost You In Time

Even though the app is free, the ads that come with it will slow down your device, as well as the app. This may cost you money in the long run, depending on the service and device you are using for your selfie photo fun.

How To Use the SNOW App

This app is one of the easiest to use and can be used by anyone with only a little bit of app-using experience. There is a tutorial included with the app to teach you if you do not know how to use it.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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After you downloaded the app and have it completely installed and set up on your device, you can get yourself signed up quickly and easily. When all the signing up is done, you can select the app on your device and launch it to start using it.

Easy Accessible Menu Options

When you start the app on your phone, it will automatically load your camera, so you can just go ahead and use it. All the features are available on the screen and can be selected with only a single tap.

How Secure Is the SNOW App?

Included with the app is the feature that will cause the messages to self-destruct after they have been viewed once in default mode. This can be changed by the sender of the message in the options menu so that it can destruct sooner or later, depending on your preference.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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It can easily be set to self-destruct after only the first view or after a few seconds have passed when it was first viewed. The period of self-destruction can also be set for up to 24 hours after it was sent to the contact.

Get Notified

The great thing about the self-destruct feature is that the message will be destroyed after it has been replayed once. You will also be notified if anybody made a screenshot of your selfie. Furthermore, the Live option will order your posts chronologically and erase them after 24 hours.

Functionality Of the SNOW App

This camera app is all about fun, and this app adds a lot of great filters for you to choose from. Providing more fun to your selfies is the main purpose of this app.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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The features included with the app help improve your selfie skills, and you can use the instant sharing feature to share your photos or videos with anyone you choose. This adds to the overall functionality of the camera app from SNOW Corp.

It Is Fun To Use

To improve your overall creativity, there are a lot of filters included with the app to help your imagination have more fun. The video notes that are allowed in chats, as well as the animated GIFs, make this the best selfie app.

Who Is the SNOW App For?

To kill time when you have nothing to do, this camera app will add fun to your life and keep you busy for a long time. For people who have unlimited data at their disposal, this app will help you get through boring days in a fun way.

SNOW App - Learn How to Use the Incredible Camera App
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Even though the app was designed to replace the Snapchat app in the countries of the East, it can be used by anybody. This includes teenagers, younger children, as well as adults with a young heart.

It Is For Everyone

The SNOW camera app can be used by anyone who wants to take a selfie and have fun while doing it. The app also supports family sharing, and up to 6 people can use the app at the same time.


This is a nice app to have at your disposal and will soon become your go-to app. Hopefully, in the future, they will have the face recognition feature sorted out to bring it up to par with the Snapchat app.

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