How To Use Animaker Animation Software

Are you drawn to art projects? Do you have a natural knack for creating interesting designs? Are you always doodling your days away? If these are true, there’s a high chance that your future career could be in animation.

As opposed to the general view, having drawing talent isn’t the only requirement to ensure a career in the animation industry. In fact, without an analytical mind, deep concentration, curiosity, and familiarity with technology manipulation, you might not be able to make it.


If you’re an aspiring digital animator, turning to some quality animation software will help you cultivate the budding artist in you. Fortunately, with a program called Animaker, you can now practice and improve your craft by creating your own animated videos.

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How To Use Animaker To Create Animations

Below, we will detail step-by-step instructions on how you can use this app to create anything you can think of! Check out the instructions below.

Step 1: Determine Your Objective

Similar to other artistic projects, deciding what your objective is will be the initial step in creating your animation video using Animaker. To start, try asking yourself: What type of animations do I want?


Once you’ve settled on an objective, which includes identifying what the story of the animation would be, you can now proceed to kickstart your project.

Step 2: Choose The Designs

Since you now have an idea of how you want your project to be, you can now choose the appropriate designs you want to use for your animation.

Generally, through Animaker’s Free Tools, you can have access to six different types of video styles – which you can use in collaboration with each other. Once you’ve picked your preferred style, you can now proceed to the next step.


Step 3: Select Your Characters And Props

Now, for the fun part, once you’ve settled on your video design, you can now advance to the next step: character and prop selection.

Fortunately, with Animaker, users are provided with a rich animation library to experiment with. Basically, with the said app, you can use nine characters to create your animation video, with each having over 50+ animation styles and 100+ expressions.

Once you’ve picked your preferred cartoon, you may now move on to designing your animated props and backgrounds.  Similar to characters, there also comes a ton of props and backgrounds for you to choose from.

In fact, you can even upload your own if you wish to. If you want to add texts to your video, you can also access the app’s more than 20 text prebuilds, which you can edit for free. Once you’re done, you can now move into finally animating your cartoon.

Step 4: Cartoon Animation

Now that the setting is established and the characters have been identified, you can proceed to making them tell the story. Generally, under Animaker, users are given the privilege to make their characters move using features like Multimove, Bezier Curve, and Record.

Specifically, if you want your character to move in a streamlined motion, you’ll need to turn to the Multimove feater. Meanwhile, if you prefer to move them in curves, using Bezier Curve is the key.

Lastly, to change their emotions (that’s important in storytelling), you have to turn to the Record tool.

To make the animation even more creative and on-point, you can even utilize the app’s camera effects, which lets you zoom in on a character or zoom out. You can even use transition effects and other special effects.

Step 5: Insert Audio

Now that your characters are in action, it’s time to put music into their world. You can do this by turning to Animaker’s free sound library or record and upload your own audio file.

Step 6: Publish Your Creation

So, you’ve settled on the video design, identified the characters and props, put them into motion, and gave them quality sound. What else is there to do? Publish your animation video, of course!

Now that you’ve made your first ever cartoon, you may now upload it directly to YouTube. But, if you’re the shy type, you may opt to just simply download it and keep it for your own entertainment.

The Bottom Line

Ready to embrace the inner animator in you? With Animaker, you can now do so. Packed with impressive features and rich collections, anyone can now experience the joy and satisfaction of having able to create their own animation video. Download the app today!

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