Discover Sleep Cycle - The Best Sleep Tracker App

Have you ever wondered how you sleep? Do you want to know if you snore when you sleep? Do you want to know when you get the best sleep or getting enough sleep or too much? You might even ask, “Are all these questions even necessary? 

As long as I sleep fine, or eventually sleep, even though it is for two hours a day, it’s cool.” Right? Wrong! This article is not aimed at stressing the importance of sleep alone. But regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a stress-free life without sleep become pointless. 


It is that daily repair that everybody system needs. That is why monitoring your sleep is just as important as checking your weight, dieting, and exercising, if not more important. The Sleep Cycle is an app that helps you properly monitor your sleep throughout. In this article, we will learn about the Sleep Cycle app and things to know about it.

Discover Sleep Cycle - The Best Sleep Tracker App
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Main Features

Sleep Cycle helps analyze your sleep by calculating your sleep in a graph. Units measured in the graph are in 5 stages per hour of sleep. The stages are; 1 and 2 for light sleep, 3 and 4 for deep sleep, and 5 for rapid eye movement stage (REM). 

These measurements show the number of hours you slept in these stages and are used to calculate your sleep cycles. It detects the period of light sleep and knows when to wake you up. 


The light sleep stage is the appropriate time to wake up as this is when the body can respond to disturbances. It offers alarms and also features snooze modes. Basically, the app checks your regularity or irregularity in your sleep through movements gotten from you while you sleep.

Premium features offer even more. You get to have an online back-up and full access to your data and statistics with SleepSecure, more alarm sounds, and the ability to select alarm sounds from your music library. Premium users also enjoy snore detection, sleep aids, wake-up weather reports, wake-up moods, and so much more.

How Does it work?

Sleep Cycle uses two types of motion detection to detect your movements while sleeping. It uses Accelerometry – a way of monitoring movements, and their Microphone feature, which is your phone’s microphone to analyze your movements and your breathing while sleeping. 


Detecting your movements enables the app to classify your sleep stage properly. Motion detection can be selected and changed under Settings, then Motion detection. It is important to properly place your phone as this determines if the app will function. 

You would not want to wake up in the morning, or anytime in the day, and realize that the app did not analyze your sleep, would you? Your phone can be placed on your bed if you prefer or on a nightstand table close to your bed, laying down, facing you.

If you are using Microphone motion detection, you should place the microphone end as the side facing you directly. Note that where the microphone is placed in phones vary, so you should check your phone’s microphone location to ensure proper placement.

How to Download?

Downloading is easy, as the app is available on the digital app stores. It is available for download on the Google Play Store for Android users, Apple store for iOS users.

When at the app stores, search “Sleep Cycle,” and the first app with the orange alarm clock logo is the right one. Click on it, and follow the right installation processes, and that is it.

What Does Sleep Cycle Cost?

The app allows a free version that has lots of good features to track your sleep. But to explore more cool features, Premium users have to pay an annual subscription of $29.99. The premium subscription does come with a free trial as well.

Discover Sleep Cycle - The Best Sleep Tracker App


Having a good night's rest is often overlooked, but the importance carries loads of benefits. “Sleeping” itself does not cut it because having a good sleep is what matters. 

This article shared with you an app – Sleep Cycle, that can help monitor your sleep. It detailed the app features, how it works, and lots more.

Last updated on December 23rd, 2022 at 07:54 pm

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