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Managing a household is challenging. Whether you are part of a family or live alone, every day brings its cores to be done. And many evenings, you go to bed realizing that you’ve skipped some errands or forgotten essential payments.

Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up every morning and have a schedule ready for the day? There is an app available that does just that. It provides you with a program reminding you of all the housekeeping related tasks for the day.


The Clean My House app, available for Android devices, helps you to create a custom-made schedule.  The schedule focuses on efficient housekeeping.

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General Features Of The Clean My House App

Free And Specific

The Clean My House app can be downloaded for free from Google Play. It is a user-friendly app that is simple to use. The app is designed explicitly for housekeeping and errands that you need to do around the house. No other tasks or appointments are stored and used in this app.

Your daily chores are organized in housekeeping categories. You can schedule one-time tasks just as quickly as you can schedule and set repeated tasks. The app could be set to remind you of all the tasks that you have set up.


Easy Listing Of Tasks 

The app offers a master list of tasks to choose from, and you can also add your unique housekeeping tasks. Tasks can be added to the schedule at any time. This allows you to build a very comprehensive task schedule over time.

Saving And Archiving Tasks

For your convenience and future reference, it keeps the tasks’ histories. You can always have a look to see when tasks have been scheduled and done. 

Tasks that are not needed again or were once-off tasks are archived. The app backup your schedule every evening automatically.


Guidelines On How To Use The App

Add The Task

To start scheduling your housekeeping chores, open the app on your device and click on the “+” button. This allows you to add a task. Type in the name of your task and choose a category.  

You can either add your own or use the app’s default categories. A default category can also be edited in “Settings” to make it custom-made.

Add The Due Date

Your next step is to add the due date to the schedule. If it is a once-off task, mark it as “No Repeat.” For tasks that have to be repeated, indicate the repeat frequency. For example, you can enter “Repeat every Friday.”

Set A Reminder

If you want the app to remind you of specific tasks, mark the appropriate setting in “Settings.” The app allows you to set as many reminders as you need. You can indicate at what time the app must remind you.

When you are starting with your task, press on the task and “Start Timer.” When the task has been done, you mark it as “Completed.”  By noting the starting and ending times of tasks, you help the app reschedule the same tasks easier.

More Information

Although it is straightforward to use the app, you might want to know more about a specific feature or function. For more information, you can view demonstration videos on YouTube.

Premium Features Of The Clean My House App

You can also unlock more features, called Premium Features. These useful features help you to manage all your errands further. 

These include removing all ads on the app, access to a master list with 292 types of tasks allowing you to choose tasks without typing the name manually, and the ability to perform actions on multiple tasks at once. 

The best part is these premium features are unlocked with a one-time in-app payment. 

How To Download The App?

Downloading Process

It is effortless to download the Clean My House app onto your Android device.  On your Android phone or tablet, tap on the Google Play app icon.  When Google Play has opened, search for the Clean My House app and tap on “Install.”

With the app installed, you can start creating your housekeeping schedules.


For the app to run smoothly, it requires permission to access Photos, Media, and Files. This is necessary to save the backup files to internal storage. It needs internet for in-app purchases and the removal of ads.

Downloading and using the basic app is free. To unlock the premium features, there is a one-off in-app payment. Details will be given to you when you’ve downloaded the app. 

You don’t have to opt for the premium features. When using the app, you will also be allowed to make in-app purchases.

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The Clean My House app is a convenient tool to manage your housekeeping chores. As the basic app is free, it is recommended that you download the app and try it. 

It just might make your housekeeping tasks more manageable. Everyone wants a clean house, after all! Now, with your house nice and clean, you can feel free to start your Zoom meeting with your boss if you are working from home. 

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