How To Download Citymapper From The Google Play Store

Moving into the city is pretty daunting for me as I have to deal with the adjusting pains of my environment, culture, and people. But, what I worry about the most is how I can adapt to fast-moving people and transportation. I had to rely on my sense of direction which I lack. 

I dread going to the city because of its complex transportation system, and I had a hard time navigating through it. Thus, I looked into mobile apps that can help me adjust to the city and to ensure that I do not get lost. I have read great reviews about the Citymapper app that made me try it personally.


The Citymapper app gives more than the direction to go to a particular place in the city. It provides other necessary information that can help me navigate the city better. Check out below how to install the app to enjoy its perks and services. 

  • Navigate The City Using An App
  • Go-To Places In The City
  • Never Get Lost In The City
  • Being A Citymapper Club Member
How To Download Citymapper From The Google Play Store
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Navigate The City Using An App

With a lot of doubt, I still proceed to move into the city for work. Even though I already spent time reading about the whereabouts of places, there is still so much to learn, especially how I can navigate the city. Various public transportation systems confuse me big time. 

How To Download Citymapper From The Google Play Store
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I do not even know the routes of buses and stations of trains. So, I initially relied on walking around places near my apartment with the help of a navigation app called Citymapper. I can say that it is indeed a lifesaver because there are many times I do not know how to get back home.


This app helped me with that, which is true to the excellent reviews of its users online. Their tagline “Cities are complicated - we make them usable” shows how much they value helping people navigate complex cities. The app provides necessary information on how to go to certain places with the least effort and time. 

Interestingly, the app integrates all its information to offer services for the convenience of the users. Citymapper Limited has been helping people like me navigate the city since 2013 when the mobile app was released. 

Citymapper App On The Phones

With over 10 million downloads, the app garnered excellent reviews from its users due to its convenience and practical use. I trusted the app immediately upon seeing the reviews and anecdotes of other people whom the Citymapper helped when they moved in or visited the city.


The Citymapper app is free to download on both Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Though the app is generally free, there are available in-app purchases for a better experience on the app. Upon installing, I am required to grant permission to the app to access the location information of my device or phone.

With its technology, the app will immediately try to locate my current city. If outside their service area, I can pick it from the list of cities with information available on the app.

Go-To Places In The City

Everything I wished for a navigation app is on Citymapper because of its comprehensive content and information available for the users. Unlike any other navigation app, I find that Citymapper stands out because of its neat user interface.

How To Download Citymapper From The Google Play Store
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I can easily find the app’s features which eventually help me navigate the city. For starters, it provides the direction on how I can go to a specific place in the city using various transportation systems available in the city. The home screen shows the city map that I can zoom in and out and the available mode of transportation.

Aside from the map and mode of transportation, there are things on the home screen that makes my Citymapper experience very convenient. They are the “Get Me Somewhere,” ‘Get Me Home,” work, and places. For the last three mentioned, I can save my home address, workplace, and favorite places to visit in the city.

With just a few taps, I can get the direction to my house or office from my current location. It saves me time typing the information in every time on the app. The “Get Me Somewhere” option is when I intend to go to an unfamiliar place or a place aside from the saved addresses and location.

Cities To Navigate On The App

As I mentioned, there are times that the app cannot recognize my current location, especially if it does not have the information yet. The team acknowledges that the Citymapper app is still lacking as it cannot cover all the cities in the world yet, but they reassured that they have the information about the major cities. 

The Citymapper app has a total of 27 cities included from the United States of America and Canada. Some of these cities are New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Chicago, Miami, St. Louis, Dallas, Austin, Pittsburgh, Las Vegas, Honolulu, Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc.

The app also covered Europe with 71 cities, such as London, Dublin, Paris, Marseille, Luxembourg, Berlin, Hamburg, Frankfurt, Milan, Rome, etc. For other continents, the app can be used in Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Tokyo, Sydney, Melbourne, Sao Paulo, and Mexico City. The team is still working on expanding the coverage of the app.

Never Get Lost In The City 

I am impressed with the amount of information that I can get from the Citymapper app because it made my life easier navigating through the city. The app provides the best route as it combines the available mode of transportation like bus, subway, train, ferry, cab, rideshare, e-scooter, car share, and walking.

How To Download Citymapper From The Google Play Store
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One of the best things I love about the app is its information on the live wait times and estimated time of arrivals, so I will not be missing a train, bus, etc. I can check where my bus is with its real-time map available with the train and bus tracker. Moreover, it sends out notifications when I am at the bus stop or station before my destination.

The app also has step-by-step directions for transit, walking, circling, and scooter trips. There are three maps I can choose from to check the directions and see the establishments nearby. There is also a map where I can see the charge level of the e-scooters around me and the no-parking zones.

I can use the information on the app to check the prices of the different modes of transportation so that I can find the best deal or the cheapest one. It is also possible to hail a ride, shared bike, or nearest scooter on the app because of its partnership with other companies like Uber, Lyft, Bird, etc.

Personalized Citymapper Experience

There are different ways in how I can personalize my experience on the app. The first one is by saving my home address, workplace, and go-to places on the app. As I have mentioned, it saves me time from providing and typing the information every single time.

I can also subscribe to my bus and train information to immediately be informed in case of delay and disruption. This will also allow me to have access to the bus time and train schedule.

Lastly, I can share my live trip with my friends. By sharing my current location, they will know my ETA on our meeting place. The app also allows sharing any location or address where other people can access the direction with one tap. 

Being A Citymapper Club Member

With so many things that I can get for free on the app, I got interested in what more it can offer when I subscribe to its premium plan called “Citymapper Club.” There are additional perks and services to enjoy in the Citymapper app when I subscribed. 

How To Download Citymapper From The Google Play Store
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Subscription entails more routing powers for me as I can enjoy “Turbo,” which shows transportation ranked by speed and refreshed any minute. The other ones are “Simple” for the fewest vehicle transfers, “Price” for cheaper routes and fare comparison,” and “Mixed” for mixed public and private transport.

Moreover, the app lets me enjoy voice assistant for public transport, voice turn-by-turn for cycles and scooters, and notification for rain warnings. I can get access to destination details like telescope, hours, reviews, etc. It is also possible to personalize the app.

The monthly subscription is around $5, and the year subscription is about $19. But, there is an option to support the team further by subscribing to the app with a higher cost of approximately $100. In this way, the users help the team build an honest business and keep the app free for millions of others. 

Look Out For These Limitations

Although the app may seem spotless, there are things that Citymapper cannot do. So, it is better to look out for these things for your safety and convenience. These are some tips I can share based on my experience on the app.

It is necessary to update ourselves with the city’s new transport protocols, including the schedule, route changes, banning of vehicles, and others. It is because the app takes some time to update its information about the city.

Note that not everything about your destination is on the app. Thus, it is still recommended to check them out on other sites or apps. 


The Citymapper app helped me navigate through the city with ease because of its features. It provides necessary information on how I can get to a particular place in the city using different modes of transportation wherein I can find the most convenient way to save time and effort.

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